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30 December 2007 @ 12:23 am
Continued from Here

"Nah, he'll be fine," I assure him, running my fingers through his hair. "He's Angel, he's the champion and all that crap. He'll be just great." Not sure whom I'm trying to convince here. Wes or myself, but I'm thinking I'm doing a pretty good job for myself. Not so sure about Wes, but he's our pro worrier.

Its when the door opens to reveal Angel standing there in all his brooding glory that I realize just how worried I was. I let out a relieved sigh and grin triumphantly at Wes. "See?" I tell him smugly, leaning in to kiss him gently before scooting out of bed. "Told you he'd be back soon."

As I walk over to the drawer, I give Angel a once over, making sure to cover up any worry that might be visible. Hey, I got a rep to uphold. I'm thinking sweet soft Cordy got out a bit to much this evening. Oh yeah, heads are gonna roll at this meeting. Okay, not at the meeting, cause we need the paying customer. And why am I at this drawer?

Oh yeah, getting boxers for Wes. Wes who, after uttering a breathy 'Angel', is still staring at our vampire like he's either the second coming, or in so much trouble for running out. You never know with these two. I swear, they can like hold a five hour convo in three seconds with just their eyes. It's creepy and cute at the same time. Wish I could do that with them, but it's an Angel - Wes thing I guess.

"I was just gonna get Wes some clothes, cause I told him you weren't so keen on him going to this meeting in the buff," I inform Angel casually, lips twitching into a smile when I see Wes scowl at me again. Yeah, he'll be okay.


Now if only I could say the same for Angel. Or me. Ugh.
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Keep Me_keep_me on December 30th, 2007 03:00 am (UTC)
Just opening the door makes me feel better. There's a glow of warmth and security. Nobody's ever going to hurt Wes like that again. Nobody. Not ever. I find out someone has and they'll be dead before their next breath, I swear to myself as I step inside, shrugging off my coat and heading toward the voices I hear in the bedroom.

Our bedroom. Those voices that belong to the people I love. That are mine. I see the look from Cordy first returning it with just the slightest quirk of my eyebrow, and then the breathy sound of my name from the bed has all my attention focused on Wes.

"Hey, tiger," I say, coming over to sit next to him, hand moving automatically to cup his cheek. "Sorry, I wasn't here. A bad nest. You know how it goes," I say, hoping our lie isn't too transparent. I brush my thumb across his cheek, wondering if he's going to be okay. Letting all that out... that poor girl. She could have been Wes.

"How are you- wait what? Naked? Who's going anywhere naked?" I say, automatically shifting to possessive mode, tiny growl rising in my throat. Then I see the glint in Cordy's eyes and deflate from the minuscule posturing starting. Oh. She was just kidding. Of course she was kidding.

My hand slips from Wes cheek to twine with his fingers. It's good to touch him. Grounding. When Cordy comes over with the clothes for Wes, I grab her around the waist with my other arm to pull her on my lap. Want both my people close. "You really want to go around taunting a dangerous vampire like that?" I tease her, giving Wes' hand a squeeze and pulling her close.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes glasses blue shirtwatcher_pryce on December 30th, 2007 12:27 pm (UTC)
"Yes, Cordelia told me," I murmur, leaving the lie for what it is. A half truth because no doubt he did go and find a nest and no doubt he did dust them all. But we both - all three - know that's not the reason he went out. I'm the reason he rushed out of here, or rather what I told him is the reason he had to rush out of here. Had to hit things. Had to blow of steam as Cordelia put it so nicely. I'm the reason and I'm not sure what to think about that.

Although, I have to admit that the moment his large, cool hand cups my cheek all thoughts I had been having dissolve as quickly as the vampires he's no doubt staked. My eyes flutter closed and my hand comes up to fold over the one on my cheek. Before I know it I've already automatically turned my head to kiss the palm of his hand. But what takes my breath away is the look in his eyes. Mirroring the one Cordelia had when I woke up.

Not the look I'd been expecting. No disgust. No hate. No dislike. No pity. All that's there is concern. And love. So much love it takes my breath away the same as it did with Cordelia. They're both trying to cover up the concern, but I know it's there. For me. They're worried *about* me. And that alone makes me feel warm and guilty at the same time.

