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26 June 2008 @ 06:37 am
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"No way," I tell him confidently when he tells me I'm missing out. "I got just what I want. Best show in town. Island. No. Islands even." Seriously, if he wants us to do the work next time, he better make sure Wes is able to move around. Or, hehehe, get him naked first. Bet Wes can move around a whole hell of a lot better if he's naked. All in time though, we'll get him naked soon enough, after Angel finishes us his show.

Awww, why'd he turn around? Stupid vampire! I push out my bottom lip, glancing at Wes who's still looking at Angel like he's gods gift to mankind. And if I didn't know he'd look at me the same way? I mighta gotten a little jealous everytime I see that look. He *is* looking at both me and Angel the same way though. Right now I'm ignoring the look that tells me Wes doesn't considering *himself* a gift of any kind, let alone one from a god or to mankind.

We'll work on that. Bet you we will. When it comes to that? Angel and I agree fully, even without having to talk about it. How weird is that? Oh fuck, pay attention to the show, Angel said something about double money?. But you know, sometimes it more of a turn on to watch the boys turn each other on then watching their well toned bods. So I turn back to watch Angel, which is when I realise something. Shoot. Damn. Wes shoulda bet. Angel's so worth double the money.

"He was wearing underwear," I blurt out, leaning forward a bit to glance at the slacks he's dropped on the floor. Yup. Black boxers there. "Fuck, Wes. You shoulda taken that bet," I say, grin sliding on my face. Wait, what. Wes' turn? Oh yeah, now him I did promise Angel I'd help with.

"Allow me to make a start, stripper boy," I murmur, scooting back toward Wes and slipping on my knees. I reach out and tug on the shirt that's already halfway off - Angel's been busy - sliding it off his arms and tossing it on the floor.

"Shoes and socks now huh?" I suggest, trying not to notice how much Wes is blushing. Which works, I gotta pause anyway to give Angel a once over. Good once over. Wooh boy, is that worth giving several once overs. "Maybe you should pick up your clothes from the floor and put them on the chair," I suggest, giving Wes a wink. Hey, anything so we'd get to see that fine ass again.
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Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Glasses Curiouswatcher_pryce on June 26th, 2008 04:41 am (UTC)
Can't help but smile slightly when Angel teases Cordelia but she doesn't even notice. Not sure what she's looking at, but shifting between looking at me - what she sees there I don't know with such a great show going on - and Angel. And I have to admit, my mind goes even more hazy when Angel turns around and shows off that lovely arse he has. Never really had the time to look at it, but with him taking it so slow? Plenty of time and so very much worth it.

"Absolutely doing fantastic," I breathe, swallowing hard at the sight. I'm so enticed by it, I nearly miss Cordy's remark. "What?" I mutter confused and then follow her line of vision down. "Bugger." What does one know, he *is* wearing underwear. "Damn. I should've bet," I agree with her on that. At least I would have had some money to... Oh wait. Nowhere to put it on Angel now. Heh.

"You d-definately shouldn't," I assure him, "consider ah... s-something like that." And share this view with others? Absolutely not. Word that I'm not able to get out with the view so close in sight, but I'm sure is visible in my eyes. The way my body tenses at the idea of sharing Angel with anyone not Cordelia. I had no idea I was so possessive of them both, but I guess I am. Better watch out with that, not sure how they'd react. They've very much their own people.

Unlike myself, I love seeing that look on their faces, in their eyes. Makes me feel at home, makes me feel as though I belong. With them. And only with them. Make me feel...protected. The latter shames me more then I'll admit, because they're already acting as though I need protection every which way I turn.

Cordelia stops me from thinking when she turns at me with that heated look still in her eyes. I can tell that stupid blush isn't going anywhere for quite a while. She makes quick work of the shirt Angel had already gotten halfway off and it's not hard to guess what'll be next. I glance from Cordelia to Angel, back and forth, chewing my bottom lip. Being naked around them always makes me more then a little uncomfortable when my brain is still somewhat working.

Look at them though. And then look at me. Who wouldn't feel like a lesser man? Don't think they can blame me there. Just look at the way Cordelia got distracted by the sight of Angel over me alone. Not that I can blame *her*, I realize when I turn to look at Angel full frontal myself.

"Oh my," I pant, having to lean back on my hands to try and see if that'll give my throbbing, trapped erection some room. No. No it really doesn't. Goodness.
Keep Me: ang smiling_keep_me on June 26th, 2008 12:03 pm (UTC)
I smile at Wes' reactions. Cordy doesn't have her eyes bugged out and her mouth open, but I can still tell she's enjoying the show. Yup, right there, the way she subtly licks her lips. Wes is so cute giving me every encouragement though. You'd think he was dying of thirst in the desert the way he looks at me, the way his eyes never leave me. ...Makes my cock twitch just a little.

"No? But you just said I'm doing fantastic," I say, sort of knowing why he doesn't want me to be a stripper, but wondering if he's able to say it anyway. "I'm sure we'd make twice what we do now," I add, stepping out of my slacks, and then smirking at Cordy when she suggests putting them up on the chair. Oh, she is so not Ms. Clean, except when she's worried, so I'm sure this is an evil ploy.

"Be my guest. Guess we'll find out if Wes is wearing underwear," I smile, smirking at Cordy before bending over slowly and grabbing one item at a time, also slowly, before picking it up, folding it and placing it on the chair, only to repeat it all for them. A few glances over my shoulder lets me see their faces, and my eyes flare with heat when Cordy gets Wes' shirt all the way off finally.

I bend over for each of his pieces of clothing too, listening to twin heartbeats pounding, one speeding slightly faster than the other. I can easily guess which on that is since Wes is the one getting visual *and* physical stimulation. I lick my own lips as I turn around to watch them both, my erection jutting out hard and thick while I wait for my prize.
Cordelia Chase: Over her shoulderqueen_cordette on June 27th, 2008 04:25 am (UTC)
"Could care less if we made five times as much," I point out, tilting my head to the side while Angel bends down to pick up his stuff. "Like we were gonna share you with anyone. Pffft, please." Wes may not be able to say it, but I sure as heck can. You just wait and see, wont be long before Wes will be able to say it out loud too. Right now he seems to be in stammer and stuttering mode. Heh.

I'm kinda hoping he'll never loose that. It's all sorts of cute really, when he stammers and stutters and turns like bright red? Really cute. Especially when you know the reason. Not that every reason is cute. Don't like the one where he turns red with embarrassment. The shy one? That's cute. Makes him seem kinda innocent, you know? Which I know he's not really. Kinda like I'm not anymore. Guess neither of have been in a long time, not in this world.

"Uh huh," I agree distractedly with Angel while I work on Wes' shoes and socks. Kinda hard to do when you have a nice show to watch. Good thing Wes wears easy shoes. Heh. And if there woulda been a mirror for me to look in? I bet Wes and me totally have our heads turned the same way, and have that same look in our eyes. *Especially* when Angel turns around, that's when I know Wes and me are like doing twin actions. It's the dual gasp that gave it away.

"Man," I mutter under my breath, forcefully tearing my gaze away and working faster on Wes. Shoes and socks are gone quick enough, so it's time to find out the underwear question. Though, I would be kinda shocked if Wes *wasn't* wearing no underwear. Seriously.

"Lets find out," I breathe, hands moving toward Wes' slacks. Button's already open and the zipper halfway as well. Angel *has* been busy hasn't he? Naughty boy. Hehe. "Lift your hips, Wes, lets see the goods," I grin, slipping two fingers underneath the waistband of his slacks and tugging them down.

"I think you're cheating," I tell Angel while pulling down Wes' slacks, "you already knew he was wearing underwear, cause your hand was down here only moments ago." I give him a small wink before turning back to Wes, just in time to see a dark patch of hair getting revealed and the base of his cock. I could rip off these pants, but you know? Slow is kinda fun in it's own way.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: brown sweater looking down smile S2/3watcher_pryce on June 27th, 2008 04:26 am (UTC)
My brain is slowly going numb. Usually this is not a good thing. Right now though? This is a very good thing. But with Cordelia's hands sliding all over my skin and Angel's naked form right there? It's hard not to get excited in any way. It really doesn't matter where Cordy's touching me, though the way those soft, small hands slide over my chest extra slow when she takes off my shirt? Never fails to make me breathe a little bit harder.

