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03 November 2007 @ 10:08 am
Continued from Here

Somewhere in the back of my mind there's this little voice flailing around, shouting 'Cordelia's here! She's watching you get off!' But I'm to busy getting torn between several sensations. One being Angel's mouth, the second being what he's doing to my ass, the third being Cordelia. The way she looks. My eyes go wide at the way she looks. Panting, lips parted, nipples hard enough to show through the thin cotton of my shirt and her hand rubbing between her legs.

Can't help but groan at that, having to look away quickly. Only to be greeted by the sight of Angel swallowing around my throbbing erection. That does nothing to calm me down at all. Watching my length disappear between swallowed lips while he looks as though he's *enjoying* himself while doing this for me? No, it wouldn't calm me down at all would it. There's even a whimper getting out without my being able to stop it and I have to close my eyes.

Squeezing them shut, I have to lock my knees or I'd have already been in a puddle on the floor without having reached any sort of climax. God, I'm pathetic. Can't even hold on long enough for *that* almost. Doesn't matter though, because the moment those shower curtains rustle and I feel Cordelia plastered to my back, it's as though I'm living a dream. I let Angel move me anyway he can, gasp at Cordelia's words and feel my balls tighten up hard and fast.

I manage to stave off my climax however, though I have no bloody idea how I manage that. But tone in Cordy's voice, her words, maybe the look in Angel's eyes when I finally open mine and meet his make me shiver *hard*. So how I manage to hold off my orgasm? I don't know, all I know that by now I'm making the most pitiful sounds, unable to stop them, while I wish they would just *get on* with whatever it is they want.

It's all fine by me, I just want to-- want to-- "Oh god, please. Angel, Cordy, please. Christ."
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Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes smile2 S2watcher_pryce on November 28th, 2007 05:47 am (UTC)
Angel feels strangely warm and Cordelia feels even hotter where I find myself sandwiched between them. Which is really not such a bad place to be. Not at all in fact. They're both so strong it's humbling. I don't mean just now, because right now it's even more obvious then any other time. Considering they are still talking while all I can do is pant. And slump against Angel, putting my head on his shoulder.

There's kissing. That makes me frown, since I'm still panting it can't be me doing any kissing. God, do I want to though, but moving is just to much of a chore. Don't need to be a genius to realize that Angel and Cordelia are kissing. The sounds alone are enough to send another jolt of pleasure to me and I wish I had the energy to open my eyes. To watch then. I love watching them kiss, touch, make love. I just love watching them.

There suddenly a face on my hand, making me frown thoughtfully for a moment while I figure out who's hand that might be. It's strong grip that hasn't anything feminine to it. Must be Angel then. And as lips close over mine it's all to clear that it's Angel doing the kissing. Kissing me. I find some energy after all to groan into his mouth, letting him kiss me while enjoying that very much myself and wishing I could do more then just slump against him like some wet rag.

To tired, to exhausted to move though. I can barely hear whatever they're saying. Something about clean and bed. They're going to be cleaning the bed? Why? Oh, probably because we've been in there sick and such. Must be wreaking havoc on Angel's sense of smell. Poor chap. That was really not very thoughtful of us was it? I murmur something under my breath, not really sure what when suddenly half the body heat is leaving. It's then that I manage to pry one eye open, having the other following soon at the sigh.

Cordelia, undressing. Cordelia standing in front of me completely naked and beautiful and gorgeous and... I'm staring. Closing my mouth would probably be the polite thing to do either, but now I *really* can't bring myself to move even an inch.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on November 30th, 2007 01:41 am (UTC)
Hmm. Wes is definitely paying attention now. And there's a part of me that's wishing it could be paying attention with the way Cordy flaunts every inch of her bare skin at us. There's a little rumble in my chest wanting to turn into a feral sort of growl, as if trying to say that Cordy's *mine*. But I don't let it turn into much more than a rumble. She's not mine, she's ours, and I'm really going to have to learn to channel that possessive streak differently, otherwise Wes is going to get a complex, or both of them are, depending one who I'm growlng at. And that is way too much thought when there's a gorgeous, naked woman in front of me.

