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20 April 2008 @ 12:06 pm
Continued from Here

Oh good lord, this is just so humiliating. They already think I'm some sort of china doll which needs to be protected at all times. I'm sure this doesn't make them think they're wrong. Hell, they probably had that little idea confirmed when I told them about-- about what happened to me. Things really went down-hill from there and I'm once again only making it worse.

But this time I can't help it. Try as I might, I can't seem to be able to breathe. I can't seem to be able to stop breaking out in cold sweat, can't seem to stop my stomach from fluttering wildly, can't seem to stop being afraid. I'm afraid of flying and it's *stupid* and *embarrassing* and... I don't want to go to Hawaii!

But my legs have given out and the only one keeping me up and keeps from tumbling head first down that flight of stairs is Angel. The moment his arms come around me, I feel this brief surge of security and protection before the panic chases it away again.

"I-I-I..." keep stammering, nothing sensible coming out while trying to pull gasps of air into my lungs as well. It's not really working. The world is blurry, voices come from far, far away and I'm not sure what's going on any longer. Angel's talking, Cordy's babbling about beautiful things to see in Hawaii and I don't really care.

"But..." I rasp out, still trying to stand and to breathe. Failing miserably at both. Not even picturing Angel in a pair of trunks or Cordelia in a nice bikini seems to be doing the tricks. Though why I'm asking about "color...full...birds?" when pretty things are mentioned, I've no idea.
Current Mood: scaredscared
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes surprise S2watcher_pryce on May 22nd, 2008 02:42 pm (UTC)
There's a breeze. Breeze? Wait, there shouldn’t be a breeze on the plane! There shouldn't be any wind on the plane! I try to move a bit, but the safety belts are still on. We're crash landing! That's what we're doing! Oh my god, I know we shouldn't have gone here. I knew we should've stayed in bloody Los Angeles. Now we're going to crash and if we don't die in the fire we're going to drown. Or get eaten by sharks.

Whimpering I try to listen, trying to figure what happened to Cordelia and Angel. I can hear them talking about... cabins? Girl space? What? Confused by that I shift in my seat and try to wake up. It's not working fully. I can hear but my eyes are to heavy to open just yet. My limbs are to numb to move about. And for some reason I don't think we're on the plane anymore.

What happened? Where are we? What am I supposed to decide? Why am I flying? Wait. Flying! I try to struggle against that, not wanting to go there. "No," I mutter, finally prying my eyes open and seeing Angel peering down at me. There are leafs moving above him I notice and those weren't on the plane either I realize. At least, I don't think there were.

Confused, I blink at Angel, a small frown forming on my face. "Angel?" I mutter, at the same time realizing he's bloody well carrying me. How did... "Whahappened?" I mumble, trying to look around and figure out where we are. Hawaii? Are we there yet? When... what... I'm so confused! "Did I fall? Was I knocked out?" Must be, why else would he be carrying me. "I'm sorry; I'll do better next time. Honest."
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on May 23rd, 2008 01:25 am (UTC)
I nod and point Wes' chair towards the smaller beach house, noting the slight nod of his head as he tries to wake up. It's still early and the sun's just glowing at the edge of the horizon but I'm pretty sure they could see my grin in China when Cordy tells me to carry Wes the rest of the way. Heh.

"See you soon," I say over my shoulder, feeling her watching us as I carry a groggy Wes to the door and then through it with only some minor fumbling with the knob. They've already got some of our bags in here, but it looks like they're kind of mixed together. We'll sort that out later.

Everything smells...good. Clean and fresh. Wow the air is so much different than in L.A. And with the weight of Wes in my arms, I feel oddly good as I duck out of the impending sunrise.

"Shh," I murmur to a struggling Wes. Whose blue eyes open like a sleepy kitten and practically stare into my soul. "Shh," I hush him again gently when he goes off about doing better next time.

After a quick inspection of the house - very quick, along with shutting the door, but not locking it for when Cordy comes back - I lie Wes down on the bed, stretching out next to him. Actually, I lie down a little bit on top of him so he doesn't feel like he's going to fly apart. "We're here, tiger, you made it. All in one piece. The plane too," I murmur with a soft smile, hand cupping his face for comfort. "You did good. How do you feel?" I asking, stroking my thumb gently along his cheek, staying right where I am, half-draped on top of him. "Can I get you anything?"
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes glasses blue shirtwatcher_pryce on May 24th, 2008 11:23 am (UTC)
"But...but... I'm sorry," I slur, trying to figure out what happened. Plane. We were on it and crashing and going down in a fiery ball. Or maybe not. I'm not sure any more. And now we're not? It's warm here, but not to hot. Nice breeze and those leafs. There were no leafs on the plane, I'm sure of it. Oh! We did die and now we're in paradise? Angel's gotten into paradise?