And then she has to go and tell Angel to do that. My head tilts to the side, eyes going wide while I watch him bend over again and again. If I were able to move without embarrassing myself, I'd toss some other things on the floor. Just so he'll keep bending over. When he turns around though. Ooh, when he turns around, all confident and not bothered by his own nakedness? I have to swallow hard and wonder when it turned so bloody hot in here. Doesn't this place come with some environment control?

Cordelia has this same confidence when she's naked. It's one I lack, I know this. Painfully aware of this fact makes me blush even harder. Though, I doubt they'd notice that, since I'm already bright red all over. And just when did Cordelia take off my shoes and socks? I blink down at her confused and then over at Angel when he asks something about underwear.

"But-but we've al-already seen... ah... " We already knew he was wearing underwear! They're trying to confuse me, those gits. It's then I realize Cordelia is getting closer with *that* look on her face and asked me something. What was it again? What? What? Oh! Lift my hips? I think that was it. Funny how hearing that and the consequences of 'lifting my hips' makes my stomach come under attack of butterflies. Both good and bad.

"Oh..." Leaning on my hands, I lift my hips and watch those slim fingers slip under the waist band of my slacks. They're both talking again, and I have to wonder how they are able to do that while-- Goodness. My eyes go wide with the more Cordelia reveals, even if it's my own body. It's almost as though I'm watching someone else.

Especially when she slides my pants all the way up and my erection jumps free, slapping wetly against my stomach. "Oh my..." I breathe, mouth standing wide open - fits with my eyes I suppose - as I slowly lift my head to look at both of them.
Keep Me_keep_me on June 28th, 2008 01:14 am (UTC)
Drooling isn't really becoming in a partner, I'm thinking. Can't help it. They're hot. Both of them. Cordy's slim fingers teasing down Wes' trousers, and Wes wiggling and lifting his hips to help her get them off, all while totally hard and out of breath. Fuck.

"Me, cheat? Never," I say absently while I watch, entranced by Cordy's hands as she reveals that dark thatch of hair that already has me wanting to reach out and touch, but I wait, letting Cordy do her thing. It's torture watching each inch of Wesley's throbbing erection revealed, and I have to take care not to break the chair arm I'm holding onto. And when Wes' cock smacks wetly against his stomach, I suck in a breath and swallow hard, really fighting the urge now to just go over there and just ravage him. "So hot. Jesus, Wes," I murmur, giving Cordy a look that I know she understands. One that says you're wanting Wes so much you can barely stand it.

My eyes are trained on Wes' body as Cordy guides his slacks all the way off. "Almost done there, Cordy? Because I think I might have to ravage Wes, like right now," I say, my voice coming out low and predatory as I edge closer to the bed. ...And finally giving in to lean over and take Wes' mouth in a long, deep, hungry kiss, my hands holding both sides of his face possessively.

"Sure you don't want to join us, Cordy?" I ask, looking down Wes' body before finding her eyes. Not like we'd mind. Three is very much not a crowd in this case.
Cordelia Chase: smirkqueen_cordette on June 30th, 2008 04:03 am (UTC)
You know, it's totally hot and frustrating at the same time when people don't go flaunting their attractiveness. I know I do it at times and Angel does it at times to. Cause damn, we know we look good. Wes, on the other hand, doesn't even know he looks good. Nope, not just that. He flat out denies it, kinda like that big brain of his doesn't want to get the hotness that his himself. We'll work on it.

Got to, I mean, look at him! Sitting there, all shy like, all blushing like, all *naked* like, looking so friggen hot and sexy it's not normal. But then he's looking down with this shy little smile like he doesn't want believe it's him Angel and I are looking at so hungrily. Geeze. See? That's what I mean with both hot and frustrating.

And then there's Angel in his naked glory, growling to the side. Oh that was so a growl when I took off Wes pants and boxers. Wait. Black boxers? Are those Angel's? Huh. Hmmm. Better file that away for fashion purposes later. I got better things to do right now! Naked boys at my beck and call! Hello.

The moment Angel scoots forward, I scoot back to my chair. Just in time to see him move in on a startled Wes who's looking at Angel with those cute wide eyes. Good thing I took his glasses away on the plane - better put them somewhere safe soon or there will be hell to play - cause now I can see those eyes even better. Fuck. My boys kissing is totally a turn on.

"Nope. I'm fine here," I assure them, trying to make myself comfortable. "I'm gonna be watching the best show in town." Count on that! And when they're done? It's my turn. Hell yeah.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes glasses blue shirtwatcher_pryce on June 30th, 2008 04:04 am (UTC)
I'm-- not sure what that look is in their eyes, but I'm sure it's not for me. I'm sure Cordy has it due to Angel and Angel no doubt wishes Cordy would undress herself. Still, everyone once and a while they look at me that way. I'm not sure what to do with that, can't even meet their eyes when they do. As if this inborn reflex kicks in and I look away. Though, the more often they do it, the more this shy little smile seems to appear. Maybe they are looking at me that way too? I'm not sure.

What I am sure about is that I'm completely naked when Cordelia's done. There is just something about the fact that she's still fully dressed while Angel and I are anything but. And just like Angel, my own erection is very noticeably enjoying whatever is going on. Whether it's the sight of Angel, Cordelia's hands, the situation, I don't know. Probably a combination. All I know is that my brain is slowly shutting off while my body takes over.

I like it when that happens. It only happens around Angel and Cordelia. They are the only ones I trust to protect me when I shut down my brain to leave me unprotected and vulnerable. To much thinking though, always to much thinking. Not comfortable when I'm not thinking but oh I wish there was less thinking. This? Moments like this? Are heaven to me. Just let them take care of me so I wont have to think.

Thinking is very much shutting down when Angel is suddenly there. Big hands holding my face making me look up at him with wide eyes. A small whimper comes out as he moves closer and before I know it those beautiful lips are on my own and my brain starts to seep out of my ears. Bloody hell, does he know how to kiss.

By the time he pulls back, I'm gasping for air, my erection is throbbing painfully and whatever is being said flies completely over my head. All I know is that Cordelia watching us is starting to make me feel less and less uneasy. In fact, all I'm capable off at this very moments is tentatively touch Angel's hips and look up at him with some sort of want in my eyes. Want. Want now. Him.
Keep Me: sniffwes_keep_me on July 2nd, 2008 01:53 am (UTC)
Once Cordy's safely off the bed and ensconced in her chair, I really ravage Wesley's mouth, sliding my tongue against his in away that I can only guess he'd think of as brazen. Yeah. Don't think Wes is caring though, because he responds like nobody's business and I can smell his arousal heighten.

It's that tentative, shy touch to my bare hip though that really pulls me over the line. "Wes," I growl low in my throat. Not menacingly, no, not that at all, but like a predator. that seriously wants his prey.

Climbing over above him, I look down into wide, hazy, blue eyes, hand running down his cheek to his throat, trailing slow, so slow down to the tip of his cock and smiling when he shudders at the faint touch.

"Want you," I tell him, because hey, this is Wes and I didn't used to get to say things like that to him. I trail my fingers so lightly down his shaft, and then quickly grip him tight and start jacking him off. Don't think he's going to last long as wound up as he is. "Let go, Wes," I murmur, leaning down to kiss him again. "Then we'll really play," I tell him in a whisper I know Cordy can hear. He may think he's past his prime, but knowing how little sex Wes has had in the time I've known him... He's not going to have a problem getting hard again.

"Let me see you come, tiger," I purr against his throat, and then drag my lips down to one nipple, tugging on it. "This won't be the last time you come today," I add with a swipe of my tongue over that tight bud. We do have all day, I suppose since I'm pretty well stuck here. That seems like a good thing at the moment. Trapped in a nice beach house with two delectable treats.
Cordelia Chase: Big Smilequeen_cordette on July 4th, 2008 04:38 am (UTC)
This is a nice seat to have. Bet lots of women, and lots of men too, would pay plenty of cash to be in my place. They're not going to though. My boys, my front row seat. And what a show it already is. I'm thankful for the audience participation, don't get me wrong. But there's just something about just watching them. Makes me wonder if the boys like watching too. Angel watching me and Wes. Wes watching Angel and me.