Cordelia - even though she gets the usual scowl aimed that way - will always hold my gratitude for throwing that out there. Because I don't think I could've handled another episode of my ever emerging allergies. Not now at any rate. But the growl tearing from Angel's throat has me both shivering and looking at him with a slightly bemused expression. Cordy was right and it shows on her face a she comes closer.

"This is our Cordelia," I tell Angel, giving his hand a squeeze as I glance at the clothes she's brought over. I guess we really are going to leave the apartment today. "of course she would taunt." Can't help but look him over now that he's closer, just to make sure there's no blood seeping out from anywhere.
Cordelia Chase: I'm always rightqueen_cordette on December 30th, 2007 12:30 pm (UTC)
Hah! And once again I am so of the right! There's a growl and there's even a bit of posturing. If he would have had half a brain there would've been pawing the ground and stuff. But he knows Wes and he knows the guy wouldn't leave he bedroom naked if we didn't push him out into the living room in his Adams suit. But hey! I still got it! Hah!

My eyes slide over to them with a smirk on my face. Wes is scowling at me but there's no heat behind it. And is still in 'hold up just a friggen moment' mode. I snort and turn back to the task at hand, letting them have their moment. Wes needs both of us now, even if he's not gonna admit it. Angel can do the protective posturing thing. I can do the thing where I make sure where Wes is comfy.

We got clothes for that. Yes we do, I'm the expert there. Because any other given time I'd have pulled out Wes' nice pair of jeans and a good looking button down shirt, probably hid his glasses to or something. Just cause it looks good on him and we need to impress this client. He wouldn't be comfy though, no way. So instead I get a gray pair of slacks I've always liked on him and that blue shirt we both agreed on when shopping. Hey, I can compromise.

I'm still thinking about what I should wear when I walk over to the bed, and isn't that a mistake. Clothes fly out of my hand to land on the far end of the bed while I land halfway over Angel's and halfway over Wes' lap. But I still manage to give Angel a look that says it all. Still, the dork needs words sometimes.

"Doh," I snort, "did you have a good time looming around?" Translation: Do we need to get out the first aid kit? If yes, I'm so gonna kick your ass!
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Keep Me: ang stare/stoic_keep_me on January 9th, 2008 02:53 am (UTC)
Wes' retreat is quick and hasty. And I watch every second of it, enjoying his cute behind disappear behind the bathroom door. Too bad it makes me feel guilty. Wanting to do more than just kiss him is making me feel guilty. Like he should never have to have sex again after all that.

Not that he hasn't already with us, but again that makes me feel guilty too. Like we coerced him because he was trying to please us. I sigh and get up off the bed, smoothing out my slacks and straightening my coat. I try to fix the guilty look I know is on my face, but I doubt if I'm going to fool Cordy, I think as I head to the living room after her.

"Do we really have to go to this meeting? What about your visions? We can't just take a hiatus from L.A. because we feel like it. Your visions are important," I say, shoving my hands in my pockets while we wait for Wes. "And what about...?" I say more quietly motioning toward the bathroom, guilt definitely showing now. He's not going to just up and leave and have a vacation when he's so vulnerable like this.

I start to pace a little in the hallway. There's really not good space in her apartment for pacing. Really. I need room. "Thank you for... for staying with him," I say more quietly after awhile. Not like it was a favor or anything, but I hope she knows what I mean. I know he would have been heartbroken if both of us had been gone.
Cordelia Chase: Eyebrowraisequeen_cordette on January 9th, 2008 05:28 am (UTC)
The moment Angel slides into the living room I can like totally read him like a book. Don't even need to get Wes to translate. That's guilt face he's got there. I hate guilt face. I do, I totally, completely, hate, hate guilt face. Course I doubt I'm any better. Question is if Angel is having the same guilt as me. Did we push Wes to do anything he didn't want to? Did we force him? Not that Wes would think so, but what if we did? And what's gonna happen now?

Vacation, that's what.

