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03 December 2007 @ 09:12 pm
Continued from here

My fingers falter a little as I watch Wes with Cordy, watch his pretty pink tongue dart in and out of his mouth, gliding along her body like a second skin, dipping inside of it, making her arch and groan. I wonder how many times he could do that in a row, how many times he could make her come with just his mouth? I don't know but it would be sexy as hell, given the way Cordy's hands are starting to clench and unclench.

Leaning over next to Wes' ear, trying to keep Cordy from hearing, I whisper, "Don't you dare make her come, Wes. You keep her right on the edge," giving Cordy an evil look. Oh, yeah, I'm so getting her back for that little near hand job. Thought she could tease me with no consequences? Well, there's that little bit of revenge, but mostly I'm just dying to get back inside her heat again. She and Wes looked hot. Too hot.

And Wes really is too good. My fingers press a little harder against his opening than I intend when it's my cock his lips wrap around next. "Good. Ah, god, Wes," I give a strangle groan, other hand twining in his hair for a second to keep him where he is. As...pretty as it is the way he submits, gives in to us, I still don't like his position. I don't like the way he simply got right to it as if it was his job. He's not our servant. That's not what we're doing here. Actually this wasn't what I meant when I said the teasing is- "Mnh, yeah, Wes like that," I hiss when I feel teeth. God, how does he know?

Waiting until he draws off my cock to move back to Cordy, I press a slick finger gently inside, wiggling in enough to scrape a fingertip just where I know it's needed. He gets a second to recover and I wiggle my finger again. Hmm, I think we're going to have to change positions very soon.

Current Mood: naughtynaughty
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on December 4th, 2007 05:39 am (UTC)
Looks like Angel's gonna get a little teasing in on his own. I watch as that thumb of his rubs Wes' entrance and then slips inside briefly with a tilt of my head. It's on the tip of my tongue to ask several things when they do that. Or when Angel does that. What does that feel like? For Wes? Doesn't hurt? What's it feel like to fill someone up like that? It Angel gonna fuck Wes? Not like I'll lever know what it'll feel like to fill either of them up, lacking a body part for that. But I could... with my finger.

I gotta ask if one of them would let me. It's then when I realize what it is that's so not sitting right. When Wes moves onto Angel and sucks his cock. For one, if I were to ask him he'd say yes. For a second, the way he just bend down and got right to it? Yeah, *that* doesn't sit right. Like his only role in this whole threesome thing it to please us. I'm not liking that, I'm not liking that through at all.

But Wes is far, far to good with his mouth, far to pretty as a picture he paints and way to good at knowing where to touch. How does he know?. And if the look on Angel's face is anything to go by? He's very much enjoying Wes' mouth as well. I pinch my nipples as my eyes go from Wes' mouth slipping over Angel's cock, then to Angel's face, then to his hand doing naughty things with Wes ass.

The way they both gasp, heck the way *I'm* gasping is filling up the room. Mine and Angel's gasps are of the 'oh my god I wanna come' variety. Wes' are utter surprise everytime Angel does something. I wanna be doing that. Damn. And what's he whispering at Wes that makes he look at me like that? Like he's confused, drawn between one and the other? Okay, I can't think when he licks and sucks me like that, so it'll have to wait for later.

"Don't that hurt?" I finally breathe out, watching Angel dip that finger inside Wes again, making him *moan* like it should be outlawed. The moaning, that is, cause damn, porn has nothing on that.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Glasses Curiouswatcher_pryce on December 4th, 2007 05:39 pm (UTC)
There's a hand in my hair, keeping me where I am for a moment. I know it's Angel because of the size of the hand, the temperature of his skin, the way he holds his fingers into my hair. They both have an unique touch and I know who it who right away without having to look up to check. I would have known even if there wasn't the temperature to tell me the difference.

I also know it's *his* hand and *his* thumb pressing against my hole. My legs spread as I bend forward a little it more. Moaning I glance up at Angel to make sure I'm still doing this right, doing what he wants me to do. I hope he doesn't expect me to climax again because that's simply not going to happen, I think. No matter how much he brushes that spot inside me that has me moaning around his cock.