I'm thinking Angel is more likely to watch. And not just cause he and I seem to have a few... Something's. Like that growl he just uttered? Makes me shiver as well as it does Wes. It's the kinda way I wish he'd growl my name. Possessive but also protecty like. I guess Angel seems to think - that's what he said, silly boy - that I don't need protection. I'm thinking Angel should get to know me better then, so maybe Wes has a point with that.

Now is not the time to be thinking about that though. Geeze, no way, cause boy there's a big fat turn on show going on. I keep mouse still, not wanting to do anything to interrupt them. Although I don't think Angel's gonna mind if I have some commentary, or make sounds. And I kinda doubt Wes at this point would notice. Cause boy, is he ever gone far.

Just looking at the - heh - Tiger makes me squirm a bit in my chair. The way Angel's big hands slide over Wes' skin. The way Wes is flushed all the way from tip to toe, droplets of sweat starting to bead slowly on his skin. The way his body arches, his cock jerks under Angel's touch, the sounds he makes.

There's no way Angel can't smell that that does to me. There's no way I can ignore how wet it's making me. Angel's not done in a long shot he says. Promising to make Wes come more today. Wow, I'd love to see that. More squirming in the chair, which is getting less and less comfy. Geeze... and all this from watching!
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes smile S2watcher_pryce on July 4th, 2008 04:39 am (UTC)
Whatever will happen next, I find myself not caring. A herd of wild elephants could run through the room and I wouldn't notice. How is it possible for Angel to distract me this much? Cordelia as well, because I'm always at all time aware that she's watching us. I don't have time to get nervous about that, or worry, or even look at her, because Angel's quite busy.

"Angel," I whisper, with a tone of longing that cannot be denied. The way he growls my name makes me shiver. It's not just hearing him say my name like *that*. But the fact that he's talking to me like *that*. I would have never guessed, only hoped or dreamed, that he'd ever talk to me like that.

It's the same tone Cordelia uses and when they do there's a moment, just one brief moment that I believe all the things they say to me. About me. That I am handsome, that I am desirable, that they do love me, that they... For one brief moment. But as per usual it doesn't last long. I wish it did, it's such a good feeling. Just like the way Angel's touching me, and kissing me is a bloody good feeling.

"Bloody hell." A groan pushes past my lips as my body arches up in his hand. The one he oh so slowly curled around my erection. Even I can feel it throb with need, the need to come. One hand trails up his back, ending up running through his hair. Once again my body arches up when Angel puts his mouth to work.

"Oh. Oh good. Oh good bloody god," I gasp. Close, close far to close. I glance over Angel's shoulder and see Cordelia sitting there. Legs on the bed, spread wide and a look on her face that makes me moan even louder. "Yes, yes please. Angel... Oh... Cordy..." It's the way she looks at me - at us - Angel's touch and words that has me shouting out. The world goes white for a moment and all I feel is this immense pleasure as I come all over Angel's hand
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on July 12th, 2008 01:56 pm (UTC)
Wes arches and pants, sighs and squirms, but it's that soft, needy way that he says my name that has me harder than I've been in awhile. Not coming though. Not yet. Want Wes with me when that happens. God, yes. I want to feel and hold the shivering, feverish mess that is his body tight against mine when we both come again. And if Cordy gets out of that chair to join us, I'm not going to mind at all.

Right now though, I'm watching too, just like Cordy, tugging on his shaft as his hips arch up hard and come spills all over my hand and Wes. "Gorgeous," I murmur, slowly still jerking him off, wanting to watch him shudder for as long as possible. My lips curl back around his nipple, sucking it hard to really wring his orgasm out of him.

It's only when his shuddering slows that I let my hand release his cock and slide up his abdomen, and then raising my fingers to my mouth to suck some of his come from my fingers, eyes fluttering closed at the taste. That's the only time my eyes leave his. I can smell Cordy so ripe and wanting nearby and I can't help flick a look of primal longing at her, Wes' breath hot on my face while he pants beneath me.

Cupping Wes' face, my eyes back on his, I give him the briefest, barest of kisses. So light that our lips just brush against each other. "Beautiful," I murmur, before sucking his lower lip into my mouth. "When you can breathe again, do you want to suck my cock?" I ask him, being very careful of my wording, and giving him another barely there kiss. Gotta let the guy breath for just a second, I think with an adoring smile.
Cordelia Chase: fireworksqueen_cordette on July 14th, 2008 07:29 am (UTC)
Wow. I mean, seriously. Wow. Can I be next? No, no just keep sitting where you are, Cordy. This is boys time, you get to watch. And damn! What a show, what a show. Kinda makes me wish I could have a show like that every fucking day. Bet Angel could do that, not so sure about Wes. Guy, human, yeah, he's got the slowest recuperation time of the three of us. Poor guy.

Not so poor guy now. Look at him. Sweating, panting, laying there totally naked and all blessed out. Got that silly grin on his face that makes me grin just like that. I can feel it slide on my face just looking at it. He looks happy. I'm thinking Wes should always look happy, and not sad, or worried, or like he has the migraine of the century from to much research, or that tired exhausted look. I'm gonna make sure has *this* look all of our vacation.

The look Angel gives me though? That has me shivering. In a way, way good way. Jesus fuck, predator much? Breathing gets stuck in my throat as my eyes meet his and it kinda hitches after that. Wow. How does he do that? And the thinks I'm-- I dunno what he thinks I am, or what he's not capable for doing for or with me. But whoa.

I slowly lick my lips, tearing my gaze away from Angel and back to the boys. Wes still with that blissed out look making me think Angel could ask him anything right now and he'd happily do it. Which makes me briefly think of that confession of his and...yeah, probably why Angel's asking it that way. God I love that vampire. God I love for someone to touch me, cause this itch is starting to-- yeah, keep your hands to yourself, Cordelia. No touching. That's their job. Soon.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: brown sweater looking down smile S2/3watcher_pryce on July 14th, 2008 07:29 am (UTC)
Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my... I can't breathe. Funnily enough I don't seem to care much about that at all. What I want is to just lay here and float on this sea, this ocean, of pure happiness and good feeling I seem to have fallen in. And it's all their fault. Angel and his touches and his word. Cordy *just* with looking at us that way. With that same predatory look Angel sometimes gets. Often gets I should say.

But breathing, my body tells me seems like a good idea. And I'd concentrate on that if Angel would let up for just a bloody second. "Ugh..." I'm thinking that might be a whimper, but I'm to out of it to actually analyse it, let alone care. I do seem to have noticed - and so has Angel obviously - that my nipples are very, very sensitive. That'll come to bite me in the arse one day.

God, I feel so good. So good. I can feel them both watching me, making me shiver and blush all over. I'm very much aware that I'm laying there, naked, sweating, covered in my own come. Good thing Angel's naked too, but he seems to wear it like-- like a very fancy, very elegant costume. I wish I could that. I wish I could breathe properly again. Goodness.

When I finally do open my eyes, it's to Angel's face so very close by. "Hi," I murmur, pursing my lips to get more of those teasing kisses of his. Of course he'd take the opportunity to get more teasing in, making me moan when he sucks on my lips instead of kissing them. I look at him completely smitten, stupid, dumb smile on my face no doubt and I have no idea what he's saying. But anything Angel wants he can have.

"Sure," I pant, reaching up to touch his face. Eyes flick over his shoulder toward Cordelia and my smile grows in leaps and bounds if that's even possible before returning to Angel. "Anything you want, love," I assure him, hoping that the look I gave Cordelia is enough to let her know I'm very much including her in that line of thought.
Keep Me_keep_me on July 14th, 2008 11:56 am (UTC)
Wow, what a smile. I think I could just hover here and look at that smile for years. Goofy, adorable, blissful smile. I think I'm kind of making one back at him. I look over at Cordy though, and I get horny again, watching her try not to touch herself - yeah, I see those fingers at the hem of your dress, Cordy, I think, quirking an amused eyebrow at her. If it's possible, seeing her so needy and wanting makes her all the more beautiful.

I smile back at her and then look back at Wes, unable to stop myself from giving him several more light-as-a-feather kisses even though he's supposed to be trying to catch his breath. God, I wish I could fuck him, I think as my cock rubs against his thigh, making me groan. He's not ready though. Might not be for a long time. Or ever. I don't want to hurt him, that's the last thing I want to do. But, my god, he looks fuckable right now, sprawled out naked and panting, offering to give me whatever I want. That's not going to happen though. Wes can say it all he wants, I'm not going to ask anything of him until he's ready.

