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09 November 2008 @ 08:28 pm
Continued from here.

"Oh, there will definitely be some rubbing and oil massaging before you both go in that sun," I reassure them, my hand falling easily to Wes' chest, close enough to feel Cordelia too under the covers she's pulled up. I tuck them around myself more, but mostly to make sure that Wes won't get cold from some draft. Cordy will have plenty of heat from our resident heater in the middle. "Wouldn't want my two partners burning up," I add, smiling at Wesley's reaction to my nose against his throat. Something to file away for later.

I can smell his arousal perking up, but I can also see the sleepy satisfied look on his face. And as much as I want to keep my promise to make him climax again, I think I'd like to let Wesley fall asleep with that self-satisfied smile place. Not often he gets to be the one to cause the world to be good, so completely good, so I wouldn't want to take that away from him.

"We'll make sure not to let you die from at least the next 20 or 30 orgasms you'll have coming in the near future," I say around a yawn before adding, "But don't think this gets you off the hook for those marathon sessions," I murmur, pillowing my head on Wesley's shoulder, right where I am under his arm. Cordy looks like she's already half asleep as it is.

"Maybe we can do some night sight-seeing," I add sleepily under my breath, feeling my eyelids droop closed. "We could hold hands," I murmur with smile, feeling half asleep myself. It's sunny out, I'm supposed to be sleeping anyway, I think. Or something. Doesn't much matter because I am. And I've got two warm bodies and two strong heartbeats to fall asleep to.
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Cordelia Chase: shines so brightqueen_cordette on November 10th, 2008 08:54 am (UTC)
"Hmmm, massage and rubbing," I yawn. Totally un-lady like but I don't care around these two. I don't have to hide myself with these two, I can be myself. Even if it's as simple as not being very lady-like from time to time. "And if you two are gonna do some wrestling while covered in oil...Hmmmm..." Oh. Oh god there's a nice dream coming up. Angel and Wes, covered in oil, playing with each other. And since it's my dream, you bet I'm gonna be playing along with my boys.

Sleep first though, because god almighty did these two wear me me down. Not that I wouldn't go for another round just to tease Wes. But luckily for me both my boys seem to be down for the count as well. Not so surprising for Wes, what with the fear flight and the meds and the stuff. But I'm kinda really proud and smug that we managed to get Angel the vampire with the super duper stamina - if Wes is to believe and why shouldn't we - totally out of it too.

My hand find's Angel where it's laying on Wes' chest and I can't help but snort sleepily at his words. Man, at the rate we're going? Those 30 or 40 orgasms are gonna so be this vacation. And then there still wont be any dying dammit. It was bad enough with the whole exploding building thing and the Faith thing and the... yeah.

No dying. Not even close. Or in Angel's case, totally no dusting! I just totally found and got my boys, not about to give that up. What I am about to do is sleep. Cause god, so, so tired. My body just wants to sleep and my mind is already off into the land of dreams. How I know that? Cause my first thought when Angel mentions night sight-seeing isn't 'shopping!' - which we are still so gonna do - but 'holding hands, that'd be so cool'.

"That'd be cool," I hear myself murmur where I'm snuggled up to Wes' chest while holding Angel's hand. All comfy cozy, safe, warm and totally asleep.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: brown sweater looking down smile S2/3watcher_pryce on November 10th, 2008 08:55 am (UTC)
"I would certainly hope so, because this partner burns up quite easily," I assure them both. Not as easily as another partner of ours would, but no amount of sun lotion rubbed onto him will stop that from happening if he goes out in the sun. Sadly. Not that this would stop Cordelia from the sound of it. As sleepy as she is, she still manages to have me staring at her incredulously.

"Because we do that on a daily basis for you?" I ask, somewhat baffled by this-- fantasy. At least that's what I guess it is, given the gleeful look on her face. Tired but extremely gleeful and I don't even want to know what images are going through her mind right now. Because I have a feeling they would involve an oil covered Angel and I, naked and I'm not certain how to feel about that.

Leave it to Angel to be pretty damn distracting. My wide eyed look gets turned to him when he goes on about-- quite a lot of orgasms. I swallow hard and suck in a deep breath. Yes, there is that part of my body betraying me again. Slowly I let out my breath and thank a few deities that my partners here seem to be to tired to act up-on their brass talk. Thankfully for me I'd say.

Shaking my head at them both and their idea's, I keep them close, holding on tight. One hand rubs over Cordy's shoulder, slow, tender circles even when I'm quite certain she's already sleep. The other one is running through Angel's hair - gell and all - as I kiss the top of his head. He sounds so happy and I'd do anything, *anything*, to keep hearing that sound. To keep him so happy. Not to happy mind...

"Yes we could," I assure him. Assure them both. I'm not really the hand holding type, not in public at any rate. But we'll see how things go. Just like everything in this relation ship has been trail and error, we'll work this out too. And if Angel wants to go night sight-seeing we damn well will.

"Sleep now, love," I whisper, kissing Cordy's hair as well before closing my own eyes. Doesn't take sleep very long to take me in. Not surprising considering what these two did to my body and I.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on November 28th, 2008 05:05 am (UTC)
When I wake up, I'm glad to find that a) there's no more light peeking around the edges of the little bungalow's curtains, and b) that my cohorts are both still out for the count. Good. I feel a little mischievous after that little recharge.

Didn't really dream much, but what I did dream smelled like coconuts and felt like warm, oil-slick skin. Really, really nice images.

Shifting in Wesley's arms - very, very careful not to wake him - I look over at my slumbering partners. Cordelia's snuggled up and resting on Wesley's shoulder, her hand still twined in mine, and Wes is breathing softly, looking so young while sleeping without his glasses.

Sliding my hand along under the covers, I rub my palm softly over Wesley's chest, rubbing in circles until I find his nipples. I'm trying not to disturb Cordy's hand in mine too while I rub my thumb over and over one of Wes' nipples. Just keep rubbing until I've got his nub hardening against my fingers.

He's so beautiful. They're both so beautiful. Good thing I know we have condoms this time. A quick rifling through the bags and I could be watching Wes and Cordy together. It was just as great a sight last time as it would be now, I'm positive of that.

Impulsively, I lean up on my elbow and crane across Wesley to flick my tongue over one of Cordy's nipples that I can reach. Oh, god.

I hope they enjoy this little wake up call. Hopefully, they got enough of a rest to have them up and moving again in a few minutes. Not that they need to since I'm having fun with them anyway, but it might be better if they were awake for the fun. And might make it seem a little less creepy, huh?
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Champions Wes/Cordy/Angelwatcher_pryce on December 16th, 2008 07:31 pm (UTC)
Sleep was peaceful. I noticed that when sleeping alone, the nightmares would come. But when I'm with Angel and Cordelia they stay away. It's one of the many, many advantages of being with them. I still cannot believe they'd let me into their circle of love, and I don't mean the way we are now. I mean long before that, they had accepted me for whom I was. Who I am. And they still love me.

So sleep, for once, was peaceful. Waking up on the other hand was an entirely different matter. There's some shifting in the bed which tells me I'm not alone. It always seems that just before waking up fully I can't help but think that I'm still alone. Those few seconds before ones mind fully catches up. It helps when there's some touching going on that can't be my own hand.

Cool hand, well, not as cool as it usually is my brain tells me. Angel seems to have warmed up nicely while sleeping with us. It is Angel who's touching me, I know that much. Even if it weren't for the change in temperature I'd still know who's touching me. They both have their own ways. Just as I suppose I have mine.

"Hmmm," I sigh, still feeling more then a little exhausted. I *am* only human and we did have a lot of...sex. Not as much as Angel had promised, I recall, as a small smile slips on my face. Maybe I'll sleep just a little longer. Let Angel and Cordelia have some fun, since he's leaning over me to get to her. They can get a head start, I'm sure my body would appreciate them getting one.
Cordelia Chase: Big Smilequeen_cordette on December 16th, 2008 07:32 pm (UTC)
Wow. Usually when it comes to waking up I don't wanna. There's no reason for me to wake up at the ass-crack of dawn to get into the office on time. Cause my boss is kind of a night creature, so yeah. The only one getting up at the ass-crack of dawn to get into the office before the sun is even up? Wes, but he's a total idiot at times. What with his books and stuff. Like they're gonna cry if he leaves them alone for a moment.

Anyway, waking up? Not my favourite thing in the world. Especially not after the days we had. Aside from the flu and the plane disaster? We have spend a lot, lot, lot of lazy days in bed. Heh. I loved every moment of it. My body loved every moment of it. I don't think I've had so many orgasms in my *life*. Okay, on account of not having that much sex but hey.

My boys sure know how to treat me right. I'm their queen. Oh yeah. Well, one of them knows or at least lets me think he knows. The other one-- Angel. He and I are gonna have to work on this or Wes is gonna have an aneurysm. I kinda wonder why Angel and me can't get along like Wes does with both of us. Then I remind myself we both wanna be the boss and that's the problem. But the funny thing is? We both wanna be the boss with *different* things. I see that, Angel doesn't seem to. Ugh.

Ugh? Whoa. What's that? I don't think I'd have a problem waking up some much if there was more of this. Angel. Gotta be. Cool, sure touch and besides that... Wes so would never just out of the blue touch me or Angel like that. He's ask for permission first. Dork. We'll get that outta him soon enough. He can touch us whenever, however and wherever he'd want.

Prying my eyes open I glance down my naked body. Wow. Naked still? Heh. There's the sound of the ocean from outside, there's the smell of sea and none smog around us, birds, the sun draping though a crack in the curtain on the other side and Angel licking my tits.

"Hungry?" I ask sleepily, feeling my body already react to him as I reach out to run my fingers through his hair. Gelled hair. Ew. We so didn't shower last night.
Keep Me: ang smiling_keep_me on January 23rd, 2009 02:46 am (UTC)
"Just snacking," I say back, watching Cordy's face slowly wake up. She's just as pretty asleep, but some of that hard shell disappears too. She looks softer, a little younger, like Wes does, but she's already so much younger than both Wes and I that she doesn't really need to seem any younger. Yeah, that would be okay. And with that I'm shoving aside thoughts of a blonde cheerleader.

Her hand even feels sleepy in my hair and yet...possessive. Funny. It makes a little curl of want flare in my gut. Feels oddly good to be possessed by Cordy. She's damn protective of Wes and I. And... I dunno, she's this crazy tiger when it comes to getting people to back off and if she's possessive of someone, that's gotta be good? Cordy doesn't get possessive if she doesn't really...like them. Or care about them. Guess that's really the thing.