Oh. Maybe that's why? Because that feels very good I know, having those vibrations around your aching erection. Maybe I should try that with Cordelia. Vibrating I mean. Licking my lips, I move over to Cordelia, wrapping my lips around her clit, but when I want to start working, Angel leans in and tells me she can't come. And that's-- confusing. Because I know my role right, but I'm not sure who's in charge. Cordelia or Angel.

And I really, really don't want to chose, so they can do that themselves. They're both equal to me as far as I'm concerned, as far as this is concerned, or anything else really. So I keep going after a confused look from Angel to Cordelia, legs spreading even wider when Angel presses his a finger inside me and a groan gets out against Cordelia's clit. Seems Angel would know just where to touch as well.

My tongue laps at Cordelia, cleaning away the juices which are escaping her. Taking in her moans and Angel's with a little smile. I do that, I can make them feel good. This is what I know I can do when it comes to sex. Use my mouth, anything else is pretty much a learn as I go experience. But this I know lets not think to much on *how* you know so well hmm? I move over to Angel again, teeth scrape over Angel's skin as I pull back and then there's blinking when Cordelia asks if that hurts.

"I-- don't think so?" I murmur, looking at Angel's cock confused, before looking up at Angel with a small look of horror. It doesn't hurt does it? And if it does, he'll probably like it, right?
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on December 5th, 2007 12:18 am (UTC)
Jesus, the mouth on this boy. He's way too good. Way too good for many reasons I'm sure. One that he's a quick study, and two that he takes pride in what he does, but I think there's some other reasons, too. Other reasons Wes isn't quite ready to share. I'm not pushing him about it either. I think Cordy will ask. I think she worries about him and why he's so damn good at this when she doesn't see him running around with every guy or girl he sees. I'll leave that to Cordy. It's Wes' story though, he doesn't have to tell it. As long as him hiding it doesn't have me hurting him then it's okay for now. I wanna know, but I don't want to make him dredge it all up.

Ahh, god, don't know how I even have a coherent thought when he moans around my cock like that. Oh, yeah, definitely going to have to time that moan for Cordelia. If it feels as good on her as it does on me... She'll like it. Looks like we were right, and I say we because I can see Wes timed that just as well as I did. Man, he looks good with her. I could watch the two of them all day. Lots of things I could do with these two all day though.

"Hmm, no, feels," perfect, I'm about to compliment him and then catch myself, "incredible. Exactly how I like it, Wes," I assure him at the horrified look on his face. "Don't think that's what she meant though, tiger, I think she meant this," and I rub my finger inside of him for emphasis. "You want Cordy to touch you there too?" I ask him, stroking the rest of my fingers soothingly along his skin. "You could suck her fingers so she'll be nice and slick for you," I suggest, easing my finger in and then out again, getting a little rhythym going while he decides, and of course, hitting that nice bundle of nerves every time.
Cordelia Chase: Over her shoulderqueen_cordette on December 5th, 2007 05:19 am (UTC)
Why's he looking at Angel with totally blue big eyes? Why'd I have to ask that! Cause now he stopped to do that woe is me look and I still don't know what that's about. Oh. Oooh! He thinks I mean if it hurts Angel! Oh geeze, sometimes I think the boy was born oblivious about a lot of things. Which is totally sweet at times, but other times... not so much. Also makes me wonder about things I really don't wanna be wondering about, especially not now.

Angel goes out of his way to assure Wes that, yeah it's feeling great whatever it is he's doing to Angel. Using teeth from where I'm sitting. Sure that feels great to Angel! Pretty much still a vampire! Something Wes would have known if he wasn't to busy figuring out dumb questions while getting me off. Next time I'm not opening my mouth till after we're done. Geeze.

But boy, do I wanna touch him there. Or Angel, I don't care. Why do I get the feeling Angel's not gonna let us touch him there any day soon? Not sure, just a feeling...you know? But Wes, I'm sure he would. I look down at him, trying not to look to eager and then back up at Angel. Who's way, way to good with words. A small groan gets out when there's finger suckage mention.