"Hi, you," I murmur just as softly back, looking into glazed, but so happy blue eyes. My hand runs over his cheek, cupping, caressing, holding him like he's the most precious thing in the world and pretending like I'm not aching to plunge into that beautiful mouth.

My hand slides down to his chest, recalling that hot whimper from only a few moments ago to rub the flat of my palm over his hard nipple. "Just let me know when you think you can breathe, Tiger," I murmur, not at all hiding my impish grin.
Cordelia Chase: pretty shorter hairqueen_cordette on July 15th, 2008 09:30 am (UTC)
Caught. Red handed. Damn! Well, not caught, cause I wasn't doing anything. Want to. Oh I so want to touch myself. No, not myself. I want my boys to touch me, so I'm not touching myself. But I want touch, boy oh boy do I want a touch. And he knows. The ass knows. Hello! Of course he knows. Stupid supernatural vampire smell sense thingy.

I have to be oh so careful when he looks at me and then smiles. *Smiles*. Takes a whole heck of a lot of willpower to not slip on the bed and beg him to fuck me, fuck me now please. Please fuck me now. Or at least touch me. But no, I can wait. I can wait just like-- just like someone who can wait long.

Instead I chew my bottom lip and stare from Angel to Wes and back again. Yeah, just like I thought. Angel could say and want anything now and Wes would do it. Happily. With a smile on his face and probably not even think about it twice. We gotta be careful with that. Even if he's, you know, a grown man and can say no. Can he say no to us? Gotta wonder.

"You're having way to much fun with this," I observe amused, glancing at Angel with a grin that echo's his. Kinda impish and mischievous. Oh if I wanted I could have them both on edge for a very, very long time. Hmm, that'd be nice test out this week. Toys. Damn. We so need some toys. We can buy toys here can we? Cause oh man, that'd be even more fun.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes white shirt glasseswatcher_pryce on July 15th, 2008 09:31 am (UTC)
"Lots of fun," I murmur, having no real idea what Cordelia is talking about. But as long as they're both having fun it's all fine by me. I know I'm having a lot of fun. Despite the fact that this blush isn't going anywhere. I feel as though I already spend a day in the sun. Good lord.

But having them both watching me so intensely is-- Well, I'm not sure what to think about it. It's a good thing Angel sort of short circuited my brain otherwise I'd know where those thougths would move to. Especially when I glance to the side and see Angel's magnificent body. God, the man is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, so very bloody sexy.

And breathing, actually breathing would be a lovely thing as well. But as long as Angel keeps touching me like that, so gentle and soft, I feel as though I'm in heaven. I don't-- no one's ever touched me like that before. Before I met Cordelia and Angel. Which is another thing I don't know what to think about, or how to handle.

All I know is that I want to please him. Her. Both of them. I want to belong to them. I want to make sure they wont ever get tired of me, or bored, or angry, or annoyed or... And that's not going to happen if I just keep laying here like some besotted idiot grinning from Cordy to Angel and back again..

"I can breat---oooh---" Nipples! Again! Christ, if he wants me to breathe he really need to let up a bit. Doesn't matter. Swallowing hard, I blink up at Angel and smile that stupid smile again. "I can breathe," I assure him, which would actually be more convincing if I weren't still panting.

"Can I su- Ah-- Can-may I suc- Your-- Please?"
Keep Me: sniffwes_keep_me on July 26th, 2008 12:23 pm (UTC)
"Please what, Wes?" I tease him, rubbing my thumbs over his pebble-hard nipples. Wow, I had no idea he was so responsive here, but damn is it fun watching him respond.

"Please tease you here, some more?" I ask, leaning down to lick and suck each of his nipples in turn. Can't get enough of watching him pant and moan. It's pretty damn hot. And adorable. Like it wouldn't matter what I did, he could never get enough of it.

"Or please let you suck my cock," I whisper in his ear, because I just know that will make him blush again. I glance over at Cordelia with a knowing grin, thinking that she probably enjoys the blushing as much as I do.

"Should I let you make me come?" I ask him sliding big hands over his ribcage and scraping those sensitive nipples of his with my teeth. "It's probably going to be more fun to make *you* come again...but I guess we'll have to wait a little while longer for that." This is all probably going in one ear and right out the other. Heh.

"Or maybe you meant, please let you play with Cordy. I think she'd like that. And I think she really likes watching us, if you know what I mean," I tease them both, dropping a hand down to get my point through his hazy brain by running my hand over his soft cock again. Don't think I'm ever going to get tired of having that length of him in my hands. Nope. Don't really think so.

"So what'll it be Wes?" I know he wants us to decide for him - he's just got that streak of submission and Angelus can practically taste it - but I'm damn wary of giving him orders after hearing that confession of his.
Cordelia Chase: Over her shoulderqueen_cordette on July 28th, 2008 09:50 am (UTC)
It's kinda typical Wes that he can't get the actual words out. And still I find myself mouthing along with him, wanting to finish his line. Wanting to yell at Angel that wants to give him a blow-job. Which sounds way less sexy and less turn-ony then someone saying 'suck your cock'. Man, especially if Wes were capable of just saying that, you know? That would be so sexy. Wonder if Angel thinks so to.

Considering the teasing he's doing? I'm thinking kinda yes? Its times like these I can still see that little bit of Angelus lurking about. Cause boy the vamp is relentless. Torturing poor Wes like that. Wonder if he'll ever do that with me. Heh. Or both of them. Wonder how long I'd be able to handle that before begging them both to just fuck me already. And again I'm thinking Wes is actually able, out of the three of us, to keep on that edge the longest.

Till he finds out that Angel loves to hear him beg. Then the words will come pouring out. Angel sure loves to tease and that kinda gives me the idea that he loves to hear Wes beg. Don't think that's actually getting through to Wes at the moment. Don't think anything is getting--

"What?" I blink at him, cause geeze, things sure are getting through to me. Play with Cordy. No, no, this is boys time. I wanna watch. Then see we can coax another orgasm outta Wes. I know Angel's ready to go really fast, cause hey, vampire, you know? And girls are ready to go faster too. Just curious to see how many Wes can manage.

"Oh geeze, Angel," I tell him, eyes magically glued to his hand curling around Wes' cock. Perfect fit. Which is kinda strange. "Huh." Cause that shaft fits perfectly well in my hand too. Wait. I was gonna say something. Uhm. Oh! Yeah.

"He wants to suck your cock, Angel," I finally get out, "give you head. A blow job, you know? You got one before, and I gotta wonder," I grin at him, tilting my head to the side as I watch them both. "All those weird ass lingo's he speaks. Gotta have good tongue and mouth muscles, does that make it all the better for you?"
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes white shirt glasseswatcher_pryce on July 28th, 2008 09:51 am (UTC)
There are questions. I know that much. No idea what they are though. I can barely make out it's Angel doing the asking. For all I know it could be Cordy though, because it's as though those voices are coming from far, far away. While I keep feeling to completely blessed out though, I can't seem to care much.

Other then wanting to please Angel, and Cordy of course. They deserve to be pleased at all times. They were there when I needed a family, they didn't push me away. The are even allowing me into their protective cricle despite what I've told them only recently. Of course I already knew sex *could* be good. You don't go through what I've been through and not learn to get a little pleasure yourself eventually. Even if that made me feel more dirty afterward.

I never knew though that having sex with someone you love, two someone's you love, could be that good. It's not just sex, which shows considering I'm still feeling pleasantly buzzed as if I've just drank a whole bottle of fine whiskey. Only there's no hangover in the morning and hopefully I'm not spouting out utter nonsense. Actually, come to think of it, I'm not spouting out anything.

Only words. To busy making rather embarrassing noises and arching into Angel's hands. And god! That mouth! I think my nipples are going to be sore when he's done. Good lord. "Angel," I groan, feeling those big hand which can do so much damage, touch me with so much tenderness. So gentle it almost makes me cry. People call him a monster, just like people call Cordelia a bitch. But I know different. Just from the way they both touch me, look at me. And there it is again when I open my eyes and stare first into one brown pair of eyes and then in the other. That very, very small moment where I believe what they tell me.

