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03 November 2007 @ 10:08 am
Continued from Here

Somewhere in the back of my mind there's this little voice flailing around, shouting 'Cordelia's here! She's watching you get off!' But I'm to busy getting torn between several sensations. One being Angel's mouth, the second being what he's doing to my ass, the third being Cordelia. The way she looks. My eyes go wide at the way she looks. Panting, lips parted, nipples hard enough to show through the thin cotton of my shirt and her hand rubbing between her legs.

Can't help but groan at that, having to look away quickly. Only to be greeted by the sight of Angel swallowing around my throbbing erection. That does nothing to calm me down at all. Watching my length disappear between swallowed lips while he looks as though he's *enjoying* himself while doing this for me? No, it wouldn't calm me down at all would it. There's even a whimper getting out without my being able to stop it and I have to close my eyes.

Squeezing them shut, I have to lock my knees or I'd have already been in a puddle on the floor without having reached any sort of climax. God, I'm pathetic. Can't even hold on long enough for *that* almost. Doesn't matter though, because the moment those shower curtains rustle and I feel Cordelia plastered to my back, it's as though I'm living a dream. I let Angel move me anyway he can, gasp at Cordelia's words and feel my balls tighten up hard and fast.

I manage to stave off my climax however, though I have no bloody idea how I manage that. But tone in Cordy's voice, her words, maybe the look in Angel's eyes when I finally open mine and meet his make me shiver *hard*. So how I manage to hold off my orgasm? I don't know, all I know that by now I'm making the most pitiful sounds, unable to stop them, while I wish they would just *get on* with whatever it is they want.

It's all fine by me, I just want to-- want to-- "Oh god, please. Angel, Cordy, please. Christ."
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Cordelia Chase: I'm always rightqueen_cordette on December 1st, 2007 02:33 pm (UTC)
My hands on Wes body go from torturous to soothing in a split second. All it took was one look from Angel. Hey! When did we do the silent communicating thing? Okay, we did it before, funny how it always seems to work when we're with Wes. So not working any other time. Communication is totally a skill Angel and I are still trying to get down when it comes to each other.

And it looks like the fun has come to a halt. Temporarily I hope, cause damn, I was having a lot of fun. I never knew how much fun it was to push a willing partner to the brink. Not that I know much about how to do that, just what I read in those magazines. Who are totally not even coming close to the truth! I mean, must following Angel's lead and my own instinct? Way better and hotter results.

I watch as Angel soothes Wes, who looks like he's in need of soothing. He *looks* as if he's about to disjoint us, or so he thinks. I know that look, I've wanted to slap that look of his face so many times before. I hate that look. Makes me sad, and angry. For now though, I just raise my eyebrows in anticipation of Angel's cave man act. Which he promptly does, making me smirk even wider.

Following them out of the shower, I close the curtain behind me and think we can clean up the mess later. Way later. Cause Angel's talking dirty again - man he's good at that - making me feel warm in places which barely had time to cool down. Good thing I'm able to keep *my* sounds inside. Wow.

"Well, maybe a second, possibly two," I say with a mock resigned sigh, padding after them, not bothered by my own nakedness, into the bedroom. Instead of bothering about that, I'm to busy grinning at the adorable confused look on Wes' face. Yeah, and the thought of him going down on me. Wes is good at that, must be all those languages making his tongue so agile. I'm getting a whole sort of new appreciation for those lingo's!

"Both of us, by the say. Cause that was really a very pretty sight." If not Wes, then totally the look on Angel's face back on the beach, or here in bed. Whoa.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes surprise S2watcher_pryce on December 1st, 2007 02:34 pm (UTC)
I can please them, even if my body is incapable of having some itself. I can! I don't want to disappoint them and they look so eager for this other round that it's nearly overwhelming. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought sex could be like this. Never in my most vivid imagination would I have believed it. Most importantly, I'd have never thought I would have *wanted* to please someone this badly.

Sex isn't something I usually associate with fun, or pleasure or even something one might want to do willingly. But good lord, have these two, these wonderful, beautiful, gentle, stubborn oh so loving people shown me differently. Shown me things that had never crossed my mind and will, I have no doubt, show me so much more in the future. And it's not even the sex I enjoy the most. No, strangely enough it's not. It's the look on their faces, the knowledge that I'm able to please them, the feeling of safety and belonging I have in the circle of their arms, the...

... fact that I'm no longer on the floor? I look around confused, thinking that I seem to have developed the talent of moving without using my feet. Or indeed touching the floor. "What...?" It's not until we enter the bedroom that I realize Angel's once again carrying me. And if I had a working brain I'd have wondered about them both and this fetish. Of course I also would have protested loudly about my ability to walk.

Instead all I seem to be able to do is look from Cordelia to Angel with confusion and groan at their words. The pictures they paint. The way my body is once again - without success - trying to keep up with them. I'm thinking I need far more then a second. God, I hope I get more then a second, or even two.