I give a careful nip to the soft underside of her breast, looking up at the fringe of lashes just barely revealing sleepy, deep brown pools staring at me. I give her a little smile before letting my head rest on Wesley's chest- and his heartbeat drums steadily, solidly in my ears. Soothing, beautiful sound.

"Think we should wake him?" I murmur, locking eyes with Cordy's still sleepy ones. ...I wonder if there's a nude beach here, I suddenly find myself thinking because Cordy would look like a wet dream stretched out in the sun all curves and smooth skin. And that thought is quashed when I remember I tend to go up in flames when sampling that kind of beauty. She would be too. Beautiful.

Wes would...look like a lobster in about five minutes, I think with a smile, imagining knobby knees and pale, pale, pale skin being beaten by the sun. But once I get that sunscreen on him, maybe he'll only get hit a little and he'll get slightly less pale. Tan even.

"You hungry?" I ask her, wondering if maybe the innuendo wasn't really innuendo since we haven't eaten in awhile. My hand reaches out to slide down her side, thumb rubbing across her stomach under the covers, my elbow resting on Wes' stomach.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes white shirt glasseswatcher_pryce on January 23rd, 2009 10:58 am (UTC)
Sleep floats back easily. I am really that tired it would seem. Not that I should be surprised. The flight over wasn't a picnic and both Cordelia and I are still recovering from this blasted flu. A vacation is just what we need in more ways then one. And far more then both Cordelia and Angel will know. Wont know until it may be to late. Which sounds dramatic but it's not as though I've a lot of choices.

The visions. They are killing her. I know that much, having found the medication she's trying to hide from us. Cordelia is dying if she keeps the visions any longer. Which is why, aside from translating the shan-shu prophecy, I've been looking for a way to do something about the vision. Getting rid of them is a last option because I know how much they mean to her. But I've found another way and coming to this island is more then just a vacation to me.

It's a way to help Cordelia as luck would have it. And a way to get Angel and Cordelia to understand each other more. Funny how that first task seems so much easier then the latter. Or not really funny at all.

For now I'm content to sleep some more. I *am* tired. I *am* only human. I know Cordy is human too but it would seem women bounce back on their feet faster. We all know vampire do, especially Angel. He's the champion of the powers. He's Cordy and my champion. He's the champion the world needs.

Humming, I snuggle into my pillow. I can hear them talking but the voices are coming from far, far away. All I want to do is sleep for at least another hour. If not longer. Let them have some time for themselves, start working on that mutual understanding then. Later I'll move my things into the other apartment and start looking for this shaman.
Cordelia Chase: smirkqueen_cordette on January 23rd, 2009 10:59 am (UTC)
"Uh huh," I mutter, hiding another yawn behind my hand. I need to polish my nails again I notice. Hmm. Hang around the boys to much and ones personal look goes down the drain. Well, I'm so having none of that. I'll polish my nails later today. Now that we're in Hawaii I can use one of the more flashy blinking ones! The sort that makes even Wes and Angel notice it. Cause hey, shiny. Heh.

Pulling my hand from Angel's hair, still with the ew gell, I haul myself up in my elbows and glance down at a sleeping Wes. Or dozing, whatever. He's close to falling asleep again, looking all sorts of tired and exhausted. We didn't have that much with the wild naked partying last night did we? Then again, maybe he was hit harder by the flu, could be. Being male and all, we all know how much of a whiners they are when it comes to these things.

Cut their limb off and they'll happily bleed to death. Give them a flu or a paper cut or something else small and stupid and they'll whine about it for *weeks*. Men are weird, but these are my man. So I'm the only one who gets to call them on their weirdness. Doesn't take away the fact that Wes looks tired. And now that Angel mentioned it.. I *am* kinda really hungry.

"Naw, let him sleep some more. I know what you men are like," I say, giving him a beaming smile. "He'll need all the sleep he can get." Leaning over I gently push the hair from Wes' face and kiss his temple, kinda really totally making my words nill and void. Nill and void? Oh geeze, I am spending to much time with Wes.

My stomach growls in a totally un-lady like way when Angel's thumb rubs over it. We both look down before I turn a sheepish look at him. "I'm thinking... yeah. When was the last time we ate anyway?" I ask, already reaching for some shirt I find on the floor. Either it's Wes' or Angel's, don't care it'll fit me.

"We should eat something too," I mutter, pulling on the shirt as I slip out of bed and eyes Wes' sleeping form with a frown. "But we'll let him sleep first. Wonder if they serve blood here," I mutter, already pulling a menu from the table.
Keep Me: ang smiling_keep_me on January 26th, 2009 02:16 am (UTC)
I nod at Cordy when she suggests we let Wes sleep. Well, he does look pretty worn out now that she mentions it.

And her stomach lets us both know that eating would be a good thing to add to the agenda too. So much for marathon- anyway. Not important. Gotta take care of each other is what we gotta do.

And solving this whole ghost thing would be a good step towards that. Then Wes wouldn't have to be worrying about that and we could all really relax and make the most of this vacation.

"Uh-huh," I say with a raised eyebrow back at Cordy's 'I know what you men are like.' She's funny. "Been awhile," I murmur, watching Cordy's lithe and luscious form slip out of bed and into Wes' shirt.

"Blood?" I mutter, finally realizing that yeah, I'm gonna have to figure something out for that. Hmm. "I'll figure something out," I say, reluctantly slipping out of Wesley's arms myself and sitting on the edge of the bed, watching as Cordy examines the menu.

I stretch before padding over the table, and stop behind her to peer over her shoulder. "I'm thinkin' a shower might be in order too," I mutter, really only thinking of myself, because hey, a guy's gotta stay clean. Otherwise I drive myself crazy with my own smell. Other people, it's not so bad, I know how to tune it out, but walking around with yourself all night... Yeah, anyway.

"You should eat first," I murmur, sliding a hand along her waist without thinking, the smell of her hair...smelling really good from where I'm standing. It's not all covered up in hairspray and perfume right now. I can actually smell the real Cordy without trying too hard. "Guess I can wait if you wanna join me in the shower?" I say, smiling a little bit.
Cordelia Chase: Angel Cordyqueen_cordette on January 26th, 2009 07:59 pm (UTC)
"Yeah. Blood," I mutter, eyes scanning over the menu. "You know, comes for a cow or a pig and you drink it. Or-- otter it would seem. Huh." I blink at the menu, turning it around a few times and then blink again. This guy really does cater to demons and humans alike doesn't he? I'm also thinking Angel kinda forgot that part. And what does 'I'll figure something out' mean? Huh? Was he gonna go out and night and jump a unsuspecting Hawaiian cow or whatever? Do they even have cows here? Ugh.

"So wanna try some otter blood?" I ask, turning the card back around to the human side again. Fruit, orange juice, coffee. Definitely coffee. Ooh, they got fresh bread! And tiny little marmalade thingies. Wes'll love that, it's totally British. Isn't it? I think it is. Of course Angel and I found out Wes isn't so much breakfast man now that he's staying at my place.

That's gonna change. I'll fatten the boy up, just wait and see. He's got a figure that makes me look fat. Geeze.

"Hmmm?" I look up at Angel when he mentions a shower and then lean my head down to sniff myself. "Yeah, shower's definitely on the menu of Cordelia Chase as well. Whoa." Forgot to shower last night. Then again we were kinda busy with-- other things. Hehehe. And as much fun as having sex is? I'm not used to having *this* much sex. Kinda a new love thing I guess. But we can have lots and lots of sex at home. I wanna do couply things here. With Angel, and with Wes and with both of them.

Okay, somewhat couply since Angel can only be couply with us after sundown.

Leaning against Angel when he moves closer I shrug and realise I missed this. Doing things in other places then my usual home. Vacation. Okay, being rich. I'm still somewhat shallow, can't change overnight and all that. "Naw, why don't you go ahead and shower. By the time you're done breakfast will be here and we can eat together. So how about that otter blood?" Really wish he would get over that not drinking blood in front of us thing.
Keep Me: ang smiling_keep_me on February 14th, 2009 02:02 am (UTC)
Huh. She's really into that otter blood. And why the hell is that on their menu? Not...normal. It's kind of creepy, actually. I don't know if I really want somebody else getting my blood. How do we know they're not going to spike it or something? If they've got blood on the menu then they must be the sort of people who'd know about someone like me. Not that you know, everyone knows my name or what I look like, but they know *of* me and... I don't know, I just don't trust it.

But Cordy's got this look on her face like she's feeling eager to please, eager to see me taken care of, and I'm already on thin ice... "Hmm," I mutter, looping my arms around her waist loosely while I keep peering over her shoulder. "How about I just stick with the pig's blood for now," I say, kissing the tip of her ear. "Wouldn't want to start with the heavy stuff this early in the morning." This way I know what it's *supposed* to taste like and if it doesn't taste right or smell right at least I'll have a clue. Unlike otter, which I've never had. Not many otters running around downtown L.A. and they sure don't end up in butcher shops.

"Eating together sounds good, and you know where to find me if you change your mind about the shower," I add, slipping my hands off her waist and moving in the direction of the bathroom. Or where I think it is since we didn't do too much inspecting before we did the napping and the sex. "You're gonna get something for Wes too, right?" I say, giving her a knowing look. If Wes were deciding, we both know he'd say he wasn't hungry. Gotta get stuff first and then he'll eat it out of sheer politeness most of the time. Heh.

Hmm, looks like we have a nice huge tub. ...And a walk-in shower that should fit three just right. A little snugly but nothing bad ever came of that. Ohh, and I think there's a way to heat the floor? Or is it just the room? Either way, that'll be good. Cordy and I like heat, and Wes looks like he'll catch a chill any minute. I turn on the taps and let things steam up while I keep investing the lavish bathroom for a minute.
Cordelia Chase: Angel Cordyqueen_cordette on February 15th, 2009 12:07 pm (UTC)
"Geeze you're boring," I scoff, wondering why he's not wanting the otter blood. Change of diet is good! Different sort of animal. Now why didn't I think of that? Probably better then the whole cinnamon adding to the blood thing I did. I thought Angel was gonna choke and he doesn't even need to breathe! Wow, that was really something. But I guess Angel wants to be an old bore and stick to the pig.

Paranoid much? That makes me look over to a still sleeping Wes. Who's looking way to cute for just a sleeping guy. It makes me smile a little even though my mind is still with the whole paranoid thing. I mean, seriously, I thought Wes had the corner stone on that one. Seems Angel is gonna join him there. Just hope Wes isn't gonna join Angel in the brooding sit-a-thon he sometimes has.