I keep blinking up at Angel, trying to get my brain to work. But it's as foggy the way it is after... I've taken those bloody pills. No, Cordelia ordered me to take those damn pills. Why? I'm sure there was a reason I took those pill. Took some pills at home too, just before we went on the...that thing.

And now I'm laying in bed. Huh? "Wha?" I mumble, glancing up at him with a confused frown. "Wherearewe?" The frown smoothes away a bit when he lays down next to me. There's something missing though. "Wheres Cordy? Did we... Did some'ing go wrong?" I wonder, scooting closer to him. Oh. Don't have to, he's about as close as he can get.

Takes a while for his question to filter though. "Huh?" How-- do I feel? Groggy, but at least I don't have a headache the way I usually do after taking those blasted pills. Hate feeling groggy though. Good thing I don't have to walk, I'd resemble a zombie right now. "Confused?" I confess when Angel's question finally registers. Chewing my bottom lip I glance around the room but there's no Cordelia around.

"Where's Cordy?" I ask again, feeling some panic rising.
Keep Me: sniffwes_keep_me on May 25th, 2008 03:11 am (UTC)
"We're in Hawaii, Wes, remember?" I look down at him trying not to frown. Don't want him to worry. Poor guy, those pills must have done a number on him. God, I hope they didn't cause brain damage. That would just be... Not good. Seriously not good.

"Did something go-- No, no, she's just checking us in and talking to Mr...Whatisname," I explain to the sleepy, confused eyes below me. "Everything's fine, tiger," I murmur brushing hair back from his face gently.

"Cordy'll be back soon. Really soon. 30 minutes tops, I think she said," I tell him soothingly, kissing his forehead, and then seeing no reason to stop, kissing his temple, his cheek... Might as well keep going. Wes can use the soothing, right? His jaw gets a few kisses and a soft nip before I move down his throat.

"Just relax, Wes, we're on vacation," I murmur in a soft, slow voice. Want to keep him calm, want to slow down that jackhammer of a heart beat. My hand slides down his side to rest at his hip, thumb rubbing along his hipbone until it slips underneath Wes' waistband a few times. "We're just gonna enjoy our nice beach house until Cordy gets back and then we can make a plan for the day. Maybe you and Cordy can go out, take a walk along the ocean, go have a margarita, lie in the sun..." I continue on giving him a litany of things to think about other than being on a plane or being afraid.

"I bet you'd feel really nice after lying on the beach all day half-naked," I purr, hand sliding under his now untucked shirt and over his chest and stomach. "All warm and slick..."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes smile2 S2watcher_pryce on May 25th, 2008 10:51 am (UTC)
"I... oh, yes." I remember that. Of course I do. Who could forget an assignment like that. Well, obviously I could because for a brief moment there my panic go the better of me. Hawaii, small excorsism and the biggest job for me is getting Cordelia and Angel to see eye to eye. And not just when I'm in the room for goodness sake.

Right now though I would just like to calm down and not panic. Good thing Angel's here. Not sure how he does it but he does. I doubt it would have actually this much of a calming effect if he weren't my lover and would only be able to talk me down from this height I've climbed myself up to. His words and his touch tough are very calming.

"Mr. Makulakikulaikekeke," I mutter, giving him the name of our client. Not that he'd remember that one. It's one of those things both he and Cordelia are likely to forget. "Cordy's fine?" I repeat after him, not really a question but more of a conformation. "She'll be back soon. Alright." That makes me relax a little bit. Angel wouldn't lie to me and it does make sense. Cordy always takes care of these kinds of things.

Tilting my head back at the feeling of those cool lips on my skin, I can't help but smile. Not sure it that's actually going to be relaxing, but it's soothing. My hand comes up to cart though his hair, at the moment not caring if I'll mess it up. "Hmmm beach house." It would appear I'm only capable of parroting after Angel at this point. Wonderful. Lovely. Well, what he's doing most certainly is.

"We're not going anywhere without you," I assure him. Well, they are. Together. I'm going to make sure of that. "In the sun?" That gets him a stare as I shift underneath him automatically adjusting to his touches. "I'm not really the sun bathing... I don't even have a swim-suit." And there's that bright red flush again the moment I remember how much they don't care about that. Our first time together certainly made that clear.