Oh, oh that ass knows what he's doing doesn't he? I'd like to glare at him, but since I liked his suggestion and glaring totally would put that down, and... Instead when I glance back at Wes, I realize that 'eager' pretty much obvious on my face. Wes who's still looking confused before a flash of something goes over his face. Something I dunno what's that about. Which makes me curious when now really so very, very much isn't the time to be curious.

"But I don't know where to touch," I murmur, leaning closer to Angel. What if I hurt him? That can't be fun and stuff. But wow, Wes' eyes flutter closed everytime Angel pushes that finger inside and touches *something* there. Looks like he's enjoying himself, and so's Angel. I want that, I wanna know what that feels like what Angel does. Or what Wes feels maybe eventually, if possible. I dunno.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes glasses blue shirtwatcher_pryce on December 5th, 2007 05:23 am (UTC)
Alright. I admit it. Even on my knees and in the midst of bringing them off? That compliment still has me beaming up at Angel. The fear which had knotted itself in my stomach loosens and I'm already bending forward again to resume my task. I mean, that must've answered Cordelia's question. Angel likes it, thank the heavens.

I have to pause though when Angel pressed that finger inside me again at the same time he tells me something. I groan around the head of his shaft and pull back, still looking at him confused. Do I want Cordy to touch me... Oh. Oh! She was asking if it hurts when he... Well, yes, it does. Or used to be, or should be? I'm so confused about that, I really am. It certainly isn't hurting now, good lord.

But I never understood how anyone could have wanted to be touched there voluntarily. Because yes, it does hurt. Quite a lot to be honest. So how does anyone want to be touched there in such a way? But when Angel does it, it-- It's confusing and throwing everything I've learned and known about sex out the window. Because yes, it still hurts, but it also feels good. And the latter part isn't something I had known. Ever.

So when my first reaction to his question is fear, and a wide eyed look at both of them? I don't think they can blame me. Actually, part of me ruefully reminds me, they can. Because it's not as though they know, now is it? Not that I'm about to tell them about that humiliating part of my life. Not voluntarily at any rate. But Cordelia looks so eager, and curious and-- I don't know, needy? How can I say no? Even if I'm afraid it'll hurt again, I know they're not doing it on purpose. Unlike some. Right? I wonder if Angel likes it, if he'd let me do that to him if... to many 'if's'.

"I don't mind," I say quietly, reaching for her hand to bring her fingers to my mouth. My eyes lock with hers while I suck them in and start to work them. Then my eyes move over to Angel while my free hand pulls and squeezes his cock, realizing I must look quite a bit like a fool right now. When I think - its not as though I really know - Cordy's fingers are slick enough I let go of her hand, hesitantly turn around, bending forward and dropping my head on my arms. I don't know how this is supposed to give either of them pleasure, but if this is what they want... then this is what they'll get. I would, quite literally, do almost anything for them, I realize with some fear.

"Err... Oh. I can still..." I murmur, blushing bright red as I lick my lips and gesture at Angel's erection at the same time.
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Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Broken S3 'billy'watcher_pryce on December 8th, 2007 06:52 pm (UTC)
That remarks earns him a stunned and incredulous look. Confusion seems to take over my state of mind permanently because this makes no sense. "But *you* were having fun and-and I spoiled it," I blurt out, thinking why it matter if *I* have any fun. It never mattered before. Ever. Even though I know it must matter to them, I can't seem to wrap my mind around that concept.

With a frown of confusion I quickly cast my eyes down again, trying not to lean into his touch to much. I don't deserve to be touched so gently after I just ruined their fun. I'm not supposed to be comforted by them being so close, I'm not supposed to be soothed by their touches, I'm not supposed to be told it's not my fault. It is my fault, it's always my fault. Haven't I always been told so?

"But..." I mumble, my body tensing even more when they lay down some rules. Very strange rules I've never heard before. Oh don't get me wrong, I've heard rules before. Just never ones of this variety. No one ever cared about my having fun, or being uncomfortable... or in pain for that matter. That Angel would rather I tell him no then have me un-happy completely boggles my mind.

Which is sad, some more saner, more normal part of me whispers. It's been there of and on, telling me that what happened in the past *wasn't* normal. I'm not that stupid... at least not any longer. It's just hard to think of that voice as reality after living in another one for the past twenty five years. Very hard.