No brooding here! Not allowed! No books either! Not allowed! We're here to have fun and games and sex and couply things. Oh yeah. And eating together is so couply things. Heh. I'm liking it already. Now if Angel would just stop it with the kissing or we'll never get to eat and I must might do stuff to him right there. Why was that a bad idea again? Oh right, couply none sex things.

"Are you kidding?" I scoff, shaking my head that he even hadda ask. "The's so skinny he makes me look bad. I'm gonna fatten him up, just you watch. Look," I say, pointing at the menu and waving it in Angel's face. "English Breakfast. That's way fat from what I know and I bet Wes missed that so it'll be good for him." Only time Wes gets homesick. Yucky English food. That and the weather. What weirdo misses the rain like every day?

"You go shower," I say, shooing him toward the bathroom. Which I'm so gonna have to check out later. Once Angel is gone I pick up the phone and sit down in the comfy chair and order our breakfast. Blood for Angel, fruit and juice for me, and fatty stuff for Wes. And donuts. Cause hey, we *like* donuts.
Keep Me: ang smiling_keep_me on March 7th, 2009 04:33 pm (UTC)
I smile at Cordy over my shoulder before closing the bathroom door mostly. I'd leave it open completely, but I like a steamy, toasty shower. Even if it is already warm here! But it's definitely open enough for someone to slip in unannounced if he or she wanted. Heh.

There's...multiple taps to turn on? What? I twist one and the water comes out somewhat pine smelling. Real faint, and I bet Cordy and Wes would barely notice. It probably smells stronger afterwards. Huh. Mystical, magical hotel all the way, huh? I wonder what the big deal is about the ghost then? The staff mystics must be completely stumped if they can't handle a little poltergeist.

Stepping under a spray that smells more sandalwoodsy, I sigh contentedly under the extra warm, extra steamy spray. Hard to get that at Cordy's tiny apartment. I bet the neighbors won't be thanking us when we start taking long three person showers back home and using up all the hot water. I don't think there'll be a shortage of that here.

Oh, wow, and designer shampoos! How did I miss that? I'll have to show Cordy! All the little free bottles are fancy - almost as good as mine at home! That is fantastic. I lather up my hair and breathe the smell in deep. Lots of good smells. Nowhere near as good as the ones I can still smell out in the bedroom, but a vampire's got to have some variety, right? Just not in strange new blood.

Heh, I guess maybe we did need a vacation. If only so I could get a near-perfect shower.
Cordelia Chase: Wes Cordy Friendsqueen_cordette on March 15th, 2009 12:31 pm (UTC)
A grumbly, murmery sound over at the bed makes me look up from studying the map. I already had the phone in my hand but I put it down when two, bleary, very sleepy blue eyes look at me. "Morning, dork," I tease as Wesley hoists himself up on his elbows He looks adoringly confused for a moment there, almost makes me wanna call Angel to look at his lover boy. It takes Wes a few moments to figure out where he is and what's going on.

"Good morning, Cordelia," he mutters as he hides a yawn behind his hand. Said hand then runs through his hair which makes it all messy, sticking up at all ends. Did I mention cute? Cause he so is. I'm kinda thinking Angel agrees with me there. You know, when he doesn't wanna make us scream out his name. Heh.

"Angel's in the shower and I'm just about to order breakfast," I tell him when I see him glancing around for our vampire. There's a relieved look sliding over his face as he casts his eyes at the shower door and I wish I knew what he's thinking. What's going on in that big brain of his? Sometimes I think Wes is the biggest mystery out of the three of us.

"Oh. Right. Well, I'm not very hungry," he mumbled, sliding out of bed. Which is when he notices that he's all sorts of naked. Drool. He's not Angel, like muscular and godlike, you know? But he's got different qualities. He's got muscles too but he's more lean, more athletic where's Angel is the football player type. I happen to like both.

Did I mention how lucky I was before? Cause I so am.

"You need to eat something, Wes," I tell, a frown creasing my brown as I watch him get dressed. I was kinda expecting him to get on a robe or something. What with his 'oh my god I'm naked' issues, not get totally dressed. "What are you doing, Wes?"

He pauses and looks at me with that look that makes me wanna kiss him or smack him. You know, that dry English look that doesn't even need words. "I'm getting dressed, Cordelia," he informs me and the urge to smack is kinda growing.

"I can see that," I assure him with a roll of my eyes. "But why? Uhm, why are you like sorting out the suitcases? Aren't you gonna take a shower?" Hey, he could join Angel. We *all* could join Angel! Of course breakfast will be *way* late then. Hehe. Except that Wes is picking up his suitcases and... when did he get that shirt? Huh.

"We had a deal, Cordelia," he sighs and you don't need to be a genius to hear the regret in his voice. But we know our Wes, always the stubborn guy. "You and Angel were going to stay here and I was going to move into the next-- apartment."

He's dragging with that one suitcase so much you don't have to ask yourself what's in it. Books. Duh. "But you need breakfast first," I tell him. Well, it's more of an order.

"I'll get something later at the restaurant. I need to talk to our client at any rate," he assures me. And if he is gonna get breakfast then my name's Paris Hilton. 'Syeah right. Not.

"Wesley Wyndam-" I start, hands on my hips and scowling at him as he lugs his luggage out the door. "Wes!" I call after him, rushing to the door and realising I'm like... only wearing a shirt. I quickly hide behind it and scowl after Wesley as he drags the suitcases all the way-- Oh. That's a very nearby lodge, apartment, thingy. But still!

I'm about to scold him some more when he comes jogging back, takes my face in both hands and-- kisses me. Whoa. And then he kisses me again followed by that smile of his that makes me kinda melt.

"Give that one to Angel, love," he tells me. "I'll pop 'round later." Then he gives me that sad that makes me wanna wrap him up in bubble plastic forever. "Cordelia. Try to work things out with Angel. Please," he whispers and I realise that puppy dogs? Got *nothing* on our resident book Brit.

It's kinda annoying though, the way I stand there, touching my lips and it's only the sound of the door of the other apartment closing that jerks me outta it. "Crap," I mutter under my breath as I close the door. Ugh! Jerk! Why can't he be like *ignoble* for once!

"Might as well order breakfast," I sigh, picking up the phone and so not looking forward to telling Angel that Wes like-- moved out. Or something.
Keep Me: ang stare/stoic_keep_me on April 2nd, 2009 02:44 am (UTC)
Ahhh. Shower. Running water might still be one of my favorite inventions so far. Oh yeah.

Huh, I guess nobody's going to sneak in and join me. I can kind of hear Wes and Cordy talking now, but I'm not really listening. Sure, I *could* hear every word, but I try to give them their privacy, because hey, nobody likes an eavesdropping vampire constantly...eavesdropping. Yeah. Anyway.

It seems like quite awhile later that I finally turn off the water. Kind of a waste a long shower like that, but hey, when do we really get a chance to live it up and not be covered in goo, slime, muck, etc. I'm indulging... For at least a few moments.

I towel off slowly, listening vaguely to the main room...and find it oddly quiet but also with a nervous type of heartbeat. Only one. Well...that's not what I was expecting. Maybe Cordy went to get the breakfast herself. Wes is usually the one with the nervous heartbeat, I think as I knot the towel around my waist.

"Everything okay, in here?" I ask, padding out in a whoosh of steam back to the bedroom. A glance around tells me Wes...is the one who's gone missing. "What happened, where's Wes?" I ask Cordy with a concerned look. If Cordy's the one with the nervous heartbeat well then I'm not sure what to think.
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on April 20th, 2009 06:03 am (UTC)
Funny thing, you know. Usually when Angel sneaks into the room? I kinda jump. Well okay, it's getting less and less cause I'm expecting him. And I was so expecting him now too. I mean, I did hear the shower get shut off and everything. I still jump a little when comes in and starts to walk. Guilty conscience much?

Which is all sorts of stupid, since I didn't do anything! Ugh.

"Gone," I mutter, waving a hand toward the door. "As in gone next door. Luggage and all. I'm guessing he was so not kidding when he came up with the lodge plans." A sigh escapes without my noticing it. Much. I don't usually sigh but this is totally sigh worthy. I'm not gonna let Brit boy spoil this though! No way!

Slowly getting up I walk over to Angel, stopping in front of him with a sad look. Then I take his face between my hands and kiss him softly. The way Wes kissed me. "He told me to give you that," I tell him when I pull back. Kissing's kinda nice-- and comforting. So I lean in to give him one of my own when there's a knock on the door.

"Oh, maybe he's come back," I cannot help but say, all but rushing over to the door. I glance over at Angel to make sure he's out of the way of any incoming sunlight and then throw the door open. The smile on my face freezes a bit when I realize its breakfast guy.

"Thanks," I murmur, taking the tray from him and closing the door with my hip. Not in the mood for tip. Screw it. Another sigh gets out as I plunk the tray on the table and pull of the lid. Blood for Angel, coffee and muffins and donuts for me. "He said we need to 'work things out'," I tell Angel, keeping my head down. "The Jerk,” I mutter under my breath. Angel will probably blame me again. Ugh!
Keep Me: ang stare/stoic_keep_me on May 9th, 2009 02:28 am (UTC)
I'm kind of just...staring at Cordelia. He's gone? What the hell? It makes me want to growl when he does stuff like this. Like he's going to just solve everything on his own and be a stubborn ass.

Oh- But the kiss is nice. When the second one comes, I'm ready and I kiss Cordy back, arms sliding around her waist. That's a little more comforting than thinking about-- Cordy being gone too?

I blink at the speed in which Cordy gets to the door - maybe there's a little vampire in her yet - and I have to wonder if I'm not the only one who wants Wes back here right now. "Maybe," I murmur, but my heart's not in it, and when the door reveals the guy with our room service, I'm somehow not surprised.

"Jerk," I agree with her with a nod, following the aroma of blood, still wrapped in my towel. "Thanks for breakfast, though," I murmur, leaning in to kiss her temple. "Hate it when he thinks he can solve everything on his own," I grumble, sitting down at the tiny table and chairs, and taking the...pristine little mug full of warm blood from the tray.

"So...work things out, huh?" I say cluelessly. I know it hasn't been all that long, but I'm still not really sure what Cordy and I are working out. I mean, it's going to take us a while to get used to each other in this situation. We're both top dog and center our worlds around Wes. Not gonna change overnight. Besides, I can't keep Cordy from thinking i favor Wes over her. I mean, c'mon, she favors Wes over me too. It's what we do.
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on May 14th, 2009 12:18 pm (UTC)
Wow, Angel agrees with me on the jerk part. Oh Wes is gonna be in *so* much trouble when he gets back here. I know, I know, it's what we agreed to in order to get Wes to come along with us on this vacation. But still. *Jerk!*. Big, fat, stupid, self-righteous, dumb, British *Jerk!*. Yeah.