Which is why Angel gets a narrowed eyed look as I move over to him. One finger jabs at him and his broody, whiny ways. "Yeah, what about them? Yeah we can, and yeah they are." See? I can do perfect order. And the powers can go screw themselves. The visions may be important, but so are *we*. And for once? *We* are gonna come first. Besides, - and geeze, I hope not - the visions will go where I go. Anyway, LA did a few hundred years without Angel, it can do without him for a week.

I glance at the bathroom when Angel motions over to the door there, a sad smile momentarily playing my lips. "He's the reason we're going. He needs a break, away from here, get his mind of things." Or course we need a break too. Angel and me do. And what better way then Hawaii! Sun, beach, cute drinks, hot boy-- Oh wait, I'm brining my own. Hot boys in great looking swimsuits. Moonlight for Angel.

Angel's voice pulls me out of my happy thoughts and bringing me back to the here and now. Yeah, just where I want to be. With my guys. Now of only one of them would not do the broody guilt thing that'd be great. "Like I was gonna leave him alone," I snort, already holding up a hand to keep him from protesting.

"My apartment and Dennis appreciate *you* leaving though, Angel. And so does Wes. You know what was gonna happen, what with the cooped up anger you were carrying around and all." And then I'd have two broody guilt guys on- oh. Wait. I do anyway.

"And for the record, Angel?" I add, opening the front door when I hear the bathroom door open. Best get moving and don't give them time to think. "We're *going*."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Glasses Curiouswatcher_pryce on January 9th, 2008 05:30 am (UTC)
Staring at my reflection isn't getting me any answers. It's as if a big gaping hole that's been inside me has been filled up. Only to have another hold appear. One that may not be as big, and is most certainly not as defined. I don't know where this hole comes from. But it makes me feel more then a little guilty for missing the other one. Because the other hole I knew how to handle, knew how to act, knew what people thought of me, knew what... and now I don't.

Telling Angel and Cordy about-about this was a good thing. I don't doubt that. But now that I have, it's as though my entire being has shifted. I'm not whom I was, or thought I was, and am not quite sure how to handle that. What to do with it. How to act. Is what happened to me really what Angel said it was? Do they actually love me enough to want me around despite that? And why would they? I'm getting a headache from all the questions and theories going on in my mind.

Perhaps getting dressed is better, at least if I concentrate on that I'll keep my mind occupied. No time for a shower, Cordelia will have my hide for keeping the client waiting. So instead I wash up at the sink, have a quick shave and then get dressed. By the time I'm done, there's another man staring back at me from the mirror. Pushing my glasses up, I sigh and shake my head. This one's a bit more recognizable, but still...

Smoothing out my clothes, I step out of the bathroom and tentatively move into the living room. Seems we're already on our way, no time for thinking. Bless them. Do they really know me that well? Astonishing. I quickly join Angel, following after Cordelia. And if that thought doesn't make me grin. Or well, try to. Even that feels...strange. New.

"Following our Queen," I murmur, moving to walk a bit closer to Angel. Wonder if he feels suffocating by my sudden clinging. Or what passes for clinging in my case. But I've missed him, worried about him. Cordelia has too, I know, she just handles things better it seems.

"Are you sure you're alright?" I ask Angel, as we hurry to catch up with Cordy who's doing the impatient feet-tapping her by the car.
Keep Me: ang alley_keep_me on January 10th, 2008 02:54 am (UTC)
It's on the tip of my tongue to protest everything she says, and I'm kind of wondering why Dennis and the apartment appreciated me leaving. Did she think I couldn't control myself? I could have. I would have been fine! I don't know if I should be offended, or if I should be happy that she cared enough to think about it, even though I would have been fine.

Have to stop pacing though when there's the click of the bathroom door followed by the click of the front door opening. I turn to follow Cordelia if only to keep Wes from guessing that I was pacing there in the hallway. Plus, you know I still might have things to say about what she said. I might!

Wes catches up quick though, and I find myself focusing on him rather than Cordy's plotting or her ordering me around. My hand goes automatically to ghost along the small of his back when he comes up close and murmurs in my ear. I don't even think about the possibility that people might see us, but it's dark, so what's to see? I huff out a breath of protest at Wes' comment. But my lips seem to be curling up at one corner. Walking so close to him, I can smell his shaving cream, the damp trace of water and tears. Still my Wes though.

