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08 October 2007 @ 06:01 pm
Continued from Here

Don't I get another kiss, nya, nya, nyeah, I know. Childish. But seriously! I just kissed him! Jackass. Knew that didn't make no impression at all. Bet he wants Wes kisses. Bet he just wants Wes, that's why he's not impressed with me. Bah. Men! Like I didn't see him look at Wes when he thinks I'm not watching him. Yeah, I seen it. Wes hasn't. Wes is being oblivious guy.

They got something those two. Something I can't give either of them and it doesn't have to do with both of them having a dick! Cause hey, I could strap one on an viola! It's not that, it's something. Something. I dunno. Something.

I try not to huff as I lay there with my head on Wes chest. And yeah, Angel's hand rubbing my back feels nice but I'm still with the disappointed about my kiss not making him with the speechless. I mean, what does it take?! Geeze. Okay, it takes very little to get Wes speechless, so that's not an example and--

Or totally not speechless. Huh. I still say my boys kissing is hot. See? I knew that's what-- "Hmpf?" Oh. Oh yeah!. Now that's what I call a kiss. Such a Wes kiss, but there's something urgent behind it. When we pull back, - damn air - I blink at him stupidly and for the first time I'm kinda speechless. Huh. That was all kinds of unexpected.

His next words are even more so. I wasn't sulking! I wasn't! What's with the look? Oh hell, okay, okay, so I was sulking. And Angel was brooding? Why? What's he got to brood about dammit! Okay, okay, no sulking.

Damn if there aren't things Angel and I need to talk about. Soon. Yeah. Not now, now I'm going to not sulk and get some rest.

"Yes, boss," I murmur, giving him a mock salute which seems to amuse him. Okay. Good. Amused Wes is always of the good. I give Angel a tentative look - and who thought I'd be capable of that? - before reaching out for his hand to lace our fingers together.
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Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes sulk s2watcher_pryce on October 22nd, 2007 03:01 pm (UTC)
"It does?" I ask, getting completely away from the subject at hand. Or in hand, which is where the phone is currently. I glance at the curtains while I wait for their reply of were we're to meet this fellow. Or Cordelia and I are to meet this fellow it would appear. Angel seems content to keep on laying in bed? Even without the cuddling?

"Well," I start when Angel asks what he wants, wearily keeping an eye on Cordelia who's getting out of bed. Getting out of bed and having that look in her eyes again. "He said he had a--" And just like that the phone is gone from my hand. "--Job. Cordelia!"

What the bloody hell? I can't handle phone calls now? I could have made arrangement for us to meet somewhere public. I could have figured things out. And the whole money issue, which I'm sure Cordelia is worried about, isn't' that usually handled *after* we've done the job?

With a sigh I sink back on the bed, shoulders slumping somewhat dejectedly. That's Cordelia for you I guess. "I could have handled that," I murmur, wincing when I realize I must sound like a five year old to Angel. "Well, I could have," I can't help but add, pushing up glasses that aren't even there.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on October 23rd, 2007 03:09 am (UTC)
I watch as the show unfolds. Cordy, of course, takes the phone. There was no doubt of that the moment she got convinced to get out of bed. This is always how it goes. She could be out shopping and if we got a phone call, somehow, she'd know and she'd be calling to make sure we set things up right. Cordy's the business woman. Wes may easily be able to take care of things, but Cordy's got standards.

And is always in need of new shoes.

So I lay back and let the scene play out, knowing my cue will be coming up very soon. Like riiiiiight... Now, I think as the bed goes down under Wes' weight. Yeah, definitely my cue with the slumped shoulders like that. Sitting up, I slide over behind him, legs going on either side of his where he's sitting down. My arms go around his waist, and I give a soft little kiss to the back of his neck where it's showing above the collar of his pajamas.

"You would have been great," I murmur so Cordelia doesn't hear me. "But you would have done the decent thing and not wheedled that extra hundred dollars out of them like Cordelia's going to," I say nuzzling against his neck lightly. "The girl's got to have her Prada and her Louis Vuitton, you know," I whisper teasingly, kissing right behind his ear and rubbing my fingers gently over his stomach. Got to watch out for that stomach. Too much stress goes straight there. There and his back. Many an hour have Cordy and I worked knots out of this back.

"You would have been very professional. Would have done an excellent job. At least she lets you answer the phone," I say with a little chuckle next to his ear. Yeah, she really doesn't let me anymore after she figured out that the long pauses weren't me listening, they were just really long pauses of me waiting for them to say something that scared the customers off.

I listen faintly to her babble on in the hallway and give the side of Wesley's neck another kiss or two. "Gonna shower with me?" I ask him teasingly, since that would probably be a very bad idea all around. I'm thinking a) I wouldn't keep my hands off Wes, and b) Cordy would be mad at me for starting without her, and c) she'd be a little jealous. I saw the look on her face earlier. She has her own doubts, and I don't want to do anything to encourage them, any more than I want to encourage Wes' doubts.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: brown sweater looking down smile S2/3watcher_pryce on October 23rd, 2007 07:07 am (UTC)
The fact that I'm to old to be sulking is the reason I'm not. Sulking that is. I'm not! But really, I could've handled that call. I could've made an appointment just as easy as Cordelia's now doing. I don't see why she had to take the phone away from me. Twit. She was the one who said the machine could pick it up! So I'm not sulking. I'm not.

Oh. What's Angel... Oh. Oh!

I blink stupidly when two legs appear on either side of me and then shiver when I feel strong arms slide around my waist. I wasn't sulking, of course, but this is nice. Angel trying to be comforting and reassuring. Trying being the wrong word, he's succeeding rather well.

"I don't see why we need those extra hundred dollars," I say, still definitely not sulking. Because really, aren't we supposed to help the hopeless? Or the helpless, whichever. Which is Cordelia's slogan, she's come up with it! Alright, we probably *could* use that extra money very well. Something which both Angel and myself seem to forget more often then not.

Right now though, those are thoughts which seem to vanish the more Angel is being 'comforting'. Adding kisses here and there. Feeling either of their lips anywhere, it seems, and I'm lost. "Hmngh," I murmur in-audibly, having no idea what I'm saying by that point. Instead I close my eyes and just enjoy the moment, hands landing on his legs while I lay my head back on his shoulder. Broad, bare shoulder. Borrow warmth. Nice.

"Cordy would kill us if we had a shower without her," I sigh, a strangely content smile threatening to break right. "Would serve her right if we went ahead anyway," I add, still not sulking. Not me. "Hmmm," I agree with myself, turning my head to kiss the base of Angel's throat, "it most certainly would."