Sighing, I grab one of the muffins from it's plate and out it on my own little one. I'd stop and thing about how cute these plates and cups are if my mind wasn't totally elsewhere. Angel kissing my temple tears me outta my stupor though and I reach for the coffee, pouring myself some in one of those cute little cups.

Can't help but think Wes woulda approve of the cups for tea. Ugh. Dumb Watcher!

"I know," I say, shrugging a little as I nibble on the muffin without much enthusiasm. "But that's the way he is right? We kinda knew that when we got involved. Still, I was kinda hoping that when we got together we were gonna... you know? Do things *together*."

I give Angel a look which should tell him I wasn't just thinking that about Wesley. But also about a certain brooding vampire who seems to think he needs to carry the burden of the universe on his very broad and muscly shoulders. Alone. Man, they are *so* alike at times. Except, you know, for the whole self-confidence thing. Angel has it, Wes so not.

"Yep," I sigh again and wonder if that's a really bad habit I picked up from Wes. Cause I don't remember sighing this much in the past. Wow. "Work things out," I repeat, sipping the really, really good coffee. Oh my god, I want the recipe of this coffee!

"Hows the blood?" I ask after this awkward silence totally cloaks the room. If there's something I don't do its awkward silence. But I've no idea what to do though. What am I suppose to do! Luckily Angel's here. Angel will know. Angel knows a lot.
Keep Me: ang curious_keep_me on May 16th, 2009 07:24 pm (UTC)
"Hmm," I nod in agreement when she says we knew that when we got in this together. Funny how knowing it's gonna happen and having it happen are two totally different things. "Still makes me wanna tie him to a chair sometimes," I say, quirking up the corner of my mouth to show her I'm mostly kidding.

"Guess Wes doesn't really know how to do things together," I muse, sipping my blood and kinda staring at it. Instead of staring Cordy's long, smooth legs peeking out from under that shirt. Christ, he's been alone - or *felt* alone for so long that it's any wonder that Wes is as functional with the two of us as he is. Great combination we've got here. Vampire spent 100+ years being a bastard and another few hundred in hell so he's a complete idiot at social interaction, a stiff Brit who's been damaged beyond repair and yet still manages to be the sane one of us at times, and the ex-Cheerleader bitch with visions doing the cha-cha in her head. Great combination.

"So..." I trail off, sneaking a little blueberry from one of the muffins. "Gotta work this out... Hmm. Or we could try out the spa today?" I say, unskillfully trying to change the subject with a painful smile.

"I don't know, Cordy," I continue with a quiet sigh. "We both favor Wes. I- I try not to, but--" I scoot my chair over closer to hers, completely having forgotten that I'm still in only a towel and I haven't put any gel in my hair... "What can I do differently?" I ask her, searching her face and waiting for the likely snappy comment that's going to follow my question.
Cordelia Chase: pretty shorter hairqueen_cordette on May 18th, 2009 08:00 am (UTC)
"Guess not," I shrug, pulling up the shoulder of the shirt as it slides down. Its a little bit to big for me but I'm so not taking it off. Smells a bit like Wes so it's almost as if he's still here with us. Where the big fat jerk should be. How is it that I had to end up with the two *most* unsociable guys in history? Kinda amazing that. Seriously.

I'm still nibbling on the muffin while trying not to stare at Angel. He's gotta know what we're supposed to be doing. He's the champion and all that. He's over a hundred, hell *two* hundred years old, he's gotta know these things by now. Which is what I keep telling myself until I realize that... Hello! Socially inept equals Angel so that'd be a nope.

"Spa huh?" My eyes light up at that suggestion cause it's a damn good one. We can still talk and do the working out thing at the spa! Only way more comfy. And I'd love to see Angel take a facial. Hehe. Of course then he has to do that sad smily thing he does so well. They both do it so well it's annoying. But it tells me he was kinda joking.

Ugh. I was looking forward to the spa. Can't we do the working out thing at the spa anyway? I guess not.

Sighing, I put the muffin I wasn't really eating much anyway down. My legs come up, feet at the edge of the chair while I wrap my arms around my knees. "I dunno," I shrug. Truth or dare. I always chose dare. I'm not good at truth. "I feel like you're challenging me on *everything*. Like I have some kinda hidden agenda for suggesting anything. It's kinda annoying cause you didn't do that before."

Then it was 'yes Cordy'. I had them well *trained*! I had them under my pretty thumb! Until we got together and Angel treated me like-- second to Wes. Which kinda smarts and doesn't at the same time, cause yeah, I put Wes before Angel too. Sometims. But It does when he's second guessing everything I do or say. That's not good.

I feel like he's seeing me as some kinda rival when I'm not. I dunno.
Keep Me: ang sad_keep_me on June 3rd, 2009 02:04 am (UTC)
"Spa later?" I say, sad to see the light disappear from her eyes so quickly. There I go ruining things. And here we are both half naked and yet discussing serious things. So weird. We didn't used to do this kind of thing. But we weren't in a relationship before.

"Not a mind reader... So I don't always know what you're thinking... Unlike Wes who always seems to know. He gets you. And I--" am so clueless. "I-- don't know." Talking sucks. Why can't I just go back to beating things up, having them fuss over me, and then moving on to the next beating things up.

"I'm just used to being in charge maybe?" I say, frowning and scratching my head a little. "And now that we're all together and you're still taking charge of things... It's like I've got nothing to do? Nothing to contribute to..." I wave my hand back and forth between us, "Us."

I can't help wincing before I finish off the rest of my blood. I know, I know, we had the 'I need you' talk. Didn't we? "You and Wes are kinda used to supporting each other while I'm off beating things up. I'm like- The muscled outsider guy. You guys have a rapport. And-" Why wouldn't Wes want to be with you? Sexy, female, who he could settle down and have kids with, be normal with... "I'm not really Wes' type. So maybe I'm overcompensating. Trying to take control," I say, huffing and slumping back in the chair. Enough of the introspection already.

"Maybe we could...compromise? Trade-off on the alpha duties?" I say, trying to get us to a happier point where we're not talking about me and we're solving our differences so we can get Wes back and focus on him. Not that I don't love Cordy, I do, I think with an appreciative look at her bare shoulder when the shirt slips down again- But she's so- She's changed so much. And maybe she'll change her mind about us. Maybe I'm just trying to keep a little control over a situation I have absolutely no control over and never will.
Cordelia Chase: Eyebrowraisequeen_cordette on June 3rd, 2009 08:19 am (UTC)
"Yeah. Maybe," I shrug, cause right now we got more important things to do. Like having this talk neither of us really wants but know we gotta have. It's so much harder without Wes here being the referee. And on the other hand it’s easier cause we don't have to censor our words. You know? If that even makes sense. Ugh. Nothing much makes sense.

"Wes gets you too," I shoot back. He's making it sound like an accusation again that Wes gets me. Wes gets him too! And now I'm kinda wondering if everything I say sounds like an accusation for him as well. He's changed since we gotten into this relation ship.

My eyebrow rises when he's stating he's used to being in charge. Pffft. I'm the one in charge when it comes to the business things. He's the one who's in charge when we go out and fight stuff. I'm in charge when it comes to clients. He's in charge of not scaring the clients! And Wes is in charge of the books. What's the problem?

I'm also in charge of, you know, anything not demony fighting related. That's the way it's always been. I'd tell the boys to do something and they'd do it. Wes still does, only Angel seems to be having a problem with that now. Why? Is it cause of Wes? I dunno and-- what?

"What kinda crap is that?" I ask, hugging my legs even closer to me. I got nothing to contribute. What the fuck? "And I do?" I ask, giving him a raised eyebrow. "I mean other then really good sex and making sure Wes eats and sleeps? Which you do too, hello! Where's this shit coming from?" I huff.

"And what do you think Wes and me were doing while you out there beating things up? Making out on the sofa and so not worrying about you? Yeah right." It was and always has been all about Angel. Hell, when Wes first got here I was so worried he'd take Angel away from me. Angel's attentions, Angel's affection, Angel's-- just Angel. You know? Why can't *Angel* see the way I'm looking at him? Have always looked at him?

Just cause he feels kicked in the masculine balls. Ugh.

What makes me gape at him even more is-- "Not Wes' type?" I blink, blink again and then actually have to shake my head. "Where'd you get that stupid idea? Did you like *see* the way he looks at you like you're the second coming? What do you mean you're not his type! Who's to say Wes has any kinda type, not like he has any experience huh?" Oh. Shouldn't have said that maybe. If only cause now I'm remembering what Wes told us about his past.

"Trade off," I deadpan. How about no? Cause I'm thinking that's suddenly so not the problem here. "How about you tell me where you got these really dumbass idea's first and then we can talk," I tell him, doing the take charge thing like I'm used to. They way I've always done. Making Angel talk, making Wes talk, cause they need to.

"What's really the problem, Angel. Do you-- do you even love me? Or are you just in this cause of Wes?" I ask bluntly, cause hey, tact? Wasted on me. And wow, my heart is beating like it's gonna burst out of my chest. All outta fear cause I just know he's gonna say 'yeah, I'm in it for Wes.' But then, what's this 'I'm not Wes' type' crap?
Keep Me: ang sad_keep_me on June 8th, 2009 02:24 am (UTC)
"What? No!" I scramble, terrified at the thought of not having Cordy around. She's like some kind of glue. "You're glue," I blurt out. "That came out wrong. No, I'm not in this just for Wes. You're- I do- love you," I say, still feeling weird saying it out loud. It's just one of those things. I promised myself not to say it anymore, because look what happens and here I go saying it--- And I don't want them to get hurt.

If I had a heart, it would have been racing at that mark. "Look, you know how old I am." Hello, undead! "You and Wes... You-" Yeah, nothing to contribute like a beating heart or breath to flutter against their cheek. Wes doesn't care. She's right, Wes does look at me like I'm some kind of god, and that's why I'm not worried about him. He'll figure it out sooner or later and politely...pretend not to notice. Pretend like it doesn't matter to him, and maybe it doesn't. He'll study me, if nothing else once he figures out it's pointless to love a dead guy But Cordy--

"You guys are normal. You could've just had a family together. And when the shine comes off all this..." I wave my hands to indicate our relationship, "No matter how much love me-- I'm still a dead guy. I'm not the one you can marry or have kids with, or even take you shopping when it's sunny." I know I'm going to make her angry, but it's all just coming out.