Gorgeous, naked woman who is slick and wet in more ways than one. Her curls glisten between her thighs from the wetness Wes was just sliding into, and her hair waves caressingly around her shoulders and breasts like a mythic siren. Definitely not the only one staring here.

"Tease," I groan when my balls try to tighten again. "I think Wes likes it," I say, deflecting my own appreciation to the slack-jawed Watcher in my arms. These two really are going to make me insatiable. Always going to be ready for another go with these two. But when did that ever change? Only now I *can* have that go.

"Up we go, Wes," I say in Wes' ear, hauling Wes up with me, hands under his armpits. We're definitely a wet mess, but we're up, even if my arms are wrapped tight around him to keep him stable once on his feet. And I don't think Wes has even noticed that we're off the ground. He's still too busy marvelling at the beauty in front of him.

"Ready for another go with Cordy?" I tease him while his eyes goggle at her and my hand slides down his chest. Gotta get him cleaned up here, right? "You looked pretty good making her come," I whisper in his ear, hand gliding closer to his spent cock and that condom loosely on it. "I might want to watch again sometime," I add, fingers meeting his limp flesh where it's bare above the latex. All the while looking at Cordy with a devilish look as I tease Wes.
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on November 30th, 2007 05:32 am (UTC)
Man, I still got it. Not that I *didn't* know that, but it's kinda nice to have that, you know, confirmed. And with the way Wes is all slacked jawed ogling me? I'd say that's one down. The other one is not far away and I'm totally giving him dispensation cause he's a vampire and has better recovery time. Poor Wes is never gonna keep up with us is he? Hope that's not gonna be an issue, he has to many issue already.

"You betcha," I murmur, barely audible over the rush of the shower still going. Wont be for long, cause we're seriously running out of hot water. I smirk down at Angel as I stand there, totally flaunting myself in front of them. Hey, if you got the goods and all that? Except, now I only got to show them off for real in front of my boys. *My* boys. Mine, mine, mine alone. Er... and each other. Yeah.

I let my hands slide down my body as I watch *my* boys. Wes all slacked jawed and big eyed, kinda cute. Okay, way cute. Angel smirking that free and comfortable grin he sometimes gets. Not often enough though, so totally not. If Wes and me can get it out more often? I'm so there. Unlike Wes, who's totally not there, but in a far happier place.

"Did we break his brain?" I joke, when Angel hauls Wes up and watcher boy looks at our lover with this dazed expression. Angel's getting a bit of teasing in himself only he gets to touch someone other then himself. So not fair. But as I watch his hand - big, strong, protective hand - I realize I can get in some teasing time too. Heh.

I slip closer to where they're standing, hand reaching out to curl around Wes limp cock. "Gimme me a moment and I'll be ready to go," I whisper in his other ear, trying not to giggle when Angel had to tighten his grip on our boy. I slowly roll the condom off his spend shaft as my mouth moves from his neck to his until they meet in a short, breathless kiss.

I keep kissing him, face, throat, shoulders, tossing the condom behind me and then using my hand to wash Wes' cock, his balls, a bit lower, sometimes brushing against Angel's hand who's doing a bit of groping himself I'm thinking. The smirk growing on my face when we pull back matches Angel's I'm sure. "You could probably carry him to bed now and he wont even notice."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes smile green shirt S1/2watcher_pryce on November 30th, 2007 05:34 am (UTC)
"She's beautiful," I manage to breathe out when I hear someone say *something*. I don't know. In fact I seem to have no clue about anything other then Cordelia in front of me and Angel holding me tightly behind me. I could happily spend the next few days right here on the shower floor as long as I have this view and these strong arms holding me. Very happily indeed, even if the shower is starting to get colder.