That thought, or any thought really, is gone when feel Angel take my cock into his hand. As if that is the most normal thing to do, I love the fact that he can just touch me like that because he wants to. Because I want him to. And I really want to please him.

"Please," I pant again, feeling sweat drops trickle down my skin, breathing having slowed down to almost normal as well as my heartbeat. "A-Angel I want to suc--" Oh damn it! I can't get it past my lips! I give Cordy a grateful look when she manages it. And so much more. I do believe that was a whimper from me. I don't think either Angel or Cordy make such dreadful sounds.

"Yes," I whisper, giving Angel a desperate look as I reach out for him. Hand finds his shoulder, running down is side, marvelling at the perfect skin, the softness of it and the hard muscles underneath. "Please, Angel. I want to p-p-pleasure...uh...y-you." There. Well, alright, that was sort of open for interpretation isn't it? Damn.
Keep Me_keep_me on July 28th, 2008 11:36 am (UTC)
"Oh, yeah. Wes gives great head. Fucking amazing head," I praise him, because Wes can't get praised enough in my book, knowing what we do about his past. "Sneaky, agile tongue of his just wraps right around my shaft like it's his hand," my hand around Wes' cock gives him a friendly squeeze and a tight rub up and down.

"And the way that sexy mouth of his latches on so tight? You'd think he was a vampire himself wanting to suck me dry," I add, eyes locked on Wes and glittering with delight no doubt just remembering that other blow job out there on the beach. God, how much would I love to hear him beg like that some more?

"I'm thinking he's just as good with you, Cordy?" I ask her, shifting up the bed, knees and thighs moving snugly up Wes' ribcage until I can't go any further and have to get up to kneel next to his head. Don't want him to strain his neck. My cock is right there and I watch it paint his lips, before stilling to let him take me in however he wants. Not pushing him there. Yet. Again, maybe never, but we'll see how things go.

"Go ahead, tiger. Gimme that amazing mouth," I look down at him, eyes dark and hungry, because I could just eat him up right now. So eager, so needy and he's not even hard! He just wants to please. Far too much, but that's a lesson for another day. "Beautiful-" I try to murmur before the sound getting choked off when I watch and feel his lips wrap around my cock.
Cordelia Chase: gigglingqueen_cordette on July 29th, 2008 04:02 am (UTC)

"Oh hell yeah," I mutter, when Angel asks if that tongue does it for me as well. You can bet your ass on that one. I know I make fun of Wes and his babbling and his one hundred and thousand languages. But the truth is? A lot of those aren't even, you know, words. Just clicks and sounds. That? Gave our boyfriend, partner, lover here, a very agile, very flexible tongue. And boy did Angel and I both get acquainted with that one early on. Whoa.

And whoa again! Awww man, Angel! You're so taking away my view. My pretty, pretty view! Asshole probably doesn't even know he's doing it. Not that he doesn't have a fine really great back. Oh he does. But that's not what I wanted to watch dammit! Ugh! Okay, fine, this calls for drastic measures! Cause I don't wanna be missing a thing.

Carefully, I slip off the chair, noticing Angel is already making sounds I recognize. Same ones he made at the beach. Better hurry up! Scooting up, I slip over Wes' legs and slid close behind Angel. There I raise myself up on my knees, wrap my arms around him and glance over his shoulder. Just in time to see that thick cock disappearing into Wes' mouth, like he does this every day.

So.not.thinking.about that.

And hey! While I'm here, I can get a little Angel teasing in myself. Why should he be the only one to get some totally wicked, evil, cruel, inspired, no doubt great torture in huh? So I put my chin on his shoulder, grinning while my eyes are glued to his cock and Wes' mouth. My hands dip between his legs, prying them apart just a little so my fingers can curl around his balls. Lets see how you handle that, bucko.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes huh s1watcher_pryce on July 29th, 2008 04:03 am (UTC)
My tongue? What about my tongue? Or my mouth for that matter. Alright that's just... I don't know what to say to that. All I can do is stare up at Angel, eyes wide and unsure if that's actually a compliment or if he's mocking me. I can feel the blush turn up a notch or two. Maybe even three. After hearing for so long that-- well similar things, I'm not sure what to think. Not that Angel or Cordelia would ever make-- They wouldn't right? They wouldn't make fun of me, or mock me or--

Said mouth opens and closes several times, and I've never been more *aware* of my mouth as right that second. Nothing comes out though, which is probably a very good thing. I do want to please Angel and I do want to please Cordy. It would give *me* pleasure. But with as insecure as I feel - Yes I do know that part of myself, painful as it is - whatever comes out of my mouth is no doubt going to ruin everything. I'm just that stupid at times.

"Angel," I murmur, his name as always falling from my lips like a small prayer. I watch as he moves, at first confused as to what he's up to. Then that erect shaft is swaying up and down near my mouth and it all becomes very clear. Good. I do get to give him a blow up. At least something I can give him. Something I'm-- I don't think I should ever say that out loud.

Which is why I waste no time lifting my head, parting my lips and opening my mouth as wide as it goes. One hand curls around the base of his cock, the other holds on to his hip. My eyes close and only the fact that my her hand bumps against mine for a second tells me that Cordelia has moved closer. I don't dare to open my eyes though, afraid to see them both watching me do this, looking down at me.

Angel, however, still tastes the same. Salty with underlying darkness and yet a hint of light. God, it's like talking about wine. Soon though, I am to busy to think anything at all, lips wrapped around his cock. Tongue swirling around the spongy head, dipping into that slit before I lift my head up further to take in more of Angel.
Keep Me: ang smiling_keep_me on July 29th, 2008 12:32 pm (UTC)
"God, yes, Wesley. Good... Good work," I murmur, still trying to praise him as much as I can even though the moans and grunts I'm making should be telling him he's doing a fucking magnificent job. I vaguely take note that Cordy's moving, but since she seems to be moving closer, I'm not going to argue with whatever she's doing. Because I've got the mouth of all mouths on me..."Wesley," I groan, cupping his hollowed cheek, stroking him with my thumb.

"Mm, fuck, Cordy," I grunt when her hands curl suddenly around my balls, cupping and fondling them like she was planning on doing that the second she got out of that chair. You know what the best part is though? Having her plastered to my back. "Cordy," I breathe, trying to restrain myself from pushing into Wes' hot, slippery mouth. It feels right, having her with us. It was getting a little lonely with her over there just watching.

But having her over here watching? Makes it even hotter. Her breasts pressed tightly to my back, her thighs outside of mine, and I bet if I slid out of Wes mouth and moved forward just a little he could get to her-- "Oh- yeah, Wes. Oh, fuck. Just-- Yes," I groan, fingers sliding into his hair gently, stroking him like a good puppy when he takes me even further in. He's so much more than that, but it's either that, or I scare him by twining my fingers in so tightly to those locks and making this turn into something he's felt a thousand times before and I never want him to feel again.

"Open your eyes, Wes," I murmur, hand stroking his cheek and hair lovingly, still holding tightly onto my control. Look at who's with you. This isn't like all those other times. We love you.
Cordelia Chase: fireworksqueen_cordette on July 30th, 2008 04:35 am (UTC)
"Oh maybe we can so do that later, cause Cordy's sure getting very turned on watching her boys," I murmur in Angel's ear. And hey, just cause I can I nibble on it a bit too. It's close by. And how hot is it to be the only one still dressed? My boys are naked, putting on a show for me. But they don't mind if I play along too if I want to. What more could a girl want? Damn, they don't make me feel like a princess at times, they make me feel like a queen.

The Queen I never really was in SunnyHell.

I scoot closer to Angel, plastering myself against his back. Which, something missing. Totally missing. Yeah, I know what it is. "Hang on," I murmur not sure if they hear me. Wes probably not, and Angel is a toss up. I pull back a bit, pull my hands away from Angel, way reluctantly lemme tell you. Once I'm there though, it's easy to pull my sunny dress over my head. Bra soon follows and I'm back being plastered against Angel's back in no time.

