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03 November 2007 @ 10:08 am
Continued from Here

Somewhere in the back of my mind there's this little voice flailing around, shouting 'Cordelia's here! She's watching you get off!' But I'm to busy getting torn between several sensations. One being Angel's mouth, the second being what he's doing to my ass, the third being Cordelia. The way she looks. My eyes go wide at the way she looks. Panting, lips parted, nipples hard enough to show through the thin cotton of my shirt and her hand rubbing between her legs.

Can't help but groan at that, having to look away quickly. Only to be greeted by the sight of Angel swallowing around my throbbing erection. That does nothing to calm me down at all. Watching my length disappear between swallowed lips while he looks as though he's *enjoying* himself while doing this for me? No, it wouldn't calm me down at all would it. There's even a whimper getting out without my being able to stop it and I have to close my eyes.

Squeezing them shut, I have to lock my knees or I'd have already been in a puddle on the floor without having reached any sort of climax. God, I'm pathetic. Can't even hold on long enough for *that* almost. Doesn't matter though, because the moment those shower curtains rustle and I feel Cordelia plastered to my back, it's as though I'm living a dream. I let Angel move me anyway he can, gasp at Cordelia's words and feel my balls tighten up hard and fast.

I manage to stave off my climax however, though I have no bloody idea how I manage that. But tone in Cordy's voice, her words, maybe the look in Angel's eyes when I finally open mine and meet his make me shiver *hard*. So how I manage to hold off my orgasm? I don't know, all I know that by now I'm making the most pitiful sounds, unable to stop them, while I wish they would just *get on* with whatever it is they want.

It's all fine by me, I just want to-- want to-- "Oh god, please. Angel, Cordy, please. Christ."
Current Mood: impressedimpressed
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on December 3rd, 2007 05:24 am (UTC)
It's hot, I'm so not gonna deny that, the way he gets right to it. Our Wes, always ready to serve me and Angel. That? That doesn't sit right. As if in his mind he thinks he's only here to please us. That so doesn't sit right at all, lemme tell you. And as I watch him through narrowed eyes, scooting closer, getting on his fucking knees and bending over just for us? Yeah, still doesn't sit right.

When his hand moves to my body though? 'Doesn't sit right' moves a little bit to the back of my mind. And when that thumb knows just where to touch? It gets shoved back even further. Wow, Wes is a quick study, I already knew that. Yeah. But he knows just where to touch me from the few times he's done it and I've been giving him hints. Cause I'm thinking Wes and woman? Not a whole lot of experience. Which has me briefly thinking about Wes and men and my mind skirts away from so quick it surprises me.

What surprises me even more is Angel's hand between my legs. "Uh?" That was more of a groan and an actual confused sound I'm guessing. How can it not be with the way Wes tongue is working it's magic just right? And the way he did at the beach? He licking and sucking one of us until the sounds get a bit much and then moves to the other. Like he's got a system worked out already.

Maybe I should utter a little more encouraging words, but his mouths got me spell bound. Besides, I'm thinking the groans I'm making? Totally encouraging. "Jesus," I pant, letting my hands slip down my body, cupping my own breasts. Thumbs flick over nipples as I watch Angel play with Wes... and that is so playing dirty, I think with a smirk as my hips jerk forward to get more of Wes mouth when he moves away to Angel. Thumb takes over and I can feel my already sensitized clit starting to tingle and throb.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes s1 looking down blue shirtwatcher_pryce on December 3rd, 2007 05:25 am (UTC)
This is something I know, how to please with my mouth. I'd rather not think about how I learned that skill, if one can call that a skill, but this I know. Women are differently, but fortunately Cordelia isn't shy about directing me toward where she'd like to be touched, and her sounds do the rest. I can tell she likes it when I suck her clit hard, likes it when I run the flat of my tongue over it, likes it even more when I rub hard with my thumb.

Angel's the same, also teaching me with the sounds he makes. He likes it when I suck the head hard, likes it when I use my teeth to scrape over his skin, likes it when I take him in all the way and swallow around him. So I'm doing my best to please them both, back aching from the awkward position as I move from Angel's cock to Cordelia's tight, wet heat... and blink when suddenly there's a hand between her legs.

That's not mine, since mine are to busy pleasing them. One hand on Angel's cock, the other brushing through Cordelia's wet curls as my thumb rubs over her clit. I pull back a little confused, blinking when that hand vanishes again and then look up questionably at them both. Am I-- was I doing something wrong? Neither of them says anything though so I get back to the swing of things, wondering about it in the back of my mind.

A large hand sliding down my back has me startled. I was so busy pleasing them that it hadn't occurred to me that they could still touch me. Of course they can, part of me wonders why they'd want to though. I guess part of me will always wonder, or will do so for a long, long time. I'm just about to slip Angel into my mouth when I feel a finger of that big hand circling my entrance. There's a shudder at that touch, and a slight jump perhaps, because that's a rather unexpected development.

Automatically I get up a bit, moving my legs further apart to accommodate Angel - whom that hand has to belong to I've figured out by now - and moan around the cock in my mouth. Cordelia's clit might get rubbed a little bit harder then I intended as another shudder goes through me. I look up confused, first at Cordelia and then Angel, wondering if they require me to reply when my mouth is busy. Instead I nod, lowering my eyes again as suck on the head of Angel's cock.
Keep Me: ang back/alone_keep_me on December 4th, 2007 02:39 am (UTC)
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