"Oh... oh!" I'm sure if he's trying to distract me but it's certainly working. Body arching up into that touch without my permission, eyes closing and a very hushed moan getting pushed out of my lungs. "Angel..." I whisper, intent to protest - Cordy's coming back, some personnel might come in, some reason why we shouldn't be doing this - but all it sounds like is a small prayer.
Keep Me: sniffwes_keep_me on May 26th, 2008 02:25 am (UTC)
"Cordy's fine," I say again just to reassure him, because he sounds like he could use reassurance about everything, pretty much. "She'll be back, and maybe we can play with her too. Would you like that, hmm?" I ask him, not really expecting an answer since I seem to have gotten that hazy look back in his eyes.

My hands circle up under his shirt, imagining what his and Cordy's skin is going to feel like heated with the sun. I lick a wide stripe up his neck when he tilts his head back so invitingly for me.

"Well, you might go out without me while the sun is up. I'm not a big fan of getting fricasseed," I tease him against his throat, nibbling lightly at the soft skin there and ignoring any other urges that come with having my teeth on his throat.

One, two, three buttons get flicked open on his shirt, letting the humid air touch his skin. "I bet Cordy bought you a suit... Maybe, something skimpy so we can both ogle you when you wear it," I tease him knowing he wouldn't like that at all. "Or maybe she bought one like that for me. Would you like that? Ogling me?" I tease him some more, drawing my fingers delicately over his chest until they're rubbing over his nipples, thumbs flicking until they harden.

Or maybe we should tie you to the bed and keep you naked the whole time, I think to myself, looking over the skin I'm revealing, but remembering his reaction to Cordy and I using him after the shower. Wes is not for using. He's for teasing and playing with. He's definitely for making new discoveries. Hopefully, a lot of them will be him making discoveries about himself.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Glasses Curiouswatcher_pryce on May 26th, 2008 04:32 am (UTC)
"Play with her," I parrot after Angel as if I'm suddenly without a brain. If he keeps this up though, I might as well be without one. Wonder why touching me, or kissing me wouldn't work so fast on the plane. Probably because the fear had taken over there. Now that I know we're on the ground, Cordy's safe and we're where we're supposed to be... all is well. Except for that bloody groggy feeling him my mind.

Feels as though it's stuffed with cotton-wool. Bloody hell. I really, really hate that feel. That feeling however, I think when Angel's hand keeps sliding up and down underneath my shirt? That feeling I love, I adore, I want more of it. It's just so... soothing. Having him nibble my throat is less then soothing though. Good lord.

"Angel," I hear myself sighing again. It's only the fact that my head can't be tilted backward anymore that's keeping me from doing so. I barely hear what he's saying at this point, but I do catch the basics. And even the basics make me blush. "I don't... I haven't... I wouldn't...I-I." Stammering obviously gets me nowhere other then making sure Angel knows he's doing a good job.

Skin flushed bright red by the idea of a tiny bathing suit, let alone *wearing* one, I pry my eyes open to look at Angel. "You would look great in anything," I assure him, trying to ignore the breathless state my voice is growing into. "Cordy would be beautiful in anything as well," I add.

I would have added more, such as how most things wont work for *me*, but he's thoroughly distracting me with the way he plays with my nipple. I never knew how-- he's teaching me so much. They both are. And certainly not just sexual, but I'm amazed how different things are in bed then my previous experience. Not that this is all the difficult but... Amazing.

"I'm afraid I'll burn in the sun too," I finally mange to get out, "my skin isn't used to sunlight either. and..." it doesn't seem fair to Angel to flaunt it around. Look, we can lay in the sun and you can't hahaha! "I don't think there's enough sun... oh... that's nice...hmm... what was I saying again?"
Keep Me_keep_me on May 26th, 2008 06:28 pm (UTC)
"Mhmm," I nod at Wes' flustered stammering, smile spreading slowly over my face. I drag my nose along his neck, nuzzling that soft, pulsing skin while Wes tries to form words. He's very, very cute like this, I have to admit. Should have discovered this sooner. Might have saved on a few lectures, I think, smiling to myself.

"Or nothing," I smile with a hint of mischief. "I think we all look very, very good in nothing," I say, punctuating my words with little nips to his collarbone and undoing the last of Wes' buttons.

Scooting down a little, I lean over him and give his nipple a slow flick of my tongue. Just the one, waiting and watching to see him react and then relax. So very nice. "Hmm, then you'll be extra hot, I bet. Won't it feel nice to come in and curl up against some nice cool skin?" I tell him, still waiting for his breathing to slow before flicking another lick of my tongue across his nipple.