"What could I have that you could possibly need, Cordy? Protection? Wes can do that." I'm nobody. I'm a ghost. And they're vibrant, living beings. They've got a future. "You should be able to have all that normal stuff. I can't give you that." Never could.

"Never mind," I say, getting up from my chair. She's not going to get it. She's gonna say how they didn't get in this mess to be normal. She's got visions, hello, not normal. But that doesn't mean she's gotta be held back by two centuries of dust.

I don't know. In comparison? I just don't see it. What would Cordy want with a vampire? This should not be her world. "You should be happy. When did hanging around a vampire make you happy?" I need to put on pants for this. Probably going to have to leave.
Cordelia Chase: lonely where you arequeen_cordette on June 8th, 2009 06:53 am (UTC)
"*I'm* glue?" I ask stunned, cause we both know how not true that is. Wes is the glue, Wes is the one who's keeping us together and you know for a guy who's saying he loves me? He's working really, really hard to push me away. Fast. Quick. Painfully.

And wow! I thought we had Wes for the whole tragic woe no one loves me bit. Only Angel does it even worse. Wes wont say it out loud, he'll do the whole suffer in silance thing, like we wont notice. Pffft. Angel here? He's saying out loud *I'm,* not allowed to love him, but Wes is? What.the.fuck?

*He* is the one who's not getting it. *He* is the one who's doing everything in his power to make this not fixable. I do out of my *way* to fix this, not just for me, not just for Wes, but for Angel too. Cause I love this big ox. And what does he do? He's throwing it right back into my face.

I have visions, he knows that. There's no way 'round that. I'm gonna die for him cause of those visions, yeah he doesn't know that. But I will. I will never have kids anyway, not just cause being pregnant might explode my brain, but cause I'll die too young, before I got a chance. And why is it okay for Wes to not have kids and be with Angel but not me? And what, if there's the whole kids thing, stopping me and Wes from having kids? Kids who'll have two dads! Cause they'll be as much part of me and Wes as they would be of Angel.

I know Wes would feel the same way when it comes to that. If I were even capable of having kids, you know?

Why... why am I not good enough? Shit, I'm gonna start to cry. I actually have to shake myself when I noticed I'm staring at him. Food halfway to my mouth, mouth half open and tears pooling in my eyes.

"Because I love you," I whisper, remembering that whole friggen list we all spouted not long ago. 'Reasons why I love so and so'. Glad to see how much of an impression it's made! Wiping angrily at my eyes - thank god I'm wearing water proof make up! - I slowly get up from the table.

"Wow," I tell him, hearing a tremble in my voice. "And I thought Wes had the corner on the whole self-pity wallowing thing. Just my luck huh?" I say, with a bitter laugh, "I gotta go and fall in love with *two* guys who do that." Yeah, just my luck. Shit.

"But you know what? Unlike Wes who's doing everything he can to make this work, unlike me who's doing everything I can to make you guys see this'll work and how much I love you?" I sigh, "You seem to do everything you can to push *me* away. Why, Angel," I ask, banging the dished together while I stack them kinda loud and all but tossing them back on the cart,

"is it okay for Wes to love you but not me? I don't get it. It's okay for the most normal of us all the 'throw his life away' on a vampire," yeah I'm using air-quotes here, "but it's not okay for me to love you? What does it take, what do I have to do to convince you that I *love* you?" By now I, Cordelia Chase, can feel tears rolling down my face. "Why am *I* not good enough?" I whisper, suddenly feeling more then a little embarrassed.

"Fuck, never mind" I sniffle, "You don't want me here? I'll go pack and go home. You and Wes can have your stupid little honeymoon," and Wes'll strangle him for pushing me away. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking and he'll be over the moon cause Angel managed to push me away and they're... Okay, that's a bit to much. Pressing a hand to my mouth, I suddenly jump up and run to the bedroom. He got me crying.

I hope he's happy and proud and feeling oh so alpha male-y. Cause he's got the big, bad woman to cry with his woe me I'm not worthy you Cordelia, let Wes and me stay behind while you move forward. Like that's gonna happen with these visions! I think as I throw myself on the bed, feeling very much like a teen-ager. But I don't want my Mommy. I want Wes. And Angel. I want my guys, but they - or Angel at least - don't want me. Shit, I hate this vacation!
Keep Me: ang please_keep_me on June 14th, 2009 04:44 pm (UTC)
Sometimes I wonder why I haven't been banished to hell yet. Or burnt to a fiery crisp. But here I am. Making Cordelia cry.

I feel helpless when this kind of thing happens. It's so Wes' area. Especially when it's me that caused the crying. Faith breaking down, or Buffy bursting into tears - because of other stuff? That I can do. I get the tissues, hold them and let them cry on my shirt - blow their noses on it even. But this kind of crying? I don't know what the hell to do.

So I stare at my hands for a few minutes and then pad quietly to the bedroom and slip onto the bed next to Cordy. My hand reaches out gingerly to rest on her back. Don't know if she's gonna slap my arm away, but-- I hope it's grounding for both of us.

"Cordy," I murmur, still not knowing how to fix this. I just look at her, remembering that very first night I met her again in Los Angeles. Haughty and fake just like she'd always been in Sunnydale - and trying so damn hard to be a starlet on the rise. She'd asked me if there was still no cure for that 'grr' problem of mine.

I never thought she'd be in my life like this.

But stubbornly she'd decided that I needed her and she wasn't budging. When she got the visions, she definitely wouldn't leave, even if she didn't want the visions. I get that now she still wants to help.

Wes could still find a cure some day. We could get them out of her, she could still try to be an actress - as much as the thought pains me with acting like hers - but she could do it. And I just-- When have I ever been good enough for a girl that lights up a room?

"It's not really okay for anybody to love me, Cordy," I murmur. "My track record is possibly the worst in history. I don't- want to hurt either of you...more, and I don't want to get hurt when you guys have to leave." Or decide to leave, is my other thought.

"You *are* glue. Wes and I are dumb guys, we screw things up. You make them better," I add, thinking that nothing I'm saying is helping. "I *want* to be with you guys - you're my sunshine. You don't make me burn to pieces, but I get to see a little bit of it every time you're in the room, Cordy. So if I wasn't clear about you being good enough, I hope that makes it clearer," I murmur.

I'm the one who's not good enough, never will be. "I am trying to keep you safe from me. Wes is just too stubborn to hear it. All I know how to do is hurt people," I finish, guessing that she probably still hates me right now. "I love you, but I don't know...how to..."
Cordelia Chase: Shut up!queen_cordette on June 17th, 2009 06:52 am (UTC)
Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut! Up! That's all I wanna say to him when he flaps his mouth again. Does he even hear what he's saying? He's so on repeat it sad. Its not okay for anyone to love him, unless of course you're Slutty the vampire Layer. Or Wesley. Cause he's to stubborn to hear it? And what am I? What have I been trying to friggen tell him for weeks now? Been trying to convince him for weeks off now? Is it not exactly the same thing I've been doing as Wes has?

I don't -- I just don't get it.

"Shut up!" I finally yell, sitting up with a jerk, hands curling into angry fists as I glare at him. If it were possible to actually have steam coming out of ears or fire shoot from my eyes? It would so be happening. Oh yeah it would.

I mean, I have to deal with Wes and his inbred insecurity, thank you Daddy Pryce. I had thought to have help there from Angel. Cause, you know, I've never met anyone who was that confident, that sure of himself, that strong. Aside from me of course. And now it's turns out he's almost worse then Wesley? How the fuck is that possible? I can't deal with this shit on top of Wes as well!

"I can't be glue," I assure through gritted teeth, "if you keep pushing me away. If you keep *questioning* every.fucking.thing I do. I cannot be any sorta sunshine if you wont *let* me be. So don't you sit there and friggen *lie* to me about that, Angel!" I tell him, poking his chest with a sharp finger-nail.

By now my breathing is starting to come in harsh shallow pants. God I'm so angry at him! "You get to see *shit* when I'm in the room. And you look at me like either I'm gonna burn you to pieces or you're gonna burn me- and you probably think that latter huh? And Wes being to stubborn to hear it? That is like the *stupidest* reason I have ever heard."

Another deep breath, shaky, shallow, not really happening. "What you're really saying is that's its okay for Wes to love you," and there we go again. Wes is okay, Cordelia is not okay to do so. "Cause he's a stupid failure who's got nothing to lose. That's what I hear, that's what he's gonna hear you say, Angel. He's seriously gonna love that. He's to stubborn to hear it? What kinda thing is that to say!"

I reach out and poke my finger against his chest again. "Now you listen to me, buster and you listen good. It's not up to *you* to decide if you're good enough for me. It's up to *me*. And hello! I decided that a long fucking time ago, but you? You just wont listen to me!" I slip of the bed, jerking on some more fashionable clothes. Just cause I'm upset doesn't mean I gotta look like a-- yeah.

"I can't do this, Angel. You're not listening, you're constantly repeating yourself. All I hear is Wes is good enough cause he's stupid, Cordelia is not good enough for reasons unknown. I'm gonna go see Wes, make sure he eats and stuff. And when I come back," I say, grabbing my purse as I storm toward the door, "I'll make sure to bring back a few switches so you can like-- totally chastise yourself good and be happy for *once!* Cause you know what, Angel?" I say, as I turn around at the door, sunshine streaming inside, casting my shadow on the floor. "You're allowed to be. See ya."

And with an angry wipe over my face - good thing I wasn't wearing any make-up yet or it'd be so ruined - I slam the door hard behind me. Yeah, I'm not Wes, please remind me some more how he wouldn't have slammed the friggen door. Some tears are still falling as I make my way - bare footed what the hell? - over to Wes cabin.

"Wes? Don't care if you're descent, I'm coming in."
Keep Me: ang alley_keep_me on July 16th, 2009 11:37 pm (UTC)
"No, I-" I sputter several times as she goes on a complete tirade. I don't think Wes is dumb! And I'm not questioning her! This is all new, how am I supposed to know what she's going to do?! I'm not a mind reader! Vampire, not mind reader. And yeah, okay, right now if I could get farther away from her right now, I would.

Cordy's freaking me the hell out. I don't care if that's a word. That's what she's doing. And she's making my demon ready to rush her. Not a good thing. Fuck.

I don't move though. If anything I know moving backwards will put a nail in my coffin for sure. Fine, so I repeat myself - because she's not getting it! She's going to get hurt. If she's a masochist and wants me to do it, then fine, I will, but-- No. Just no.