"Better," I tell him, rubbing my breasts against his bare back. Hands swiftly move back to his balls as I go back to watching Wes. Still with his eyes closed. Now, it could be total cause he's enjoying this, but Angel seems to think different. So do I, but neither of us is gonna say that. "Look at us, Wesley," I ad, leaning over Angel's shoulder a bit more to get a better look.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: brown sweater looking down smile S2/3watcher_pryce on July 30th, 2008 04:36 am (UTC)
I like hearing him say my name like that. Its the tone of his voice more then then the actual words that tell me he's very much enjoying what I'm doing. And that is all the reward I need. Well, that and tasting his come, because then I really know I've done well. It's the best price there is, watching that pleasure on his face. Or her face of course. To know that it was me who's put that look on there. Of course you have to open your eyes to see that and I'm not quite ready for that.

Bobbing my head up and down, tongue swirling around the head, sucking until my cheeks hollow enough to feel his cock tightly in my mouth, I keep working him. There's a smile slipping on my face when I feel him touching mine. So gentle and loving, which aren't words a lot of people would use for him. Cordy would. and possibly... Buffy. The latter quickly getting shoved from my mind. Just what I need, thinking about the ex.

Hand wraps tightly around the base of his erection, jerking him off when my lips work the head of his cock. I can hear him say something about fucking Cordy and I just know that when I open my eyes I'd see them both looking down on me. If that doesn't make me blush even more... but strangely enough makes those butterflies in my stomach flutter in a good way. Huh. That's strange but not something I need to wonder about now.

I can feel Cordy moving away again, making me frown. Still worried about this tension between them. But then Angel's fingers slide into my hair and I groan against his sock. Obviously that's something I like very much. It's not until I hear his voice, followed by Cordy's that I realize Cordelia came back to him. Us. To us.

I'm having a hard time to do as they tell me to. Ask. Ask me to. Big difference. Only capable of opening my eyes to slits, peering up to see them both looking down at me. Cordy grinning, Angel looking as if he's very much enjoying himself. And the thought that this must be one of the most ultimate bottom positions I could get in, is quickly shoved out of my mind when I see that other look on my face.

Love. For me. For me?
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on August 6th, 2008 02:35 am (UTC)
In the back of my mind, I know Cordy's moving around again, but I'm not sure what she's doing exactly. Not until I feel her perfect breasts fully against my back. "Ahh, god," I moan, pressing back against her to feel more, feel those tight nipples of hers against me along with Wes' warm mouth around me.

"Hi," I murmur, when I finally see those bright blue and so very vulnerable eyes open slowly for us. "Yeah, just us here," I murmur, hand cupping his jaw, thumb rubbing along the seam where his mouth is tight against my shaft. "You're so good to me," I tell him before another groan escapes me. "To us," I smile, a hand reaching back to rub over Cordy's hip and the curve of her ass.

Cordy's hand is still working away, and I have to smile down at him and slip out of his mouth before "this is gonna be over too quickly," I add, caressing his well used lips before he gets the wrong idea. "You're too good, tiger," I tell him, holding Cordy to my back as I move a little further backwards until I can lean down and kiss Wes, tasting myself in his mouth. "Mmm. You wanna kiss Wes?" I ask Cordy over my shoulder. How nice of a sight would that be? The two of them kissing while tasting me? Very nice.

One hand is still twined in Wes' hair and with the way I'm positioned on top of him, I can feel his cock close to mine. Just that thought is enough to have me rubbing slowly against him. "Hmm, maybe we should make Cordy come before I start on you again," I ask him conspiratorially as if Cordy has no say in this when we both know she very much has a say. She's usually the one in charge, actually, I'm starting to realize more and more.
Cordelia Chase: I'm always rightqueen_cordette on August 6th, 2008 07:01 pm (UTC)
Wesley has the pretties, bluest, kindest eyes I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of blue eyes in my time... Okay, not really, cause I didn't pay any attention to anyone's eyes unless they were hot. But Wes? His eyes I notice. It's that look in them when he sees us. When he sees Angel and me he gets that look in his eyes that takes my breath away. So much love, I've never seen so much love in anyone's eyes.

So when he finally opens his eyes and looks at us, my breath stops for just a moment. I think my heartbeat did the same there too. Leaning with my chin on Angel's shoulder, I smile down at him and I can hear the smile in Angel's voice. Don't even need to look at him to know. But damn, that is one hot look, those eyes and then seeing Angel's thick cock in Wes' mouth. Wonder if I look like that when I do it for the guys.

"Very good," I agree with Angel. Wes is all giving and never taking, cause he doesn't know how to take I'm a selfish spoiled bitch, I know how to take. Angel used to be a vicious vampire who fucking well took what he wanted. And that's probably why we make sure not to take from Wes and only give. Sorta. Wow, way to much insight for being so horny there, Cordy

"Oooh, can I kiss him?" Course I can. If I wanna kiss Wes I can, if Angel wants to kiss Wes he can to. If Angel wants to kiss me, he can do that too. Not so sure if I'm allowed to kiss Angel whenever I'd want. Wes of course would never kiss us without permission, but we're so gonna be working on that.

I watch the boys for a while, already leaning side ways to, you know, do the kissing. It's just that I'm a bit mesmerized by the way Angel rubs against Wes and that big but gentle hand in his hair. "Huh? Me?" Oh fuck yes please! Which is so not what I say of course. "But it's supposed to be boys time," I point out, cool as you please. Which is so not fooling Angel, what with as plastered over his back as I am.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: brown sweater looking down smile S2/3watcher_pryce on August 6th, 2008 07:02 pm (UTC)

It's a good thing my mouth is full because I have no idea what to say. I glance from Angel's brown eyes to Cordelia's and once again I'm taken aback by the love in them. How can that be for me? Hasn't it been proven time and again that I'm fundamentally unlovable? And yet, there they do it again, making me believe their words of love for just a brief second.

It's a look I crave so much that a surge of panic goes through me when Angel pulls his cock out of my mouth. My heart-beat goes up, my breathing seems to stop for a moment while I frantically try to figure out what I've done wrong. The only time I seem to be able to get them to look at me like that is when... You do what you've been unwillingly trained for.

Before I think about it to long though, Angel's moving and I'm about turn my panic up with a whole lot of notches. His cock rubbing against mine stops me from that though. And if it's not that, then his lips meeting mine would have. I groan into his mouth, eyes closing again on their own accord, especially when I feel his hand curling in my hair. I don't know why I love it so much, but it's just such a gentle, loving gesture.

By the time we pull back, my lips remain pursed for a bit. Almost as if they'd like those strong lips to come back and hoping that'll do the trick. Of course it doesn't, I realize when I hear Angel talk. Eyes flutter open as I lean into his touch. Can't help but gasp everytime Angel moves either, since he happens to be rubbing up against my still very sensitive cock. Wonder if it'll ever be *un*sensitive this vacation. Goodness.

"M-maybe we should make-- Uhm... you first, since you seem to be on edge, love," I point out quietly. For emphasis I shift underneath them, rubbing his hardening erection just the right way. Or I hope it's the right way. I transfer my look at Cordelia wondering what she thinks of all this. But since she just mentioned 'boys night'.... I do believe Cordelia gets incredibly turned on just by watching Angel and I. Then again, I find watching Angel and Cordelia very-- appealing to look at as well. Especially when they-- Indeed.

"Or-or we could kiss some more?" I suggest tentatively, glancing from him to her and back again. And still I'm laying underneath them both, feeling comfortable instead of trapped. That's... quite the novelty.
Keep Me: ang smiling_keep_me on August 11th, 2008 01:29 am (UTC)
"Ahh, mmm, that's nice, tiger," I groan, smiling down at him while he gets tentatively playful. "But I can hold off for awhile." I'm good at that. "And we should probably give Cordy more of a show, don't you think?" I ask him with an amused look since I'm sure Wes would rather we not give Cordy a show or do anything related to a show.

It's the uncertain look in Wes' eyes about just about everything in the last five minutes is what has me agreeing with him easily though. He needs to know that his suggestions aren't going to be shot down. Whatever Wes wants, Wes gets. "Kissing sounds very good. Is is okay if Cordy kisses you too?" I ask, shifting a little so that Cordy can slip over to Wes' other side. I know I'm the one who's hard and horny, but Cordy is too, and I think we both want Wes to get more than give. He's given a lot. Now it's his turn to receive.

With the way we've shifted, we're both kind of on top of him. It's pretty nice actually, all of us in a pile, Cordy and I protecting Wes from the world. I share a look with her before looking down at Wes. "I would say 'ladies first,' but Cordy's the one who wanted to watch, so..."