"You were saying something about there not being enough sun?" I tell him, looking at him innocently while he comes down again from my teasing and toying. "How could there not be enough sun? There's a pretty big overhang on our porch, I bet I could even watch you both playing in the sun. That would make a nice view even nicer," I murmur, looking at him propped up on my elbow for the moment.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes/Angel happy S1/2watcher_pryce on May 27th, 2008 04:18 am (UTC)
No, no. This isn't right, this isn't right. Cordelia's not here. And she and Angel already don't get along - if they thing I've forgotten that they have another thing coming. How could I forget? - and her finding Angel and I here doing this? Isn't going to work in favour of my plan to *bring* them together. I know they love each other, I know they'd do anything for each other. So why they don't get along is a complete mystery to me.

But for the life of me I can't recall if that was the reason I wanted him to stop. "Angel," I mutter, staring down at my chest when he undoes the last of my buttons. Oh. Right. Something about sitting out in the sun. Well, Angel, there's the reason I'm not going to right there in front of you. A scrawny chest with milk white skin that's going to get horribly burned if I do. Just looking at it makes my arms come up to cover it for anyone's view.

Besides, who wants to look at a chest like this one? Especially when they have one like Angel to look at. You know, if he weren't in danger of turning to ash at even the smallest ray of sunlight. "But it's no fair," I mutter, not sure if I mean Angel missing out of the sun or Cordelia not being here. Probably both. I think. God! He's so distracting! What with the licking and the kissing and the... why'd he stop?

"Huh?" I mutter, blinking at his blurred figure with some confusion. Why is he so.. Oh. Wait. Where are my glasses? And what is he talking about? Or rather, what was *I* talking about? Not enough sun, good lord. "Doesn't-- doesn't seem fair," I stammer, not sure if I should lean into his touch or away from it. Into it, my entire body seems to scream and then actually do. "You can't go into the sun."
Keep Me_keep_me on May 27th, 2008 12:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, that won't do at all, I think, when Wesley starts to cover up his uncovered chest. No, can't have that. I wonder why now though? He didn't seem too troubled by being undressed back home the apartment... Ahh, I see. Embarrassed about his chest being seen outside, perhaps? Could very well be. Either way, we're inside, and he's not about to start hiding from me now.

I ease his hands away from his chest, smoothly pulling them above his head to grip them with one hand, hoping that he won't even notice, all the while locking eyes with him so that's he looking at me and not his chest or his hands. Can't have him hiding all that skin from me. Oh no, that won't do at all.

His nipple gets another lick and a hard little suck this time, and oh- that's gorgeous. The way he arches into it. Without even thinking, I'd bet.

"Hmm, it doesn't, does it. All the more reason I want you and Cordy to go out and enjoy it. That way," I suck on his nipple again, worrying it with my teeth lightly, "when you're all warm, toasty, and burnt," I do it again, swirling my tongue around the tight bud just to torture him, "you can bring the sunshine inside to me and I'll get to feel it radiating off your sweaty, gorgeous, warm bodies," I murmur, getting a little hard just thinking about it.

"Does that sound more fair," I ask him, my hand gliding down his chest to rest over his groin, fingers curling down between his legs to cup him snugly.
Cordelia Chase: Big Smilequeen_cordette on May 28th, 2008 04:36 am (UTC)
Man, that took longer then I had been expecting. Geeze, if one thing goes wrong everything does. At least Angel had a lot more time to do the calming Wes down thing. Considering I slipped him the valium things before we got on the pain and then the painkillers? He's gonna be one confused Watcher man.

Boy, that was some plane ride over here! So not wanting to do that over again. No fun for Angel and me, and totally no fun for Wes. Yeah obviously the latter. Duh. We're gonna have to find a way to handle that better on our way back. Yeah. Maybe Angel can knock Wes out. Okay, he'd never go for that even if Wes would. What with his stupid hammer idea.

Well, we still got some time to think about it. Now? I'm gonna be enjoying this free vaca. Wes'll do the ghosty be gone thing in a heartbeat and then we can lay on the beach and I finally get to work on my tan! I've missed the sun. I had no idea how much I missed it. Seeing all those tanned skins here? I had one of those once, now it's kinda... yeah, none tanned.

Grinning from ear to ear, I walk back to our cabin. Cabins. Damn Wes, I'm sure he's gonna put me and Angel in one and take the other himself. I just hope *he* knows what he's doing, cause I sure as heck don't anymore when it comes to Angel.

Right. Papers all taken care of? Check. Rooms all taken care off? Check. Told our client were here? Check. Beautiful view from our cabins? Check. Private beach? Oh hell yeah, check. Boyfriends making out and-- moving quickly passed that?