"But what does it matter?" I blurt out, mumbling under my breath. A wince gets out at the same time the words do, because somehow I don't think they don't like hearing that. "I-I mean-- It never has before. I am *really* sorry I... took away the fun. I can do better, I promise. Please?" Sucking my bottom lip between my teeth, I chew on it while still plucking at the sheet and trying to gauge their reaction from under my eyelashes. "I just-- I just want to belong, too," I finally whisper.

Edited at 2007-12-08 06:53 pm (UTC)
Keep Me: ang sad_keep_me on December 8th, 2007 07:26 pm (UTC)
Stunned, confused. No one should look like that when you tell them that sex shouldn't hurt. That it should be fair and their choice. Whoever did this to him.... I could kill with my bare hands right now. "Doesn't matter, Wes. All of us having fun or it's none of us having fun," I say, knowing that Cordy agrees.

I can feel his back tighten up with tension when we tell him these things. How can he think that we wouldn't care? Why wouldn't we care if we were hurting him? It makes me ache hearing things like this from him and from the look on Cordy's face it doesn't make her feel great either. And those last few words he blurts out? Make me hurt for him.

"It matters now," I say strongly, trying hard to fight down the growl that wants to come out. But it's not at Wes and I don't want Wes thinking that it is. "It matters a lot," I say vehemently, wanting to kill every person that ever touched Wes before now. "It matters *because* you belong, Wes. We," I say looking at Cordy, "love you, and sex with us means *only* making you feel good." God, I just want to punch something. It never mattered before. It never mattered before! "It's not supposed to hurt, and you don't have to do whatever we ask. You don't have to do *anything* we ask," I clarify, not really sure I can keep talkng and not rip something to shreds. We're not rapists, Wes, that's not how this works.

"Did someone make you do whatever they wanted, Wes?" I murmur, feeling cold all over. "Did they for- Did they hurt you?" I've seen this before, hell, I've done this to people before and telling Wes that he was raped is not going to come easy. He's not going to believe it, if that is what's going on here. Denial makes for a good friend, even if something in him knows the truth. No one's going to punish you, Wes. No one's going to beat you if you don't let us do what we want.

"We would never do that, Wes, we would never force you," I say so quietly, but keeping my voice oddly even. It's hard enough to be a monster in their bed, but the thought that Wes thinks either of us would act like a real monster...it's heartbreaking. And one of the things I try hardest to avoid. I'm bigger, I'm stronger, I'm more experienced and have more than enough of the memories of doing just that to make it more than easy enough for that to happen. But it won't, not ever. I would leave them before I'd let that happen.
Cordelia Chase: Lose Itqueen_cordette on December 8th, 2007 08:14 pm (UTC)
What does it... I visibly have to shake myself and then look over to see Angel's face to make sure I heard that right. There's a look of thundering anger and sadness on Angel's face that makes me realize that yeah, I heard that correctly. What does it matter? What the fuck? The urge to get up and shake Wes, shake him really hard is getting stronger and stronger. Or, you know, tell Angel to get on a plane to England and go kill a few people.

Wes however just keeps looking down at the sheets as though they're the worlds most interesting texts he's gotten his hands on. The look of confusion on his face totally makes it clear that what he's blurted out is what he believes. Well, *I* don't friggen believe it! And suddenly I'm feeling so very, very ashamed, cause I used to be a bully and did I ever push other kids to this?

Yeah, okay. No. Cause I never, ever did what's obviously been done to Wes. Not that I know what's been done, but I got some idea's. And I really have no idea what to say. Cause usually this happens to-- to girls. Yeah, I knew a girl who this happened to. But she got help and they caught the shit and-- I never heard of it happening to a guy. A little guy with glasses, big blue eyes, who is to naive for his own good, fumbling around in the big bad world trying to please everyone. No wonder he's so--- fierce about the whole male thing.

Wow. I don't wanna be thinking of such a little boy and what Wes is implying right now. I'm just gonna shut up and let Angel do the talking, cause I might end up screaming at Wes. Then he'd think I'm mad at him and I'm so not. Yeah, okay, maybe I am a little mad at him for thinking that we could do that. Maybe even more then a little mad cause he's thinking that. Then again, I used to be a big bitch not that long ago. And Angel? Angelus anyone?