"I'm alright," I reassure Wes, unlocking the car for him and Cordelia, motioning one of them to get in while I go around to the other side. "I'd be better if we weren't going to this meeting," I grumble to myself as they both pile in and get their seatbelts on.

"Where are we going again?" I direct the question to Cordy before pulling away from the curb. Hopefully, this won't last long. Wes should get some more rest. He's probably not even all the way over his cold!
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Keep Me: ang stare/stoic_keep_me on January 22nd, 2008 03:19 am (UTC)
I can just see the wheels turning in Cordelia's head as she calculates how much this guy is worth, and what percentage of that we should be having for this job.

There's a small smile forming on my lips at that thought but I quickly smooth it away when the client looks at me again as if thinking I'll be the one to reassure him that Cordy's telling the truth. We do help the hopeless. And the helpless. But- Anyway. I give him a bit of a nod and then Cordy lays it on thick, parading our demon expert extraordinaire, a bit like he's a show pony and I can't help feeling that small smirk again when Wes blushes.

God, he's attractive when he blushes. Probably just a me thing, but hey, vampires like blood. Can't help it. I also can't help but be charmed by all-business Wes. See now this is how we get the customers. Cordelia is the shiny bauble that draws them in and Wes is soft, secure blanket that they want to cling to. Me, I'm just the guy in the shadows.

So I absolutely give Wes the go-ahead nod, mostly because I do want to hear what he has to say. If he thinks it's not do-able then he'll say so. He's not one to lead a client, or Cordy and I, on.

Now would be one of those times I want to touch Wes in public. Just a hand on the shoulder to get that babbling under control. As adorable as I find it, I know it embarrasses him. But no can do. The hand on his shoulder would probably embarrass him more and lead to stuttering or speechlessness.

"I think that if we do this, we do this our way, with no interference from any of your people, Mr. Makulakikulaikekeke. And we have access wherever we need access." I don't like surprises. And I'm not wearing a Hawaiian shirt. "Whatever Mr. Wyndham-Pryce says, goes," I add for good measure. "What do you say, Mr. Makulakikulaikekeke?"

Cordy really better negotiate for this guy paying for the supplies too. I am so not buying any more of that Gak demon bile for $25 a bottle when we only use it once or twice and it goes bad in a month. If this guy's as helpless as he seems, then he'll help us do the best job that we can.
Cordelia Chase: Eyebrowraisequeen_cordette on January 22nd, 2008 05:34 am (UTC)
You know? I get the feeling that Wes coulda probably be doing this job alone? Just do some magical mumbo jumbo stuff, do something showy and shiny and he'll be done. Not that I *really* know that, but I've seen Giles and Wes both do the ghost-be-gone thing and it doesn't usually take that long. Doesn't take much with the assisting either. And yet, he goes out of his way to make sure that Angel and me come along, that demon guy knows it'll take some time *and* that there will be like several rituals.

That's gonna cost demon guy. I'm so proud, I trained him great! Wes, I mean. If it were just him and Angel? I'm sure he woulda written out the ritual for demon guy here and gave him the address to some witch doctor he knows from so and so and heard was good and blah blah blah. Which would be good, cause no one is as good as Wes. I mean, even Giles calls for translations and stuff! Yeah, okay, once, but still.

And Wes is babbling. I smile brightly at demon guy and reach out to put my hand over Wes. He's even doing the tapping his feet under the table thing. Not as steady after what happened this evening as he'd like us and himself to believe I guess. My hand moves to his leg instead, putting it on Wes' knee and squeezing it a bit. The smile toward mister demon never leaves my face though.

"What Mister Angel is saying," I translate, cause he's being his demanding, broody, looming self again. Well, that and the fact that Hawaiian demon guy is looking at him with wide eyed confusion. "That we'll take the case. Now..."