And despite the fact that Angel's trying to kill me with touch alone. Gentle, soft, oh so good feeling touch. A groan gets out without my realize it because now I'm to busy ogling Cordelia and panting because of Angel's touches. Which is why I'm somewhat surprised when Cordelia is suddenly on eye-level with me. When--when did we get of the floor?

A thought which vanishes completely as Angel keeps whispering in my ear. I'm a bit sorry I can only hear half of them and then absolutely nothing when my body goes in sensory overload. There's Angel whispering, hand moving toward my cock. Cordelia naked, flaunting herself in front of me and pressing closer and-- then her hand snakes around my cock.

Knees buckle, would have hit the ground if it weren't for Angel's tight grip. A grip he's forced to tighten even more as Cordelia's lips close over mine and then slip down to my throat, shoulder... I lose track right around there. Knees buckle even more and I feel like a rag dol in Angel's arms. Unable to support my own body any longer. Angel's not standing still either and it's a good thing we're in the shower which means I'm already bright red.

Because the sounds currently bouncing back from the walls are without a doubt mine. My groans, my pleas, my whimpering. But lets be honest here... "Killing me," I'm barely able to get out, hips jerking when Cordelia meets Angel's hand at the base of it. Oh this is so very unfair isn't it? They *would* be ready for another go... but my body clearly isn't. In fact, the only reason its still standing upright is due to Angel forcing it to do so.

"Bloody hell," my head thuds back on Angel shoulder, large big eyes staring at him pleadingly. I cannot believe I'm this close to begging them to *stop*. Pathetic.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on December 1st, 2007 03:44 am (UTC)
"Just gave it a little vacation," I say, grinning back at Cordy. It's so obvious how gone Wes' brain is. If he'd heard Cordy, he would probably have groaned or his eyes would have gone wide at the idea of taking her again. But all he can do is squirm beneath our hands and pant. Pretty boy. Pretty girl, too. Definitely not minding the show of Cordy kissing Wes. My grip around Wes tightens as he goes completely limp. Wow. Yeah, well, Cordelia will do that to a guy, I think with a smile.

My hand brushes against Cordy's as we both toy with his flaccid cock. Still pretty gorgeous even when he's not hard. Well, doesn't hurt that he's got some attractive hands all over him. I grin at Cordy as his hips jerk involuntarily. We are so good. Or so bad, depending on whether you're looking at this from Wes' perspective or not.

Now that is pretty. Wes so overloaded that he can't do anything but let us do what we're doing. Let us have all this control over him. Oh, he would be Angelus' dream. But he's mine. All mine. And Cordy's. But that's it. Nobody else's. Nobody else touches him. Not like this, that's for certain, because those little whimpers he makes? Off the rating scale. Beyond pornographic. Gorgeous is what they are and even his little warning doesn't really have me wanting to stop, because obviously it feels good. If not a bit too much. And that's exactly why he looks and sounds too good. He likes it even though there's nothing he can do about it. Constrained only by the limits of his body. Otherwise? I think he'd let us touch him all we like. Whenever. Probably even wherever eventually too. Maybe he's the insatiable one.

"Gorgeous," I say to his pleading look. He's right there. Right on the verge of pleasure and pain. ...And that is so hot. My eyes glance at Cordy and it looks like I'm not the only one having fun seeing him like this. "Better turn him around," I say, shifting him in my grip, and Cordy's right, I don't think Wes would say boo if I carried him off to bed right now. But his back kind of got claimed. There would definitely be some stickiness there later.

Cordy's and my hands seem to glide around him, our hands swirling over his skin and mine very much groping his ass and brushing my fingers over his hole while we him clean up. "Think we should get him in bed and get him to come again?" I ask her with a teasing grin, hoping to torture Wes a little more with that thought.
Cordelia Chase: smirkqueen_cordette on December 1st, 2007 12:57 pm (UTC)
Killing him? Yeah. "But what a way to go huh?" I smirk at Angel while we continue to tease Wes, and al he can do is hang on tight to our vampire. Looking at us with this desperation of want and need and something else I can't put my finger on in his eyes. All the while we keep on teasing him. Okay, maybe Wes thinks it's pure torture, but like I said? What a way to go.