Her poking practically pushes me back on the bed it's so fierce. If her fingers were stakes, I'd be dead. Deader. Whatever. What am I supposed to say to that?! Jesus. "Cordy..." I'm up after her, ready to grab a wrist and pull her back inside, but she throws open the door and that's that. Like a big steel fence between us. I have to throw my arm over my eyes and I stop just short of the sun streaming through, my toes smoking as I watch her go and then wincing when she slams the door loud enough for the whole island to hear.

Good. Good job, Angel. You did it. You drove her away. Protected her. For her own safety. Just how you wanted.

How come I don't feel any better?

Now she knows all my weaknesses and she still won't even look at them. At me. Won't recognize what I am. They're both so stubborn. They think they want to give it all up for me. And maybe I give up a few things for them... But I have to give up those things anyway to just have this playing nice with humans gig. What was that that Doyle said? I've got to let people in, have that human connection? Well, I'm trying. I'm damn well trying but I can just stand here and watch while my precious new connections get-- I can't. Can I?

I tug on pants fitfully and slip out the back door onto the shaded side of the porch. The sun won't be over here for another few hours. So I pace. And pace. Even growling a little now and then without even realizing it. What am I supposed to do? Why did she have to make me sound like such a...monster.
Cordelia Chase: Visionqueen_cordette on July 17th, 2009 06:18 am (UTC)
"Wesley! You gotta talk to that dumbo on the other side," I ramble as I barge into the room. "He's-- Wes?"

Well fuck. A frown creases my brown as I glance around the room, way smaller then our other one. The suitcases are there but where's Wes? Bathroom? "Wes?" I mutter, padding over to the bathroom and peering inside. Nothing. Huh. Well fucking great. Now I have sucko-jerk and missing geekboy. Not the vacation I was hoping for!

With a sigh I take one of my suitcases and pull out some shoes. Then its off to the bathroom and apply some make-up, do my hair and ugh this just sucks. Why is it okay for Wes to love Angel but not for me? I don't get it. I really don't get it. Like Wes can't get hurt or whatever. He's probably more likely to do so then me! I mean, the guy trips over his own feet!

"Right," I grumble, grabbing my purse and rushing out the cabin again. "Lets find super dork." Probably getting some food. He better! All skin and bones, I think as I rant to myself and storm to the restaurant of this place. I only get halfway when I spot mister unpronounceable name demony guy.

"Miss Chase!" he greets me, a smile on his face that's like totally creepy.

"Hi," I say, putting my best smile on as well. Can't butter up the client enough. "Have you seen uh-- Mister Wyndam-Pryce?" I ask and the listen with some growing sense of something totally so not right as the guy tells me that 'yeah he's seen Wes and how Wes took care of one of the rooms already but had to go cause he had an appointment with some sjaman whatever?'

Oh that sounds so not good but I dunno way.

"Thanks!" I call over my shoulder as I rush back to Angel and my cabin. That's when the headaches are starting. "Fuck no," I groan, almost stumbling into the cabin and clutching my head.

"Angel!" I call out and realize that this is like a vision headache but-- not. "Angel! Wes is doing something *really* stupid! Angel! Ugh!... hurts."
Keep Me_keep_me on July 17th, 2009 12:07 pm (UTC)
I pace and I pace and I pace. After awhile I don't even know what I'm pacing about.

I'm allowed to be happy? Maybe. But not all the time... We're walking a thin line as it is... I don't know if I can just...be happy. Been trying to suppress that feeling ever since Buffy and I-- and before that, once I got my soul I didn't care enough about myself to bother being happy. I just wanted to atone. Be forgiven. Be let back into the light...

I hear Cordelia's footsteps before I hear her calling my name and I'm rushing back in trying to find something to say, something to tell her that will make this all okay but--- The moment I see her face all I'm think about is vampire speed because I know that look. I *know* that look. Wes and I have hovered around that look dozens of times.

Thankfully, I catch her before she hits the floor. She's up in my arms and laid out on the bed in no time,holding one of her hands in both of mine while the vision does its thing. It's only then that my brain registers that there isn't a Wes here and that- her vision is about Wes?

"What do you see? Is the vision about Wes??" I ask, trying not to push her for information since yeah, it's not like a crystal ball as she's always telling us. Jesus, I wasn't expecting a vision so soon. Where's Wes? I can't go out in the daytime here and it's not like I know my way around Hawaii's sewer system. Shit. "Cordy?" I murmur worriedly. "I've got you," I add...
Cordelia Chase: OMGqueen_cordette on July 20th, 2009 10:22 am (UTC)
"No, no," I groan, clutching onto Angel as he seems to do his heroic deed and carry me to the bed. "It's a vision but it's not," I try to explain. But how do you explain something you don't even understand yourself? This is so, so weird. Its never done this. Sure there was smell sometimes, and sound and god there were the images. Shit, were there ever images.

But this is like watching through someone else's eyes at the here and now. "It's not a vision," I murmur, struggling to sit up. Its then I realize who's eyes I'm looking through. I clutch Angel's arms and while my own go wide as I watch the scene unfold. Angel vanishes to the back while what the other is doing, seeing, comes to the foreground.

"It's Wes," I whisper, fingers digging into Angel's arms in fear that he'll leave. I need the physical connection right now. I need *Angel* right now. Because if what I'm seeing is true then we're gonna have one dead Watcher on our hands later. And I'm gonna be the one to kill him!

"What's he doing?" I ask, pointlessly, cause Angel can't see what I'm seeing. Hell, I don't even know what or why I'm seeing! And that makes me so friggen scared. Knowing it's in the here and now, knowing that there's nothing we can do to stop the idiot! But then there's another feeling, a feeling as though something, some part of me is being ripped out, split in two, taken away and-- there's screaming.

"NO! No, Wes! Don't do that! No! Angel he can't do that! He's gonna kill himself! Angel! Stop him! He can't... Nooo!"

It's only much later that I realize that *I'm* the one screaming and sobbing while clinging onto Angel. But I know one thing. My visions, or at least part of them, are gone. And Wesley, geeky watcher Wesley, has them inside of him now.

Keep Me: sniffwes_keep_me on July 22nd, 2009 03:37 am (UTC)
It's a vision but it's not? I don't get it. But Wes is there? All I can do is look at Cordy in confusion and hold onto her while her nails dig into my arm until I'm pretty sure they're going to start breaking the skin soon. It's practically a love tap on the pain scale, but it's worrying me because it means Cordy is--- freaking out. Shit, shit, shit.

"I- I don't know, Cordy," I murmur to her question. She's practically glaring through me though I'm pretty sure she's not really concerned with what I have to say. This is definitely different than a regular vision. I think. Usually her brow is really furrowed like there's something she's trying to get away from or figure out... I don't know what this is though.

"Cordy, Cordy- Where, what- I don't-" I'm helpless to do anything as she cries out to me, because hell if I know what she wants me to stop! "Cordy..." I whisper because it seems like the thing to do after her sobs and cries have made the air in the room practically vibrate. "I'm here," I tell her, still not knowing which way is up.

"What happened, Cor? Where's Wes? What happened to him? How can I stop it?" I babble, because, hell, I'm worried out of my skull here. Not just about Wes, but about Cordy, because this is definitely not what happens during a vision. "Cordy," I whisper, holding her close.

What the hell just happened here? I knew this trip was a bad idea!
Cordelia Chase: Moi?queen_cordette on July 22nd, 2009 06:58 am (UTC)
"You can't," I whisper, watching my vision of Wes. "What did he do?" Watching him slump down on the floor, some freaky guy looking on and then walking away. He's just walking away and leaving Wes there! What if Wes is hurt?! He can't just leave and-- that's when I realize that I'm looking at this from Wes' eyes and from the outside.

Which is all sorts of freaky, lemme tell you. Right now the vision is blurred and I curse myself for not taking a better look around when it wasn't. Must be looking through Wes' eyes now, a stabbing pain going through my head like a ghost. That's not my pain, I realize, but his. Musta lost his glasses to if his vision is that blurred? I dunno!

"You can't stop it," I repeat, looking up at Angel with tears of anger and fear in my eyes. "It's done. It already happened. Just-just now. Angel he-- Wesley did-- he..."

I blink when the visions turns back just like that. It takes me a few seconds to realize that Wes musta lost consciousness and fear grips my heart. "Shit," I breathe. "Angel he's done something with the-- with the visions. I don't know what. He-- I feel like they're gone," I mumble, still confused by that. "Angel we need to find him, he's-- it's all gone black and he's alone. The shaman guy left him!" Yeah, okay, so I'm staring to panic. Sue me! See? This is why I need Angel! Why the fuck can't he see that?
Keep Me: ang alley_keep_me on July 23rd, 2009 02:42 am (UTC)
I'm still just as confused as ever, watching her...watch something. Still staring right through me. It's weird. Probably not something I'll ever get used to. It's not usually *quite* like this with the visions, but it can be similar. So weird.

I can't? That makes a frown crease across my face. What happened to Wes? Now she's really got me worried. "Cordy, what did..." I start to say, wanting her to just spit it out already--

"The visions?" I say dumbly, not even sure I know where I am any more. Did we go to the Twilight Zone instead of Hawaii? "They're gone?" and a chill goes through me. Cordy can't handle them all on her own and Wes isn't going to be able to either. That's why Doyle had them. Half demon. Made it easier. Neither of them is part anything! "So he *is* a vision too?" I say, still not sure I'm following her. She had a vision about Wes taking the visions? How are we supposed to rescue Wes if the deed is already done?

"The what, who?" I'm just-- I told them. I can't do this. Here they are getting themselves hurt trying to help me. I told them this would happen. Crap. "Cordy," I say trying to jolt her out of her panic and holding onto her arms, shoving my own issues aside. Her voice is starting to rise and it kinda sounds like she might flip out and start talking to pineapples or dust on me here.

"Cordy," I say more soothingly. "Did you see anything? Anything that might tell us where he is." Forget the fact that it's still light out and I can't go anywhere... I cup her cheek in my hand prepared for tears while my thumb brushes over her skin to calm her. "We're gonna find him, okay? We will. Maybe we can do one of those tracking spell things? Or someone at the hotel might be able to?" I say, trying to come up with something, anything. It's not like we keep Wes hooked to a tracking device. Unfortunately. Might have to initiate a policy about that at the business...all employees of Angel Investigations will be equipped and required to wear a track device at all times... except for Angel, of course.
Cordelia Chase: shockedqueen_cordette on July 23rd, 2009 05:41 am (UTC)
Gah! You know what's really annoying when you're having a vision? It's *stupid* questions. It's people - or in this case vampire - going 'what'? 'what?' all the time and then talking after you like a damn parrot! I know what I'm saying okay! I don't need some dumb vampire repeating after me! Ugh!