I lean in, grab Wes notepad and flip the pages so *his* notes don't get in the way of mine. Besides, Wes seems to always freak out when I write on something he's written on. Sheesh. "Lets talk about our fee, the expenses, the accommodation, when we'll be going..." For a start. I intent to get as much out of this deal as I can! We earned it, all three of us. And I can't help but smile over at Angel a bit for going along with us on this Hawaii deal.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Glasses Curiouswatcher_pryce on January 22nd, 2008 05:35 am (UTC)
The babbling makes me nervous, and I usually only babble when I'm nervous. Lovely vicious circle if you will. The crowd in here however is making me nervous. After what happened this evening I still feel naked and vulnerable in a way I've never felt before. What I'd like to do is make sure both Angel and Cordelia are close by, keep an eye on them...touch them to make sure. Which is why I'm getting a little agitated when I can't touch Angel, people would notice. And I'm to afraid to touch Cordelia... Angel might notice. Would he be jealous?

Cordelia doesn't seem to care and I try not to let a too relieved sigh out when I feel her hand on my knee. It calms me down in a way I hadn't thought possible only a few days ago. What also calms me down is the way Angel talks about me. As though I'm the expert around here, or even worse, the boss of our whole operation. Of course I'm not, Angel is by name. Cordelia is probably when it comes to everything else, what with her nose for business. She gets the money in, ensures us all staying alive. Or none-alive, whichever.

"Everything of course will be paid for," Mister Makulakikulaikekeke assures us when Cordelia is grabbing my note pad to start the negotiations.

She doesn't need me for that, nor Angel I'm guessing. So I tune them out and reach for my drink, still feeling my body shake a bit. Belated reaction probably, my analytical mind tells me. Nothing to worry about. All you did was tell Angel and Cordelia the sorry story of your life, including all the sordid details and that... I cannot believe I did that. I cannot believe they haven't kicked me out, or ran away, or look at me with disgust.

I barely notice it until it's almost to late that Mister Makulakikulaikekeke has gotten up and is holding out his hand. Quickly getting myself, I plaster a hopefully reassuring smile on my face and reach out to shake his hand.

"I will see you soon, Mister Wyndam-Pryce," he tells me seriously, "with your expertise I'm sure the problem will be solved within no time. My life and the existence of my resort depends on it."

Oh. Wonderful. So there's no pressure or anything. "Ah... Yes," I murmur, having no real idea how to reach to that. So instead I nod, let Cordelia do the fast talking while she walked him over to...wherever they're going. I hope she wont be gone to long, I need her within eyesight. I need to keep an eye on her. Angel's not leaving to is he?

"Where are they going?" I ask, sitting down and unconsciously scooting over and closer to Angel.
Keep Me: ang curious_keep_me on January 24th, 2008 05:09 am (UTC)
You know, this whole Hawaii thing might be worth it just for that tiny little smile of thanks from Cordelia. Okay, so really it was a smile of approval, but at least it wasn't a smug smile, or a self-righteous smile. She actually kind of seemed proud or pleased that I was going along with this crazy scheme.

And it's definitely kind of a scheme. Wes could probably have told the guy over the phone how to do it and what they'd need. But he worked it so that we're all involved and so that we'll get to stay a little while. I'm going to pretend that we need to go just to make sure it gets done right and that nobody else gets hurt. It makes me feel better to think of it that way anyway. Still not really comfortable taking payment for things. It's just not... It's not what heroes do. Unless, of course, they have human employees who need to be paid so they can be housed and fed. Guess it kind of cuts down on costs now though when you're all living together. Or will be if we ever get Wes to give up his place.

I shake Mr. M's hand as he gets up with Cordelia to talk shop. I'm guessing she's going to be talking accommodations and airfare, etc.

Sitting back down, I notice Wes is a lot closer than before, and I subtly slip my hand over his knee under the table, giving it a comforting rub. "Hmm?" I say looking at him and then realizing there was a question. "To seal the deal?" I say, shrugging and continuing to lightly rub his knee. "She'll be right back," I add when I realize Wes may be uncomfortable without the both of us around, just like he looked when I came back to the apartment before.

"Looking forward to Hawaii?" I ask him, my thumb moving idly in small circles.
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Keep Me: ang please_keep_me on January 27th, 2008 03:39 pm (UTC)
What?!? All I can do is stare at her as she tears into me. I've been what? How have I been- What is she talking about? The karaoke singing is making me a little dizzy put together with Cordelia's yelling. She thinks I only want to be with Wes?? I look at her in confusion. My eyes flick to Wes at the bar, but by the time they come back to her, she's stomping away faster than I would have thought she could in those shoes.