I let my hand slide over his body while the other one reaches behind me to get some soap. We're supposed to be washing up anyway, so we might as well do that. Nothing to do with the way I love feeling how slick we can make him. Make them, cause I have every intention of washing Angel as well. Wes' so not the only one who got to come and got dirty. Nope, even if he's the only one who looks like it.

Soaping up my hands I slide them back on that heated skin and waste no time 'washing' up Wes. Angel's hands bump into mine as I wash Wes cock and balls, his stomach, his legs and if I breathe a little bit over his cock? Totally not my fault he's so close by. When I get up, Angel turns him around and my hands are just drawn to that cute ass. And so are Angel's it seems. All the while Wes lets us just do whatever we want.

Part of me wonders if that's cause he's Wes, or cause he's just to exhausted to anything else. Does he even know what's going on? Though, if the sounds of desperation and yeah, he sounds like a really good porn movie, are anything to go by? He knows. Oh boy, oh boy does he know. And watching Angel rub his fingers over Wes asshole? Really doing all sorts of funny things to *my* body's needs.

Good thing I'm not as far gone as Wes... Okay, the look on his face when Angel calls him gorgeous makes me think he's not that far gone. Makes me sigh and want to hop on a plane to England. One day, one day Angel and me are gonna have him accept that he's gorgeous too. Just like Angel, just like me. For now? Angel and me are having way to much fun torturing him while Wes lets us. I let my eyes slide to that finger, that large hand torturing Wes ass and smirk.

"We should," I agree, pressing myself close to the two of them and turning off the taps. Hey, we're totally clean. "Gotta build up our boys stamina, no better place to start then now." And I *so* got a point there, cause if we don't Wes *is* gonna kill himself trying to keep up with me and Angel.

"Are you gonna go all caveman on him?" I ask innocently, reaching past Wes to curl my fingers briefly around Angel's cock and slipping a soaped up hand down. What? He does need cleaning up too!
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: brown sweater looking down smile S2/3watcher_pryce on December 1st, 2007 01:02 pm (UTC)
Dead, dead. I' m going to die. And this most certainly is not the way I had always pictured myself dying. Getting slashed to bits by a demon? Yes. Tripping and falling down on my own sword? Most certainly. Old age was even there, once, stupidly. But this? This never, ever crossed my mind. Death by marathon shagging in the shower, or anywhere really, by your boy *and* girlfriend. By your partners.

God, but Cordelia has a point. What a way to go. My point on the other hand is that I'd rather not 'go' yet. I'd like to say around these two for a very, very long time. They seem to be enjoying themselves so much tough that I can't *not* let them do whatever they want. Even if it's something actually physically painful as my body tries to hard to keep up with these to. "Ah! Oh god."

And embarrassing, I think as my cock makes a valiant but futile attempt to jerk to life and join in on the fun my two insatiable lovers seem to have. It's pointless though which is very sad. They do seem to be eager for a round two, three? I lost count. But I'm not capable of such. Well, not for myself at any rate. Doesn't mean I wont be able to please them, which I've shown them on the beach. Or I would if they could stop stimulating my body for... quite some time.

Doesn't seem like they're going to though. All I can do is let them turn me every which way, breathe hard and whimper, groan and hold onto Angel while they have their fun. Calling me gorgeous. That earns Angel a look but before I can say anything they have me turned around and my arms desperately cling onto Angel's neck. Cordelia seems to enjoy herself playing with my cock and balls, making me moan loudly into Angel's neck.