So I make sure to keep touching him, nodding forcefully at just about everything Angel says and biting my tongue to keep any very nasty words from getting out. I'm finding myself anxiously leaning forward with some sorta morbid curiosity to hear what Wes is gonna say to Angel's question. While at the same time I wanna get up and away, not wanting to hear that like at *all*.

"We love you, Wes," I say in a quiet quality I didn't think my voice *had*, "*You* matter to *us*."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Glasses thoughtfullwatcher_pryce on December 8th, 2007 08:16 pm (UTC)
Well, if I wasn't stunned into silence I most certainly am now. Can't help but wince at the look on their faces though. As though I've personally ripped their hearts out and happily stomped on it with both feet. And maybe I have, I don't know. What with the way Cordelia keeps nodding at every confusing word Angel says. People say Angel's not a man of words, but they're wrong. He knows exactly what to say when it matters, even if it's puzzling.

And I know, I know deep, deep inside that he's right. But try telling that to my common sense. Which is telling me that he's wrong and it doesn't matter and it does hurt and... It didn't hurt when Cordelia and Angel did it though. They made me feel good, happy when we had-- when we had sex. Have sex. Everytime I keep waiting for it to hurt, somehow, and everytime it *doesn't* happen.

So- so maybe he has a point and maybe-- I don't know. This is all so confusing. Also not a conversation I ever thought to be having, let alone with Cordelia and Angel, never mind all of us being naked. That's something which would make me rather uncomfortable, but right now I have to many things on my mind to be bothered by *that* as well. Such as the looks on their faces, which is completely devastating.

And Cordelia being so eerily quiet while Angel does the talking? Drives even more home how much my words seem to have upset them. But-- it's the truth, isn't it? Still, they look so hurt and devastated and as though they cannot believe what I've just said.

Wearily, I glance over at Angel at his questions and frown. "No," I blurt out, "Yes, I mean-- Err...I don't know!" Did someone make me? He makes it sound as though I had a choice. Did they hurt me? Definitely, but isn't it supposed to hurt? No! It's not, and you *know* that!

I look over at Cordelia at her words and the look on her face still remains that of a girl who's just had her heart broken. "I'm sorry," I blurt out more on autopilot then anything else. "I didn't mean-- I-I- I don't know what I mean. I mean, I love you both too. And-and the past is..." so very much not in the past where I thought it was. "I know neither of you would hurt me, it's just..." hard to make myself *believe* that,

"...I'm sorry," I once again mumble, feeling myself choke up and not knowing what else to say. Other then telling myself not to cry, because Christ, wouldn't that be just what I don't need right now. Or Angel and Cordelia for that matter.
Keep Me: ang sad_keep_me on December 10th, 2007 02:01 am (UTC)
That reaction? Pretty much what I expected, confusion, denial. But Cordy, I didn't see that coming. Not that I didn't think she could, but I've never seen her like this before and it's surprising. Not so surprising though is the intense need to protect her from this too, to have her close her ears, or go in the other room until Wes gets this out and she doesn't have to actually hear it. But I know there's no way that's happening. She wants to be here with him as much as I do, even with as painful as it is.

"Hey," I murmur quietly when Wes looks like he's about to lose it. "Look at me, tiger," I say gently, turning his chin so I can see his watery eyes, watery eyes that make me ache. "It's not just with us," I say, "It's not supposed to hurt with anybody. And nobody's going to hurt you again, not ever," I tell him fiercely. "Not like that," I add much quieter, thumb stroking along his jaw. "We *love* you," I echo Cordy, thinking that we could not possibly stress that enough.