I swoop in slowly, hand still tangled in Wesley's hair, fingers kneading and relaxing as I take his mouth, sliding my tongue against his surely, sliding it in and out, probing, tasting until I can feel Wes' chest straining for air. "Mmm," I hum in pleasure, looking down at our pretty blue-eyed boy. "Amazing," I murmur, brushing his hair back from his face before glancing over at Cordy and not realizing that I've been slowly rubbing against Wesley's hip for most of the kiss. What can I say, the man turns me on.
Cordelia Chase: Over her shoulderqueen_cordette on August 11th, 2008 02:32 pm (UTC)
Heh. I'm sure he can hold off for a while, and so can I. But, you know, if you wanna be stroking Wes' ego instead of his cock then you really should let him make you come, Angel. Cause I know it'd make me proud, normal human being that I am. Normal human being with visions who are killing her, sure, but still normal. You know? And Wes is even more normal, he's about as normal as they get. Aside from the issues and the insecurity and the overly painful polite and gentle way and...okay, neither of us are normal.

All of us are way with the horny though. So right now I don't care what we do, as long as we do *something*. Touching would be nice. I'm not gonna ask for it though, cause I still feel like I somehow intruded in the boys time. I know, I know that's silly and all. They would let me in any time I wanted to. I don't want them to resent me though cause I keep interrupting their boys time. You know?

Angel's words when I shift off of Wes and more on the side of him make me smile though. See? They still want me to be with them. Of course they do, but they want it *now*, is what I mean. And with the way we're boxing in Wes on either side I'm starting to worry again about him feeling like we're... I dunno-- being this alpha stuff he mentioned. Alpha male, which so isn't me. I guess that makes me alpha female. No wonder we both get along with Wes but have trouble with each other. Huh.

"This lady will sit back and watch that any fucking time," I mutter when Angel swoops in to kiss Wes. Oh yeah, that's so hot it never fails. I can feel it between my legs. That twinge of want, want, want to be touched now. Want to watch those to at it *while* being touched, oh shit that would be so good. Watch Angel fuck Wes and then have Wes do me. Or have Wes suck of Angel and then have Angel do me. Okay, it's getting very hot here, I realize as I lick my suddenly dry lips.

It's then I notice Angel is looking at me and I've been kinda, sorta rubbing up against Wes' hip. Like Angel's doing now. It's like having or very own friction machine. Oh geeze... Get with the kissing, Cordy. "My turn," I mutter, tangling my own fingers in his hair as I swoop in to claim those well kissed lips for my own.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes glasses looking down S2watcher_pryce on August 11th, 2008 02:33 pm (UTC)
"Oh..." I breathe, looking just a little bit disappointed. The hand which had been slowly making it's way toward his cock gets dropped on the bed. Curling around whatever body part of his is close by instead. I could've made him come to take of the edge. Cordelia as well. They're the ones who can get ready for action within about half an hour. Cordelia being a woman and Angel being a vampire without an actual blood flow which needs to recover. While I, on the other hand, can probably get it up once and will then have to satisfy myself by watching them.

So yes, making them both loose that edge for a little while would've been nice. But Angel's not ready obviously and Cordelia does what he says. I doubt he even notices that. That Cordelia is pretty much doing what he's suggesting that is. When we're in bed she usually is, being about as experienced about sex as she is with-- not having a credit card. I think she's even more experienced with that lately then sex.

"What?" I mumble, blinking at first Cordy and then at Angel who's talking. I noticed they've both slid off of me, which make it a bit easier to breathe, but are now boxing me in on the side. And that's new. They - they not being these two wonderful people - were always on top, or holding me down. They were never on the side, boxing me in, making me feel... protected, wanted, needed. If I'm not careful I'm going to tear up and I doubt they'd fall for my allergy excuse this time. It would only worry them.

So I suck it up and it's a good thing Angel chooses that moment to kiss the living day lights out of me. One hand comes up to land on his back while my lips part to let him one. I don't even notice my other hand landing on Cordy's back, slowly moving up and down in tune with the hand on Angel's back. His kiss is long, slow and making me crave for more. It's also stealing my breath away. Literally. I end up panting and wheezing for hair by the time he pulls back.

Feeling both of their hands in my hair makes me groan out loud, eyes fluttering closed at the feeling that gives me. Both protection and possession. Like the owners of those hands, aggressive and gentle at the same time. And that's about all I can think before a second pair of lips claims mine. A pair which distinctly belong to Cordelia and have me moaning a muffled sound while I don't miss the way they're both rubbing against me.

"Are you certain," I pant, a long while after Cordy let go of my lips and I was able to find some coherency. "You don't want me to- to--" Both hands find their way between their legs. One dipping into the panties Cordy is still wearing, by now wet with need. The other curling around Angel's erection, swiping the thumb over the spongy come leaking head.
Keep Me: sniffwes_keep_me on August 13th, 2008 01:55 am (UTC)
Watching Cordy and Wes? Mmm...that's, well...I think maybe *I'll* watch next time. Cordy's rubbing up against his thigh, and I can see the moisture from her shining on his skin, along with the way both their lips glisten when it's over. Mmm, very nice.

I didn't miss that disappointed look though when I said we could hold off on him pleasuring us. I just-- Wes is always the one to do for others. It makes me want to do for him. "Mmgh, ahh," I clearly don't have time to think about that when Wes is right there offering again. My hand automatically moves to covers his as I gasp at his tentative, but right on target touch. "Mmm, Wes," I murmur, eyes closed for a second savoring his touch.

"Okay, okay. Go for it, Wes. Only if you want to though," I say when my tongue manages to find words. Which is all the more difficult when watching Wes' slender, delicate hand sneaking around in Cordy's panties, the scrap of fabric making his movements all the more intriguing and erotic. "Yeah, keep touching Cordy," I murmur, eyes glued to his hand, hips trying not to thrust too eagerly into his hand.

I scrape my teeth along his shoulder to distract myself, kissing over the tiny lines I make, hips rocking into Wes' hand of their own accord. Can't *not* respond to Wes. Can't seem to not want to touch Cordy too, I note when I snake my hand across to cup one of her breasts, which makes me moan softly. Can't help the shudder that follows when Wes' hand twists just so.

Continuing to distract myself, I keep kissing, licking, nipping at Wes' shoulder, while fondling Cordy's gorgeous breast. The one I can reach. "Move up, Cordy. So Wes can reach your breasts. With his mouth," I murmur, getting harder just imagining the sight. Should give his hand better access too, I think as feel myself start to breath.
Cordelia Chase: Peaceful smilequeen_cordette on August 13th, 2008 04:01 am (UTC)
So used to being...well... Used, giving, being taken, that he has no idea how to receive. Not really and that's like all sorts of sadness. And how not of the funny is it that even a year ago, maybe a bit more, I couldn't have cared less? I woulda laid there and happily let Wes give to me over and over again. Not giving a flying fuck about what Wes wanted. Or what salty goodness here wanted. As long as I got what *I* wanted. That's one idea that makes me a little sick to the stomach for a moment.

But I'm so not that girl no more. These two guys, my guys, they changed me. Sure you hear people say they did it themselves all the time. Which for some part is true. But you gotta have a reason to change, and these two? My reason for changing. My reason for knowing what a great joy it can be to give and not just take, take, fucking take. Right now though? So happy to take.

It's that look in Wes' eyes, you see. The one that says he's feeling a bit on the lost boat again and needs to do what he knows. And that's giving. Know what makes me feel even more better? Angel, who's been pushing Wes to receive something from *us* for a change, seeing that. He totally sees that and lets go of his Angel alpha way to the point that it makes me giggle. Oh Wes, you got so much power and you don't even know it. Thank fark for that. Heh.

And that's more then enough thinking when there's a very talented hand down my panties. Why the hell am I still wearing these dammit? Though, you gotta admit, looking down and seeing that hand thrust in my panties? Fuck. Hot. Angel seems to think so too and... "Oh... yeah," I mutter, pushing my breasts into Angel's big hand. He's capable of just cupping my entire breast and they're not small! Lemme tell you, that's a great feeling. Never did know my tits were so sensitive, not like I really played with them much myself, you know.