Right now I'm too pissed off and scared to actually say that out loud like I normally woulda done. It's not like I can damage my relation ship with Angel now is it? I can't help but think bitterly. Cause, you know, I'm not allowed to love him. And the only thing tying me to Angel, the only reason Angel kept me around are the visions and--and now they're...

Fear clenches around my heart when I think about why Wesley has done this. Those visions were *mine*. Yeah, yeah they were gonna kill me sooner rather then later. But they were *mine*, you know? My redemption, or did Angel really think he's the only one who has like heaps and heaps of guilty feelings to soothe? Nope, so not.

And now Wesley took that away. Or some of that away. I don't know. All I know is that the usual brain splitting headache isn't there, the feeling like being slammed into by a truck and dragged backward several miles isn't there, the feeling of desperation, of fear, of *helplessness* that's there though. But it's so different this time. And there's this teeny tiny bit of hope fluttering in my chest that those feelings aren't there cause this is not really a real vision or whatever.

Except for that feeling of desperation, fear, helplessness. Those are for Wes. Watching him lay there in the burning sun with that stupid shaman guy walk away. Just leaving him there. And the weird part is that I know *exactly* where 'there' is. Kinda like a Wes GPS system in my head.

I can feel him. I can really *feel* him and I'm so not gonna ever tell Angel that. Cause he'll only go all brood on me. Besides, it's probably one off, just for now, you know? Just for now, only this one time.

"No need," I say softly, lifting up my head and I know there's *anger* swirling in my eyes. As well as that fear still there and that feeling of helplessness. Cause it's sunny out and we can't do anything unless the suns gone down. And Wes is just *laying* there, in the burning Hawaiian sun, alone, having at least part of the visions.

"I know *exactly* where he is," I whisper, swallowing down tears of frustration and pain. "Oh Angel, he took my visions. Or some of them. Why? They were *mine*! They're the only reason you..." I let my voice trail off with a small sob because I can't even bring myself to say it out loud. And cause my voice seems to have vanished from pure fear. For Wes. Laying out there. Alone and unconscious.

This is like, demon holiday resort! Don't they have vampire cars?! "Angel we need to find him," I say softly, not able to think clearly.
Keep Me: ang please_keep_me on September 5th, 2009 09:16 pm (UTC)
I'm still not exactly sure what's going on- But I know anger when I see it. Cordy's just vibrating with it. It's not only disturbing, but it's making me a little uncomfortable. Because I'm pretty sure a lot of that anger is for me.

And I don't know what to do about it. This is why we have Wes around, Jesus Christ. He knows what to do. He's the planning guy. Damnit.

"You're sure you're okay?" I ask tentatively, because she's not doing that swoony headache thing that she usually does. And it's weird. Even if she's only got some- wait, she knows where he is?? "What? How?" I say, looking at her puzzled, because I thought this wasn't a vision? I don't know!

"Hey," I say, grabbing her shoulders to make her face me. I heard what she was about to say. "You know that's bullshit," I say, regardless of the crying. "We're a team, okay? Visions or no visions. I know, I'm a moron, but I mean that, alright?" I tilt her chin to look at me. I know, I know, everything I've said today is going to make her say that's a lie, but-- she can't think that's the only reason I'd keep her around. No way. "Yeah, I'd rather not have either of you in the line of fire getting hurt and stuff, but we're still a team, we're still family, alright? Got that?" My eyes search her face, thinking that she'll never believe that, not in a million years, not after this morning, but it's true.

"And you're gonna find Wes, okay? This is all you. I know you can do it. I can't go out, but you can. And Wes is depending on you." I can give a pep talk with the best of them! "You know where he is. If he's alone...you'll be fine. You've got that phone thingy, I'll be right on the other end the whole time." I give her a hopeful look. Because damn it I really can't do anything right now. And all of us need Cordy right now. She's the only one who can swoop in and help this time.
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on September 9th, 2009 06:44 am (UTC)
Nothing makes sense anymore. You know? It's like that rug--thing, people mention. Yeah. Rug thing. That's being pulled out from under you and you just keep falling. Except there's no falling cause Angel's holding on tight, not letting me fall. But Wes is still falling. Stupid, stupid, stupid Wes with his self sacrificing act that's gonna so get him killed one day.

If it hasn't already.

"No!" I hiss, thinking of trotting out there by myself. I can't do this alone! I don't wanna do this alone. I might actually strangle Wes the moment I see him for one. For another, I don't wanna do this alone! I'm scared. Yeah, you heard right. Cordelia Chase here is scared. Vision girl - former? half? I dunno! - is scared shitless because she doesn't know what to do. Except, not alone.

I reach out and curl my hands around Angel's arms. I know my finger nails are digging into his skin, maybe even his flesh, but I don't care. Not even thinking about that right now. I don't.want.to.go.alone! I mean, what if he's dead when I get there? Then what? And the longer we stand here blah blah blahing the more chance of that there is!

"I'm not going alone," I growl, looking at him and knowing there's that fear still so totally visible in my eyes. Yeah. Fuck that. Nows not the time for thinky think things. We'll leave that to-- that stupid dumb Watcher! And I got a-- phone thingy?

"My cell phone?" I ask incredulously, pausing my oncoming rant to blink at him dumbly. "What goods that gonna do? I need you there to carry him, I need you there to-to-to hold his hand or something! You so can't do that over the phone. Ugh!" Throwing my hands into the air, I stalk over to the phone here.

"Demon resort, they gotta have cars that can like-- cart around vampires and the likes," I mutter, calling this unpronounceable name guy, "you're coming with me and that's that."
Keep Me: ang losing sleep_keep_me on September 26th, 2009 03:45 pm (UTC)
I blink at her, letting her go to get the phone, wondering how the hell she thinks I'm going to get out of this vampire carting car and walk on the beach - but there's no way I'm stopping her.

Cordy's scared. Not angry like her words are trying to be- I think she kind of forgets that I can smell the fear. And it's coming off her in waves this time. Not sure what it is that she's afraid of since she knows where Wes is and more of what happened to him than me, but...she's damn scared.

I get up and change, making sure I'm as covered as possible, and start getting together a bag in case this is some kind of trap and there are more baddies around. Plus, you know, basic first aid stuff for Wes. Since trouble always seems to follow us around, I know that Cordy made sure to pack pretty much everything. You can't hang around with me this long and not expect to get hurt wherever you go.

Which is why I get so scared of them loving me.

I'm waiting at the door, watching Cordy on the phone and just knowing that she could do this, she could be the hero if she'd just believe in herself a little. She's got in her just as much as Wes or I do no matter what she thinks. I give her an expectant look when the phone crashes down. Maybe I'm gonna burn up out there...but we've gotten out of worse, right?
Cordelia Chase: Lose Itqueen_cordette on September 27th, 2009 11:20 am (UTC)
Huh. Didn't take me long at all to get one of the 'special' cars from unpronounceable name. Now I'd like to think it has something to do with my charms, since 99% it always does. This time though, the mention of Wesley's name might have actually spurred the guy into action. I guess Mr. Unpronounceable name *really* wants those haunts gone.

Or he has his eye on Wes, in which case he's in a lot or trouble. He'll not only would have to deal with me, but with Angel as well... while Wes would be totally oblivious guy of course. Men.

We have bigger problems right now though. Or one big problem named Wesley Wyndam-Pryce - what else is new - who's creating a whole bunch of little big problems. Like getting him out of the burning sun, figure out what the freak he was thinking and for now getting Angel into the car. Though, that might be less of a problem, I realise as I see a huge big black limo like car pull up right along side the house.

"Wow," I mutter, raising an eyebrow when I see some chauffeur get out with a big-ass black umbrella that blocks out any sun that might have been between the overhang and the car. Which, I don't think there was but hey...

"Car's here," I tell Angel as I pull the door wide open. When I turn to look at him I blink when I see he's holding a bag and several weapons. Always prepared, Wes is *so* rubbing off on him. Heh. That remark woulda be so much more funny if the situation wasn't so shitty.

"Come hero, lets go safe our-- boyfriend," I tell him before rushing out the door and into the car, leaving both doors wide open for Angel to follow.
Keep Me: ang sad_keep_me on October 17th, 2009 09:15 pm (UTC)
Oh, okay, not so much car as huge, gigantic limo. Well, that's-- different. I dash into the car after Cordy, though, there's not really a lot of need what with the huge, gaping umbrella blocking out any of the stray sunlight between the cabana and the limo = two words I never thought I'd say in the same sentence, much less imagine myself actually riding or staying in.

Big driver guy closes the door behind us and the car door and we're off.

No idea where we're going or how we're going to figure this out when we get there, but-- Cordy's so worried, we're gonna have to figure something out.

Maybe we can get guy with umbrella to let us borrow it. It'll be hot and I'll probably get steamy and a little signed, but...I'll be out of direct sunlight, so it should work. Jesus, I hope there's nothing still out there that'll have to fight, because that could get ugly really quick. I'm thinking dancing around with an umbrella isn't going to make for easy fighting.

"We'll get Wes back, okay?"
Cordelia Chase: pretty shorter hairqueen_cordette on October 17th, 2009 09:28 pm (UTC)
If it weren't so totally damaging to my well manicured - expensive too! - I'd be biting my nails right now I'm so nervous. I know what I saw in that vision and I know what I felt when the idiot was doing that spell. He took away some if not all of the visions and put it in himself. Didn't think that was possible, thought Wes had given up on researching that what with the big bad prophecy about Angel and all. Guess I was dead wrong.

Just as Wes is gonna be so, so dead when we get to him. Oh so dead. What was he thinking?!

I keep glancing out the the darkened car windows while I fiddle with the edge of the vest I threw over my dress. I don't fiddle, I don't do anxious, I don't do nervous. At least not when there are people around. So what if the guys totally figured out the obsessive cleaning while they're out is actually me covering up all those things. As long as neither of us *says* it... you know?

"He's gonna be so dead when we do," I growl, giving Angel a look that's totally meant to be intimidating but falls more to the side of scared little girl I'm afraid. A shaking hand comes up as I run my fingers through my perfectly done hair. It's followed by me letting out the breath I was holding slowly before I tell the driver some of the marks I've seen in my vision.

Luckily driver guy seems to think he knows where that might be. About. Approximately, as Wesley would say. Wish he were here to say it just so I can tease him about fancy words.