"You're mine, and Cordy's, and whatever we do to you, it's because you want us to, not because we make you," I add, hoping that some of this is going to sink in, that what was done to him isn't going to make things impossible. "Who hurt you, Wes? Who- who raped you?" I say, quietly knowing that's going to startle him. There's no getting around it, that's what it was even if he hasn't said as much. Can't avoid it though. I'm not letting him go, and I'm not letting him run away from this. He needs to know that that was wrong. Who ever made him believe that sex equals pain needs to be seen for what they really were, and that they were wrong. I don't even care who it was - not that part of me isn't going to be memorizing that name so I can kill them if I ever run into them - but this about Wes. This relationship isn't going to be what he wants or needs if he's always expecting what we do to hurt, or that we're going to force him to do what we want. He needs a clean slate.
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Cordelia Chase: Angel Cordyqueen_cordette on December 21st, 2007 11:46 am (UTC)
"What what?" I blink at him bewildered as he totally balks away from us as if I've slapped him. Hello! So not in the mood for slapping and more brooding and doing more of the guilt thing. Like one total breakdown isn't enough for the evening. And damn if Angel isn't gonna do something not of the good if he doesn't get this out of his system.

Point of the fact it that I'd love to go with him. Hitting things? Not really my style. I'm guessing Lorne will have to be a little bit more forgiving tonight when I loudly harp on his singing clientele. Maybe I can get drunk, that'd... totally solve nothing. Oh fuck it.

"Yeah, yeah," I murmur, waving my hand at him when he frets about Wes. Wes who's so totally out for the count I'm thinking he's not gonna wake up till tomorrow anyway on his own. *We're* gonna have to wake him up and tell him we're leaving for the appointment.

"What?" I hiss at Angel, "Hello? You don't think I can handle that? If he wakes up? You on the other hand, I *can't* handle if you keep this inside you, mister point-me-where-to-hit-things-hard. I'll tell him we got a call about a little vampire nest and you went there to take out your frustration."

Okay, maybe not totally that way, cause then we'd have McBroody the second on or hand still. Besides, I think the best thing I can do, and I want to do, is just lay here and hold onto Wes. Make sure myself no one is ever gonna do something like that to him again. Assholes.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, client. With a great job which we're gonna take, Angel," I inform him in my non nonsense voice, "its in Hawaii, all expenses paid and something tells me we could all do with some time away from here."
Keep Me_keep_me on December 29th, 2007 05:39 pm (UTC)
She's almost got me convinced that it'll be okay if I leave the bed, that the two of them will be all right if I'm gone for just a second. She's even got a logical excuse nice and handy. It makes me appreciate the side of Cordelia that can improvise with words in a way that I can't. Not much anyway.

She almost has me pushing off the bed, pulling away from Wes, giving into that urge to kill.


Until she mentions Hawaii. "What?" I say, looking at her with an I-don't-think-so look. "Hawaii?" Is she going crazy? How am I going to get there? And why is this guy giving us all expenses paid? There's got to be more to it than just some demonic activity. The few things I've learned in L.A.? There's no such thing as a free lunch. Everybody wants something in this town.

My hand stops moving on Wes' back and I just look at her. Yeah, okay, we need a break, but Hawaii? What about her visions? It's not like the Powers are just going to move her vision locations to Hawaii, or give her time off.

She just wants to up and leave right when we're starting to figure out this new thing together? How long do they want us to stay over there? Is Wes even going to be able to handle a vacation after what he just told us? He still seems kind of fragile to me right now, even though I know he's not, but all I see is his face breaking, and those big eyes trying to hide everything away.

"I'll be back before the meeting," I say gruffly, shifting out of bed, realizing I'm going to say something stupid or hurtful about this whole Hawaii thing if I don't get this stuff with Wes out of my system. Never thought I'd be in knots about something that wasn't entirely guilt on my part. I do the guilt normally, I worry about *my* sins. This isn't something I've done - it's something I could have done though, and have in other ways - but this is something that someone needs to pay for.
Cordelia Chase: hah you wish!queen_cordette on December 29th, 2007 06:12 pm (UTC)
"Yeah, Hawaii," I snip, narrowing my eyes at him. There's a battle of wills going on as we stare at each other. My looks is like totally daring him to say it. Daring him to say that we can't go. I don't really care what objections he's gonna bring up, we're going to fucking Hawaii! Which is exactly what my eyes tell him while his tell a whole different story.

Does he think I'm stupid? Or what? Why'd he *think* we have a meeting later on? I love the guy, I love Angel and I love Wes to itty bits and stuff. Most of the time anyway. When it comes to this though? To business and dealing with clients and the outside world? I'm the best. Cause lets face it, Angel and Wes? Totally social retards!