What just happened here?

My eyes meet Wes' at the bar, and I can see the worry there. Not going to let this upset him. He can't always be the referee. I'm going after her before Wes can give me that lost puppy look and nod me towards the door. "I've got her, Wes," I murmur as I slide past him with a swish of my coat.

I get to her just as she steps out into the cooler night air, "Cordy, wait," I ask her grabbing her arm gently and tugging her over to the side so we're out of the way of random demons coming in and out. "Cordelia, can we talk for a second, let me explain? Please?"

Now, she should know that I don't say the 'P' word often, so this better be setting off alarm bells that this is important to me. And I really don't want to have this conversation here where half of the demon population of L.A. can hear me, but sometimes you've got to fall on your sword, for the ones you love, right?
Cordelia Chase: Eyebrowraisequeen_cordette on January 27th, 2008 04:39 pm (UTC)
Men! Ugh! Maybe I should pull a Willow and stick to girls! Yeah, okay, not really but... geeze! Men! *Especially* Angel. So maybe I should say Vampire! With a soul! Pfffft! All I wanted was a nice vacation for the three of us, some rest, some sun, some... fun. And he's been against it from the get go. Just cause *I* said I'd like it if we were to go.

Does he think I'm sort of moron? Like I don't notice the way he's looking at Wesley all the time. And Wes with his dumb obviousness doesn't even notice. Well hey, if Angel wants me out then I'm so keeping the honor to myself. I'll get out myself. But what about Wes? And what about your-- You can't switch off feelings, not even if the guy's an asshole.

Growling under my breath I stomp through the door. Don't even have to elbow my way through the crowd. They take one look at me and quickly skip the the side. Just like the should! Or they'd meet with my totally fake prada's, and trust me they're sharp. Ugh! Now I wanna go out and beat something up. Blech!

"What the..." I frown at the hand suddenly stopping my righteous rampage only to find out it's Angel. Yeah, I heard him calling, but I'm so not in the mood. Pulling my arm out of his grip once he's hoisted us to the side, I about to give him another what for he says he can explain. Explain? Hah! This should be good. Explain, my no longer tanned ass!

Crossing my arms over my chest, I look at him angrily. Eyes slide toward Wes hovering at the door, then back at Angel. Yeah, I'm angry. But most I'm hurt. Why can't he love me like he loves Wes? Why? "You got five seconds," I murmur, "make them count."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Glasses thoughtfullwatcher_pryce on January 27th, 2008 04:39 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure if I should be relieved that Angel's going after her. No, not because *Angel* is going after her, but because I've never seen Cordelia so mad. Or hurt for that matter. What happened? What did they talk about? What did Angel say to make her so pissed? I mean, it could've been anything, I never really understood women when it comes to that.

Angel slips past me quietly and fast while I stand there looking like some sort of stupid idiot. I'm not sure what to do. Go after them or just leave them to it. But I want to know what happened. So it doesn't happen again. So I can try to prevent it. I need both of them in my life, I can't do it any longer without them. I've trusted them like I've trusted no one, they can't... do this.

Nodding to myself, I quickly dart after Angel. I'm just in time to see him pulling her to the side. She's still shooting fire with her eyes, but when I hear Angel say 'please' my heart sinks. This is serious, this isn't some like the other times they fight. When they try to out-alpha each other. This is... not good.

Making myself smaller almost automatically, I slip into the shadows but closer to them. So I can hear what's going on, so I can jump in if needed. They both know I'm there, so it's not as though I'm sneaking around. But this is between Angel and Cordelia and I wish they'd figure things out this time. I really, really do. And here I thought that if I were to loose them, it would be my fault. It never occurred to me that they could have their own struggles.

And why should it? They look perfect together, beautiful, complimenting each other. I need them both, I don't want to take sides. I don't want to *have* to take sides. What happened, when did it happen? How could I not notice that they've both been slipping? Too caught up with yourself. That must never happen again. They come *first*. Nervously wringing my hands, I let my eyes dart from Cordelia to Angel and vice versa.
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