Angel on the other hand seems to have fun teasing my entrance. "Ngh!" Hips jerk forward into Cordy's hand and a desperate sob is able to escape my lips. Then I push backward against that finger again. There's fear spiking through me and flashes of other showers and someone else touching me there have me frozen for a second. But sure, gentle hands coax me out of that before it gets to much. Not that *their* touching isn't getting to much. Or their words. In a move that's pure desperation, twitching between Cordy's touch and Angel's, I let my forehead drop on Angel's shoulder and let out something close to another sob.

"Don't think," I pant, squeezing my eyes shut and needing every bit of concentration to keep upright, "I can." Sadness tinges my voice, because damn, don't I wish I could. For them. "But I could," I keep going between needy breaths, "make you?" Yes, that's a question, maybe even a plea for permission as I lift my head to look at them desperately. But, in bed please, because I don't think I can stand up on my own. Or not faint. Fainting could very well be an option if they keep this up.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on December 1st, 2007 01:51 pm (UTC)
A little groan escapes me as I watch Cordy take care of the cleaning, my own hand leaving Wes for a second to give her a hand cleaning herself. And oh, that's nice. Wes might not be ready for more, but I could be. Touching Wes' ass and having Cordy wrap those manicured fingers around my own shaft are doing nothing to stop that want trying to build up again.

And I seem to have my arms full of clinging, nearly broken Watcher. He's got enough awareness now to throw his arms around my neck, and that not only helps with holding onto his slippery skin, it feels good. Somehow, getting Wes to cling to me unabashedly seems like something important. He doesn't like to show weakness. And I'm thinking normal people would consider clinging and making keening sounds against your lover would qualify as verging on weak, even though I know perfectly well it's only because he's so far gone. And Wes is okay with us seeing him like this. I like it. I like it a lot.

I can feel his body really making a valiant effort to join in. Little jerks and writhing. Little pushes and needy sounds. He wants to please us, but his body doesn't know how to handle the stimulation. We'll get him there. He'll be able to keep up, I bet. Eventually. Right now, I'm savoring the way his head is buried in my neck, hot puffs of air sobbing over my wet skin, and I know he's this close to feeling like a disappontment - which is very much not on the agenda - if we push him any further right now.

"Shh," I soothe him softly. Pleasure-pain is good, but it looks like we might've pushed Wes past that. "We've got you," I murmur next to his ear. "Not going to hurt you," I remind him softly, remembering that sex and pain might already be intertwined for Wes. We don't want to bring that back. I can already smell a little fear, and I give Cordy a silent shake of my head to have her back off some. Don't want to overload him in a bad way. My fingers gently slide away from his entrance - rubbing it gently before I do to also remind him who he's with - and then moving up to massage over his back.

"You can. And I think you will. But right now just relax, tiger. We'll make you feel good too," I tell him, kissing his temple. "Pretty sure nobody's going to mind a little treat from you in the meantime." We do need to work on his stamina. Hmm. I like when he's struggling on the edge like this, but we'll see how things go. Maybe we'll push him a little further in a minute. Once he's calm and not worrying about doing whatever we want.

Seems like Cordy's taken care of the cleaning, so it looks like it's my turn to take care of getting our overwhelmed, short-circuited boy into bed. I reach out a hand to give Cordy's a squeeze. I know I get too focused on our Watcher sometimes. As strong as he is, he's very fragile. "What do you think, Cordy?" I ask her as I scoop Wes up my arms and step carefully out of the shower with a dripping Wes. "Should we be nice and give him some down time while he goes down on you? Or make him do us both at once again?" Next time, maybe we'll have Cordy be the center of attention. Doubt any of us would mind that. And right now, letting Wes think that he's going to get to please us both instead of getting frustrated some more is not a bad thing.
Cordelia Chase: I'm always rightqueen_cordette on December 1st, 2007 02:33 pm (UTC)
My hands on Wes body go from torturous to soothing in a split second. All it took was one look from Angel. Hey! When did we do the silent communicating thing? Okay, we did it before, funny how it always seems to work when we're with Wes. So not working any other time. Communication is totally a skill Angel and I are still trying to get down when it comes to each other.