"Please," I hear myself whimper, pulling my face - reluctantly - away from Angel's neck to give them a desperate look. The words 'I'm sorry I'm not good enough for this' are fighting to tumble past my lips.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on December 1st, 2007 02:57 pm (UTC)
I nab a towel as we slip out of the bathroom and hold Wesley close. All I can feel when I see that sort of look in his eye is protect, protect, protect. I hate that he thinks he's disappointed us, or is going to if he doesn't or can't do exactly what we want. "I missed your mouth earlier while mine was on you," I murmur in his ear to remind him that we both like what he did that night on the beach. "Someday we'll have to do that at the same time." Low voice, right in his ear. Remind him that he is *so* good and we want him. All the time even if we don't get the fun of giving him release.

I let him slide down onto his still wobbly feet when we reach the bed and start towelling him off so we're not all lying in a wet bed. Yeah, my hands still linger, but I try to keep the touches soothing. Once he's dried good enough, I lean in to give him several long, reassuring kisses. We love you and want you. You're not a disappointment. Ever. When I'm finally sure that his brain is mush, I let him slide down to sit on the bed, pleased smile on my own face at least. Love kissing Wes. Could do that all day. Maybe sometime we will.

I look down at him there on the bed, lips swollen and eyes looking glassy. It'd be better if I kept touching him - I'm starting to get the idea that that grounds him a whole lot better than looks and words - but I think there's a girl here who might need some toweling off too.

Tugging Cordy close, I hand the towel to Wes. "Dry us off a little?" I ask remembering that he was going to do the pleasing. And I *know* he likes touching us. Or, well, I think he does. I don't remember him shying away from that.
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on December 1st, 2007 03:33 pm (UTC)
My brain just went flash, flash and then a bang at those words. Both of them sucking each other off? Damn, I so want front row seats to that. So, so very much. Cause that? Is beyond hot and I just love watching my boys doing all sorts of fun naughty stuff. I'm thinking that's good for Wes too, cause that mouth of his? Magic. And he likes doing it too, something I didn't get until I did it to Angel.

Gonna do it for Wes too, soon. I'm so there.

We're back in the bedroom quick enough. I raise an eyebrow at the strip of condoms on the floor, ripped out of the box and stifle a giggle. Someone has been thinking far, far ahead and is expecting lots of Wes sex. And I'd better never, ever share my next thought, which would bit it's gonna take some time for Wes to run out of condoms. Not his fault he's male and not a demon. Then they call us women the weaker sex. Hah!

Also not something I should say out loud right now I'm thinking. Not that I'm gonna be saying much of anything cause there's boy kissing. And yep, that makes me so wet and wanting and fucking needy! Just from watching them kiss. That's all it takes. Okay, kissing like *this*, making out, making Wes brain turn off. Angel it would totally seem is very good at that. Way good.

"Fuck, that's so friggen hot," I sigh, scooting closer to them while Angel towels Wes dry. Wes who's looking as though he has no idea what's going on again. Especially not when Angel gives him the towel and he looks at it with this cute clueless look.

"I'm thinking you broke his brain again," I point out, scooting up on the foot of the bed and hey, nicely showing off *my* assets. "Let's hope it's fixable," I smirk, taking Wes' and putting it on one of my breasts before quirking an eyebrow at Angel.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes smile green shirt S1/2watcher_pryce on December 1st, 2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
It takes me a while to realize my feet are already on the bed and I'm still stupidly holding onto Angel. Angel who's using words to make me groan and shudder. Again. Bloody hell, he's good at that. He sucked me off. Angel. Sucked me off. Angel. Yes, my mind is having a little bit of trouble wrapping around that, despite the fact that I was there. I didn't get to come in his mouth, but that doesn't matter. I got to watch those soft lips wrapped around my cock.

The thought of doing that to him while he's returning the favor at the very same time is apparently to much for my brain. My eyes glaze over while I picture that, my cock once again tries to get with the program without much success and Angel's lips press against mine before I have a chance to make even a sound.

Those sounds are getting swallowed by his mouth as he kisses me rather thoroughly. It once again takes me a few seconds to realize that participation might be very much appreciated. Though my body seems to have it's own mind and was already kissing back feverishly. God, I love kissing this man. Just as much as I love to kiss Cordelia. They each have their own, stunning, way to turn off my brain with just a kiss.

A point well proven when he pulls back to let me breathe and all I can do is look at him dazed, stupid dumb smile in place on my face. There's something being pressed into my hands, making me blink down on it while trying to figure out what that might possibly be.

A strangled little noise forms in the back of my throat and is pushed out when Cordelia takes my hand and puts it on her very ample bosom. Eyes tick from Cordelia, to Angel and vice versa while I try to get my brain in gear because I'm fairly certain I was supposed to be doing *something*. Oh towel. It's a towel! What am I to do with this towel? Christ.