Whoa. Check. "Starting without me?" I ask amused, quickly closing the door and leaning against them. Screw the view outside. This is a view lots of women would kill for. Lots of men too. Heh. All mine, all friggen mine.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: brown sweater looking down smile S2/3watcher_pryce on May 28th, 2008 04:37 am (UTC)
"Ah.. A-Angel I..." Can't seem to form some words. I don't want to think to deeply that him catching my hands and pinning them above my head is the reason for that. It is though and I think no one is more surprised by my body's reactions then I am. Good lord, I'm sure Angel felt that as well with as close to me as he is.

Turning a bright red with shame, I open and close my mouth several times. Trying to come up with an excuse, or at least an explanation. What do you say though when it's clear your body has a violent willing reaction when someone is pinning you down? It shouldn't happen, not after my experience. I'm thinking it has a lot to do with whom is doing the holding down and how it's done.

There's no force with Angel, no violence. There's no pain, and I don't feel humiliated. I feel... protected. And god, if he keeps that up I not going to have a brain left. Gasping, I keep arching into that mouth of his, shuddering everytime his tongue touches my nipples. Even harder when he uses his teeth.

"You--You'd want us to-to do that?" I ask, trying hard to keep up with the conversation. I know something wasn't fair but I have no idea by now what this unfairness was. "I don't think my skin willaaah! Bloody hell!"

Eyes close as my body arches up even more after *that* touch. I'm so gone by then I barely hear the other voice until it's closer by. Panting for air I turn to gaze at Cordelia smirking down at us and swallow hard.

"Were-- were we supposed to wait?" I blurt out, looking from one to the other with confusion. "I'm sorry?... please don't stop?" No idea what I'm saying or what I'm supposed to do. I just don't want Angel to stop. Hell, I want Cordelia here as well. That's what was missing. Cordelia not being here wasn't fair. Was that it? Good lord.
Keep Me: ang smiling_keep_me on June 1st, 2008 04:54 pm (UTC)
I can hear Cordy coming before the door even opens. Those confident steps in her clunky heels. The click of the door finds my hand on Wes' crotch, and I smirk a little at the sounds that follow, wanting to make sure Cordy walks in on a nice view. Very nice view.

"Mhmm, Wes needed to relax," I tell her with a gleam in my eye as I glance over at her. "Wanna come help me?" I ask her, giving her a once over in that little breezy summer dress she's wearing. With Wes asking for me not to stop, I don't think he'll mind some more nimble hands in the mix. Not to mention it's turning me on. And I will definitely be filing away that reaction to me holding his wrists down for later. Oh, yes. That was a beautiful reaction.

And Wes' reactions to my teeth? So hot on a very primal demon level. I wonder if he'll respond the same to Cordy's teeth...

"Mmm, not stopping, Wes," I murmur, sucking on his earlobe while my hands tease at the front of his trousers, pretending to 'try' to find the fastening just to torture him with a few rubs and squeezes. "And I don't think Cordy's unhappy about us getting started either," I tell him in that soft, low voice. "I think she likes the view." I smile over at Cordy, because yeah, I can smell how much she likes it.

Wes is really tenting his khaki's now, and I have to say, looking down the length of him, from his restrained wrists, to his bare chest with that smattering of dark hair revealed beneath his shirt, and the obscene bulge at his crotch when my hand isn't covering it...is gorgeous.
Cordelia Chase: Find it kinda funnyqueen_cordette on June 2nd, 2008 04:03 am (UTC)
"Needed to relax. Uh huh." That's one way of doing it isn't it? Funny how a few weeks ago this kinda relaxing wouldn't even have happened. Oh he might have thought about it. I know Wes had thought about it and heck, I did. But we weren't gonna be doing anything like this about it. Glad we're over that hurdle. Mostly. I hope.

I keep smiling at my boys and for a moment I think about what Wes told us only a day ago. Two days ago? Not that long ago. My eyes move from his prone form, up to where Angel's pinning his wrists down on the bed. That's a bit of a turn on, if it weren't for the fact that I'm kinda worrying about Wes' reactions now.

What if we trigger some kinda flash back? We sorta did the other day, just before he told us. What if he feels like we're using him again? I mean, it's me and Angel ganging up on Wes in a way. He doesn't look like he thinks he's being used but still. Don't want him to feel like we're ganging up on him. And fuck yeah, I like the view.

"Looks like you boys are having lots of fun without me," I grin, sauntering over to the nearest chair. I pull it a bit closer to the bed so I can put my feet up and make myself comfy. "Why don't I sit here and watch the...very hot, very entertaining, very private just for me show. Hm? Go on, you were having fun."