And it looks like the fun has come to a halt. Temporarily I hope, cause damn, I was having a lot of fun. I never knew how much fun it was to push a willing partner to the brink. Not that I know much about how to do that, just what I read in those magazines. Who are totally not even coming close to the truth! I mean, must following Angel's lead and my own instinct? Way better and hotter results.

I watch as Angel soothes Wes, who looks like he's in need of soothing. He *looks* as if he's about to disjoint us, or so he thinks. I know that look, I've wanted to slap that look of his face so many times before. I hate that look. Makes me sad, and angry. For now though, I just raise my eyebrows in anticipation of Angel's cave man act. Which he promptly does, making me smirk even wider.

Following them out of the shower, I close the curtain behind me and think we can clean up the mess later. Way later. Cause Angel's talking dirty again - man he's good at that - making me feel warm in places which barely had time to cool down. Good thing I'm able to keep *my* sounds inside. Wow.

"Well, maybe a second, possibly two," I say with a mock resigned sigh, padding after them, not bothered by my own nakedness, into the bedroom. Instead of bothering about that, I'm to busy grinning at the adorable confused look on Wes' face. Yeah, and the thought of him going down on me. Wes is good at that, must be all those languages making his tongue so agile. I'm getting a whole sort of new appreciation for those lingo's!

"Both of us, by the say. Cause that was really a very pretty sight." If not Wes, then totally the look on Angel's face back on the beach, or here in bed. Whoa.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes surprise S2watcher_pryce on December 1st, 2007 02:34 pm (UTC)
I can please them, even if my body is incapable of having some itself. I can! I don't want to disappoint them and they look so eager for this other round that it's nearly overwhelming. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought sex could be like this. Never in my most vivid imagination would I have believed it. Most importantly, I'd have never thought I would have *wanted* to please someone this badly.

Sex isn't something I usually associate with fun, or pleasure or even something one might want to do willingly. But good lord, have these two, these wonderful, beautiful, gentle, stubborn oh so loving people shown me differently. Shown me things that had never crossed my mind and will, I have no doubt, show me so much more in the future. And it's not even the sex I enjoy the most. No, strangely enough it's not. It's the look on their faces, the knowledge that I'm able to please them, the feeling of safety and belonging I have in the circle of their arms, the...

... fact that I'm no longer on the floor? I look around confused, thinking that I seem to have developed the talent of moving without using my feet. Or indeed touching the floor. "What...?" It's not until we enter the bedroom that I realize Angel's once again carrying me. And if I had a working brain I'd have wondered about them both and this fetish. Of course I also would have protested loudly about my ability to walk.

Instead all I seem to be able to do is look from Cordelia to Angel with confusion and groan at their words. The pictures they paint. The way my body is once again - without success - trying to keep up with them. I'm thinking I need far more then a second. God, I hope I get more then a second, or even two.

"Please," I hear myself whimper, pulling my face - reluctantly - away from Angel's neck to give them a desperate look. The words 'I'm sorry I'm not good enough for this' are fighting to tumble past my lips.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on December 1st, 2007 02:57 pm (UTC)
I nab a towel as we slip out of the bathroom and hold Wesley close. All I can feel when I see that sort of look in his eye is protect, protect, protect. I hate that he thinks he's disappointed us, or is going to if he doesn't or can't do exactly what we want. "I missed your mouth earlier while mine was on you," I murmur in his ear to remind him that we both like what he did that night on the beach. "Someday we'll have to do that at the same time." Low voice, right in his ear. Remind him that he is *so* good and we want him. All the time even if we don't get the fun of giving him release.