"What was he thinking, Angel?" I ask after we've driven for a while. I feel so helpless - which so not me - and grabbed hold of Angel's hand half an hour ago just to feel safe. "I mean seriously, what the *fuck* was he think-- left! Left, it's there left, I saw that big rock there!" I point frantically at the thing.
Keep Me: ang glasses_keep_me on October 17th, 2009 10:09 pm (UTC)
I can't help a tiny smile when Cordy threatens Wes. I give her hand a squeeze. ...And wait. And wait. The car ride seems to take forever.

I don't have time to answer Cordelia though, because by the time she starts on the who, what, why, the limo is veering a hard right and I just have this feeling we're there. Like a big charge of mystical energy was released here recently. I can still feel it, that tingling that happens when there's magic around.

"We're close," I say, trying not to think about the why or how, just the who and what, because getting Wes somewhere safe is more important than figuring out his motives right now. Though, if I know Wes, he did it to protect Cordy more than anything else. Because he wouldn't let anything hurt her if he could help it. Wish he would've consulted us though. Maybe we could've figured out another way. Or given the visions to me. I mean, c'mon, shouldn't I be the one having them anyway?

But now's really not the time for that and I'd be busting out the doors if I could but there's that problem with the pesky sunlight so I have to wait until the driver's stopped and out and opening the door- "Go, find him and tell me where I need to go. I'll take the umbrella and go straight to you. Okay?" I say to Cordy, tone brooking no argument.
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on October 19th, 2009 07:21 am (UTC)
I'm gonna kill him. No, no first I'm gonna get him out of the sun, make sure he's okay, give him water, ask him what the hell he was thinking and doing and *then* I'm gonna kill him! Oh yeah, sounds like a plan. Wait, wait. Then I'll find a spell, revive him and do it all over! I'm.so.*pissed*! And worried, not that this isn't obvious but hey...

"How do you know that?" I ask, giving Angel a stunned look as the driver turns to the direction I yelled at him. I mean, how does he know we're close? "Can you like-- smell him? Like that one time you smell... cause," I make a face at that, "ewwww." No. Seriously. That whole smelling thing? Creepy and ewww.

Before he can reply the car stops and Angel's all but shoving me out the door. "Okay, okay," I grumble, gland that I'm not wearing my expensive pumps or something. This is all desert and boy it's hot. I'm only outside for a second and I feel like I'm melting burning stuff. Geeze. No time to think about that though, I got a boyfriend to find.

"Go find him," I mutter under my breath as I look and walk around, "I'm not the one with the sniffer nose. Like those visions come with SatNav or something," I keep complaining. "Wesley!" I call out, getting frustrated with the no finding him. "Wesley if you don't answer me right *now* I'm gonna hurt you!" Yeah, that's always a good incentive to show up isn't it?

Wait? What's that lump over there? Shielding my eyes with my hand I'm rushing toward it, moving faster when I see it's a human form. Even more a familiar British human form named Wesley who is about to die horribly.

"Angel! Over here! Angel!" I call over my shoulder as I drop to my knees next to Wesley's form. He's so still, I think as my hand hovers over his body. So still... I'm afraid to touch him. "Angel," I whisper, my other hand coming up to touch my lips in fear.
Keep Me: ang alley_keep_me on October 31st, 2009 09:54 pm (UTC)
More waiting. Have I mention that I hate waiting? I'm about to yell at Cordelia to hurry up, because even from my spot just inside the door I can feel the heat vibrating on my skin - which I wouldn't mind except this isn't the normal 'the temperature's really high and it's nice and toasty warm heat' it's the 'sun burning down like a death ray gun' sorta heat.

Jesus, maybe Cordelia's not the only one who's going to kill Wes when this is through. Yeah, I'm the dead guy who goes rushing into mortal peril all the time, but damn if I don't want to burst into flames while we're on vacation, I mean, come on, give me a little more heroic death than that, yeah?

Waiting, waiting and I'm ready to start punching things when I finally, finally hear Cordy's voice.

Swooping out of the limo, I grab the umbrella from the chauffeur's hand and use all the vampiric speed I've got to find Cordelia and Wes. I can barely think or see, I'm so hot and focused entirely on instinct of the hunt, the one that lets me zero right in on a sound or smell - and I have to vamp out just to get more speed so I can scoop up Wes when I find Cordelia and the still body lying on the beach-- There's all kinds of reactions flying through me at that, but I'm smoking and burning and I've got Wes in a fireman's carry over one shoulder while I dive back to the limo-- Wes and I unfortunately landing in kind of a heap inside...with the umbrella stuck in the door.

"Oh god," I say, my breathing kicking in on reflex, hand running over my face while I try to a) put out any little fires on myself and lay Wes out so he's not a-- dead heap on the floor. My head is against his chest before I can think of anything else. "Cordy..." I call, wanting her next to me-- if- if Wes isn't- I strain my ears for that heartbeat I love...
Cordelia Chase: Angel Cordyqueen_cordette on November 1st, 2009 10:08 am (UTC)
As I stand there, waiting for Angel to do his usual heroic thing -- you know, dashing in, flapping coat and all to save the day - I decide that red? So not Wesley's colour. At least not this sorta red. His face, his hands, his arms, his back, his shoulder, his... god everything that's not covered is nearly bright red. And not in this cute blushing sorta way he does often.

Biting my bottom lip I keep glancing over to where I think Angel will appear from. Then I think that it's a stupid idea that men always have to take their shirt off for some even more stupid ritual. Good thing we girls don't have to do that and why am I even thinking that?! Ugh! Seriously! Thinking straight, so not of the happening!

And then he's there. Angel. The hero, our saviour, even if he thinks he's our downfall. Keeps forgetting that we're not kids and that we can make choices. This? What happened to Wesley? He did it for Angel, sure. But he did it mostly for me, I know that and I feel kinda guilty for that. It was, however, *his* choice to do- whatever it is he did.

Oh wait! Angel's already off! Grabbing Wesley's manpurse and his shirt I quickly run after them, glad to not be wearing heels this time. Angel's moving and in the car so fast I see nothing but a blur where they should be. Whoa. As fast as I can I rush to the other side and thrown myself in the car. The moment the door closes the car is off. No idea where the guy is going but I hope it's somewhere with a doctor!

A trembling hand reaches out to grab Wesley's hand while my eyes are glued to Angel and have no intention of moving there. Cause if I look at Wes I might see he's... You know. "Is he... Can you hear it?" I ask finally, not having to explain what 'it' is. And then I tear my eyes away from Angel anyway to look at his chest. Concentrating to see if it's raising and falling. If he's... breathing.

He better not be dead. Or I'm gonna kill him!
Keep Me_keep_me on November 1st, 2009 06:06 pm (UTC)
It's hard to tune out Cordy's heartbeat to try and hear Wes'. I've kind of gotten used to hearing both of theirs at once lately. But I force hers out of my ears, not to mention her breathing and that-- talking she's doing an just... listen. Just listen.

"He's..." I listen again just to be sure, because an injured Wes is one thing, but a Cordelia who's going to rip my head off for getting this wrong is really, really another. "He's still here. Still got a heartbeat. Maybe he's in shock?" I say, looking at her bewilderedly. Hell if I know what's medically wrong with him. Shoulda studied to be a doctor in all those years I've been around.

I back off a bit so that Wes can breathe if, you know, he's trying to do that which he should be. And is from the looks of his rising and falling heartbeat. Yup, okay, he's gonna be okay. "He's gonna be okay," I repeat to Cordy. Well, he's gonna be alive. Okay is really kind of another matter. And when I glance over at Cordy again, I realize I've got Wes' hand in mine the same way Cordy's onto his other hand. Don't even remember doing that.

I bang on the limo glass and yell "Hospital," to the driver guy. Maybe that's where we're already going, but can't really leave that to chance can we. Not with Wes' life at stake.

"Are you okay?" I ask Cordy, not sure if you know- I don't know. But it seems like the thing to ask.
Cordelia Chase: Eyebrowraisequeen_cordette on November 1st, 2009 06:46 pm (UTC)
Tense much? Oh yeah, tense very much. I dunno how long I'm sitting there, clutching Wes' hand, waiting for Angel to say the word. The good word, the one where he says it's all okay. Which is so isn't saying at first, but it's good enough. I let out a breath I so didn't even know I was holding.

"I don't know," I shrug, giving first Wesley and then Angel a worried look. "I'm guessing you know more about the whole mojo magic then I do," I point out. What? The guy has been roaming around for a gazillion years by now. If he, supernatural being that he is, hasn't picked up some magical know how? He so wasn't trying.

Actually, maybe he was to busy with the maiming and the killing and the drinking blood and the being... Grrrr. "Maybe we should call... I dunno. Willow! Or-or Giles, someone who can tell us what the crap that idiot did," I say, wanting nothing more then to so hit Wesley over the head. But with him not being concious? Not with the effective is it?

All I can do is hold onto his hand while the car rushes on. And jump out of my skin when Angel bangs on the window. Geeze, caveman much? "One boyfriend doesn't think I should love him," I say, giving him a pointed look, "and the other one keeps doing totally dumbass things that's gonna cost him his life one day. What do you think?" Am okay. Of course I'm so not okay!

I bite down on the rest of my words when the car comes to a stop. With the windows being totally blackened out, I can't see where we are. Hospital - and how are we gonna explain what happened? - back at the resort? Maybe they got some doctor too, but what does a demon doctor know about humans? Ugh! "This is so messed up. Way to spoil our vacation, Wes," I mutter, giving Wesley a - totally wasted on out-of-it guy - look this time.
Keep Me_keep_me on November 1st, 2009 07:21 pm (UTC)
"Maybe it's not magical," I say,even though I can smell the magic on Wes. But he wouldn't have done something like this if he didn't think the risk was acceptable. I have to think that he wouldn't have done something so dumb that it might kill him and hurt us. The hurting us part being the important factor here.

My guess is that whatever magical mojo went on as Cordy put it, Wes wasn't quite strong enough to handle the backlash and well, it knocked him on his ass. Literally. Definitely going to be needing a hospital first before anything else. Magical cleansing or whatever.

"Right. Okay. Good," I say when she gives that standard Cordelia pissed off answer. Okay then. Not injured. That's good. At least not physically injured. One injured friend is all I can handle right now.

Thankfully, we pull up under the shade and I don't waste time waiting for the driver to come open the door, I just open it and carry Wes out and inside. He's gotta be alright. He's got to.

Doctor, we need a doctor. Wes needs a doctor.
Cordelia Chase: hah you wish!queen_cordette on November 1st, 2009 10:56 pm (UTC)
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