If you want to narrow it down then Angel's talent is brooding and hitting things. Wes' talents is being a Britannica on legs and shoot things. That's what they do best. Me? It's outside world things, daddy taught me well, and I in return feel like I have to protect them both from outside world things.

Now even more then normal I think as I hold on tighter to Wes. So Angel can say all that he wants, we're *going* to fucking Hawaii! Screw the Powers, they can adjust their stupid visions. Or did Angel really think that Cordelia Chase had changed so much she was gonna let a practically free vacation slip through her fingers? Think again bucko!

He looks away first, getting out of bed like he's puff the dragon with all his posturing. And I know I've won this round. I know I'm gonna be winning this round too, cause if Wes wakes up before Angel gets home? I'm gonna get him in my corner with logic. Yeah, I got my boys all worked out. Logic will work on Wes, talking his ear off works on Angel.

"Be careful," I tell him, eyes narrowing a bit more. "And *don't* get hurt yourself. Cause I'm not gonna be explaining to Wes why you're bleeding on my carpet looking all bruised. Got it?" Yeah, sounded like a question, but so wasn't. He knows that. And it's not just Wes I'm worried about here. Don't think I'm gonna be able to keep it together if I had to nurse Angel as well. He's my rock now, my rock who is *so* gonna go with us to Hawaii.
Keep Me_keep_me on December 29th, 2007 07:13 pm (UTC)
My back stays to her as I get out of bed, a thousand things warring on my face that I don't want her to see, because I know she thinks she's a big bad just like Spike always thought, but she's breakable too and I don't want her thinking something that I'm not thinking even if it looks like I am.

I can practically feel her glare behind me as she tells me not to get hurt while I grab some clothes too. I also hear the worry she's trying not to let show. Because she does. She knows how dangerous our jobs are and I know she doesn't like to let it show, but there's still a worry there creasing her features when Wes and I go out without her after a vision.

Tugging a long-sleeved black shirt over my head to top off the black pants, I turn back to the bed, finally schooling my face into something resembling...nothing. Leaning over, I give Wes's shoulder a gentle kiss, and then look at Cordy. "Got it," I murmur, giving her hair a stroke and leaning in for the briefest kiss.

Duster, shoes and I'm gone, a flutter of air like always, a soft click of the door, and the beginnings of night curl around me comfortably. Makes me feel like I can do that figurative breathing.

I can't guarantee that I won't get hurt, but I can guarantee that neither of them will see it. I wouldn't do that to either of them right now.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: brown sweater looking down smile S2/3watcher_pryce on December 29th, 2007 07:56 pm (UTC)
When I wake up my throat feels sore. Raw. In a familiar way. When I was a child it used to feel that way when I'd cried a little to much. Not that this happened very often, even less when I grew up. My father made certain of that. It's when I think of my father that what happened... how long ago? Days? Hours? What happened is overwhelming me to the fullest. It's like a slide show moving very fast in front of my eyes. Only this time it's words. I've told them. I've told them nearly everything.

At first I'm afraid to open my eyes because I don't know what I'd do if I were in an empty bed. So I let myself feel first. There's someone holding onto me. Rather tightly at that I realize when I shift a little. But there's only one someone. Someone with body heat, which means it's not Angel. He's not here. That thought makes my heart sink, a bile forming in my throat.

Which is really not what I need right now. In fact, what I need right now is to crawl deeper under the covers and hide for a century or so. God, I'm so embarrassed. What have I done? Why did I tell them that? Because they deserve to know what sort of man they're getting involved in. And the end result it that Angel's not there and Cordelia... I don't know what Cordelia's doing. Other then holding onto me as though she's afraid I'm going to slip away. Slip away as well?

Since I can't hide forever - if life has taught me anything it's *that* - I slowly open my eyes and look over at Cordelia. She's watching me, eyes narrowing, a frown forming on her beautiful face. I can't help but let my eyes drift around the room in the hopes that Angel might be standing somewhere. Somewhere close, hovering, looming, brooding, just... here. Cordelia's snippy voice makes me swirl my head around fast and look at her with wide eyes. "W-what?"
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