I let him slide down onto his still wobbly feet when we reach the bed and start towelling him off so we're not all lying in a wet bed. Yeah, my hands still linger, but I try to keep the touches soothing. Once he's dried good enough, I lean in to give him several long, reassuring kisses. We love you and want you. You're not a disappointment. Ever. When I'm finally sure that his brain is mush, I let him slide down to sit on the bed, pleased smile on my own face at least. Love kissing Wes. Could do that all day. Maybe sometime we will.

I look down at him there on the bed, lips swollen and eyes looking glassy. It'd be better if I kept touching him - I'm starting to get the idea that that grounds him a whole lot better than looks and words - but I think there's a girl here who might need some toweling off too.

Tugging Cordy close, I hand the towel to Wes. "Dry us off a little?" I ask remembering that he was going to do the pleasing. And I *know* he likes touching us. Or, well, I think he does. I don't remember him shying away from that.
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on December 1st, 2007 03:33 pm (UTC)
My brain just went flash, flash and then a bang at those words. Both of them sucking each other off? Damn, I so want front row seats to that. So, so very much. Cause that? Is beyond hot and I just love watching my boys doing all sorts of fun naughty stuff. I'm thinking that's good for Wes too, cause that mouth of his? Magic. And he likes doing it too, something I didn't get until I did it to Angel.

Gonna do it for Wes too, soon. I'm so there.

We're back in the bedroom quick enough. I raise an eyebrow at the strip of condoms on the floor, ripped out of the box and stifle a giggle. Someone has been thinking far, far ahead and is expecting lots of Wes sex. And I'd better never, ever share my next thought, which would bit it's gonna take some time for Wes to run out of condoms. Not his fault he's male and not a demon. Then they call us women the weaker sex. Hah!

Also not something I should say out loud right now I'm thinking. Not that I'm gonna be saying much of anything cause there's boy kissing. And yep, that makes me so wet and wanting and fucking needy! Just from watching them kiss. That's all it takes. Okay, kissing like *this*, making out, making Wes brain turn off. Angel it would totally seem is very good at that. Way good.

"Fuck, that's so friggen hot," I sigh, scooting closer to them while Angel towels Wes dry. Wes who's looking as though he has no idea what's going on again. Especially not when Angel gives him the towel and he looks at it with this cute clueless look.

"I'm thinking you broke his brain again," I point out, scooting up on the foot of the bed and hey, nicely showing off *my* assets. "Let's hope it's fixable," I smirk, taking Wes' and putting it on one of my breasts before quirking an eyebrow at Angel.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes smile green shirt S1/2watcher_pryce on December 1st, 2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
It takes me a while to realize my feet are already on the bed and I'm still stupidly holding onto Angel. Angel who's using words to make me groan and shudder. Again. Bloody hell, he's good at that. He sucked me off. Angel. Sucked me off. Angel. Yes, my mind is having a little bit of trouble wrapping around that, despite the fact that I was there. I didn't get to come in his mouth, but that doesn't matter. I got to watch those soft lips wrapped around my cock.

The thought of doing that to him while he's returning the favor at the very same time is apparently to much for my brain. My eyes glaze over while I picture that, my cock once again tries to get with the program without much success and Angel's lips press against mine before I have a chance to make even a sound.

Those sounds are getting swallowed by his mouth as he kisses me rather thoroughly. It once again takes me a few seconds to realize that participation might be very much appreciated. Though my body seems to have it's own mind and was already kissing back feverishly. God, I love kissing this man. Just as much as I love to kiss Cordelia. They each have their own, stunning, way to turn off my brain with just a kiss.

A point well proven when he pulls back to let me breathe and all I can do is look at him dazed, stupid dumb smile in place on my face. There's something being pressed into my hands, making me blink down on it while trying to figure out what that might possibly be.

A strangled little noise forms in the back of my throat and is pushed out when Cordelia takes my hand and puts it on her very ample bosom. Eyes tick from Cordelia, to Angel and vice versa while I try to get my brain in gear because I'm fairly certain I was supposed to be doing *something*. Oh towel. It's a towel! What am I to do with this towel? Christ.