I keep glancing between Wes using his hands and wanting to press into Angel's big hand when I hear his voice. Takes me a while cause who could drag his attention away from fine boned gentle hands curled around a thick leaking cock which is begging for attention. And exact hand like that thrust down your own panties. But I manage to drag my eyes away and look at Angel hazed for a minute, still thrusting my hips just a little bit. Move. Up? Oh! Move up.

"Yeah okay," I pant, moving myself up which brings me a bit closer to Angel as well. And hey, while I'm here I lean in and capture his mouth for a kiss. Wes so isn't the only one I like to kiss, like to touch me, fuck me, feel me, want me. Wes just gives it, with Angel I feel like I gotta earn it.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: To family s3 earlywatcher_pryce on August 13th, 2008 04:02 am (UTC)
It is frustrating to realize that I want to give to them so badly, but I can't even say the bloody words. I'm so used to giving and not feeling anything but disgust and humiliation with it, that I'm a bit lost at this new feeling. This new feeling of wanting to give, give and only give because I *want* to. Because these are the two people I love, another feeling I have never felt before and am not really sure how to handle. All I know is doing thing, action, and that's a new thing for my books smart self as well. Disturbing but also intriguing.

So I just do what I think will make them feel good, even though my muscles are starting to protest at the awkward position. Not the most strangest nor the most painful one I've been in when having sex. Note that I said sex, not when making love. Because I may sound like a bloody girl, but what we're doing is not just sex. Its very much making love, even if it's quick and dirty at times, it's still making love. Because I make sure they both get what they deserve and they make sure I don't get left behind.

I don't get left behind, and that makes *all* the difference. Every difference.

"I want to," I breathe, pumping my hand up and down his throbbing erection in a slow way that I have learned he likes. Thumb rubbing over the head, swiping through pre-come already leaking out. Dipping into that slit in a way that makes him groan and grinning when I watch his face. Head dropped back, eyes rolling with barely held control. Okay, he's holding on tightly to that control, I know, but it looks convincing. Then he just drops his head and starts to work my shoulder, which really ought not to be such a turn on.

Then I turn to look at Cordelia. Who has her eyes closed while my fingers dip into that warm wetness, telling me she's so ready for more. I find that nub, rubbing over it with my thumb while two fingers tease that sopping entrance, watching that look of pure need and want on her face notch up when Angel cups her bosom. Of course he's still the one in charge, I realize with a smile moments later.

Without question Cordelia scoots up and my wrist is very grateful to her. With her being shorter then Angel I had to reach down a bit farther. But soon she's close enough for me to wrap my lips around one of her nipples the way it had wrapped around Angel's cock moments ago. My hands speed up, rubbing and touching just the way I have learned they like. Only did it a few times with them, but I learn fast. All the while I keep sucking on Cordelia's nipples, moving from one to the other and then turning slightly to move to Angel's as well.

"You feel so good," I mutter around one of his nipples, biting into his with some force, "Both of you," I pant, using my leg to push Cordy's further apart so I can push deeper inside her. "Love you... both..." I assure them, reaching down to cup Angel's balls and nudging his legs a bit further apart by default. And there's so much more I want to say, but am unable to. But hopefully I am showing them just what I feel-- even though it's poorly executed.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on August 13th, 2008 12:07 pm (UTC)
It's not even a smirk on my face when Cordy arches into my hand, it's pure lust. Her breast just fits there in my palm, and I'm- I'm just in awe of that, because we haven't been fitting- so it's nice to see that we do even if it's totally different. Want to be inside her. "Cordy," I whisper with need, want, love, I don't know, but looking into matching brown eyes, probably as dark and hungry as mine.

When Cordy moves and Wes' reach relaxes a bit, I move too trying to help Wes get a better angle and somehow in turn given him better access- "Ah, god, Wes," I grunt at the sudden wet, warmth - teeth! - I moan loudly as he plays with my nipples, hips thrusting more urgently in his hand. I'm smiling at his soft words, but I don't know how much it shows on my face because between the two of them, I'm approaching blind want.

Cordy's kiss catches me off-guard, but it shouldn't. I don't know why I didn't kiss her earlier. Feels like she needed it. There's a weird uncertainty to the kiss that I don't like. Is she feeling like Wes, like she's not allowed to kiss me? That's not good. But that's enough thinking about it for this second, because I'd rather be tasting that hot, wet mouth of hers, drowning in the heat, my hips jerking into Wes' fist.

He shouldn't be allowed to be so damn talented, I'm thinking when Wes' fingers start fondling my balls, making me moan into Cordy's mouth and kiss her even more ardently. When I pull back with a gasp - like I can't damn-well breath! - the picture that greets me is swollen lips, reddened, swollen breasts, and Wes' proud face. "Love you both too," I breath, the words coming out quiet and awed. "Want you both," I murmur, hand covering Wes' on my cock for a moment just to...I don't know, encourage him or feel him. It slides soon after down his arm and over his stomach to his chest, hand covering his heart for a brief moment before cupping his cheek. "So close, tiger, doing so- doing so good," I pant, looking over at Cordy.
Cordelia Chase: fireworksqueen_cordette on August 14th, 2008 04:20 am (UTC)
Goddamn, I always know who's kissing me. Not just cause Wes' lips are warm and Angel's are cool. But its the way they kiss. It's both fucking good (not that I have a lot of experience like most people seem to think) but so totally different. Wes is shy and soft and gentle. And Angel is demanding and protective and needy. Okay, Wes is needy too, they're men, they're always with the needy. Good thing when it comes to these two? I'm needy too.

By the time we pull back from the kiss, I'm panting for air and a thin sheen of sweat is covering my body. Having sex is just as good as a work out, totally. And way more enjoyable. I'm gonna suggest that as exercise instead of the whole Hoe-Ha fighting thing. Doubt the boys will mind, and hey, we can build Wes' stamina.

Slowly licking my lips, I look at Angel, feeling kinda really dazed from that kiss. And those touches. Watcher boy shouldn't be allowed to be that talented with the touching. I'm thinking that just like the gazillion of lingo's made his tongue flexible? The way he handles his books made his fingers flexible good.

"Fuck," I mutter, thrusting into those fingers pushing into me. That thumb rubbing my clit just the way I love it. Fast learning, kinda freaky and sad in a way. "Angel," I groan, reaching for his other hand, you know the one not touching Wes. Cause I want touching too, and maybe I gotta earn that as well, but right now I got a need. I grab his hand and bring it up to cup one of my tits again, letting out a moan at the feeling.

"Me too," I breathe quietly, feeling that tingle between my legs starting, telling me just how close I am. "Shit, Angel.... Wes... Yeah. Yes, yes, yessss..." I hiss, thinking that if one of them is gonna go down the teasing route right now there's gonna be a dead guy. Or dust. Whichever. Right now I'm so close I just wanna come.

"Harder," I pant, pushing my hips back and forth, one hand on the head of the bed, the other holding onto Angel's shoulder. "Fuck. Yes, yes, close, close... harder, God harder. Love, love you Angel, love you Wes... Yes! Wesley! There!"
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Glasses Curiouswatcher_pryce on August 14th, 2008 04:21 am (UTC)
It just makes me feel so good, knowing that I'm the one to do this to them. I'm the one to make them pant - Both of them! - I'm the one to make them groan or moan or... I'm the one who put that look on their faces, I'm the one who makes their eyes roll to the back of their head, I'm the one who makes them thrust into *my* hand. It's not smug feeling I know most people would have. But it's a good feeling, sort of a proud feeling. And doing this is not something I'd ever thought to feel proud about.

But it's me doing that. To them. I am the one to make them feel good and that makes me grin shyly. Especially when they dole out compliments, besides the fact that it's turning me bright red.

Those sounds they make when I thrust two fingers into Cordelia, or when I fondle Angel's balls... really have my own limp cock want to pay attention again. It's only a mild twitch, I am human after all, but it's very much there. That feeling in my groin as if a hundred butterflies are gearing up to burst out, or trying to. It's not quite succeeding yet, but that's fine by me. I've other things to take care of.

Two people to take care of. Two people I love. Two people who tell *me*, without hesitation, that they love me. Swallowing hard at those words, I duck my head down when I feel those blasted allergies returning. Utterly embarrassing. It's a good thing both Angel and Cordy are *very* preoccupied at the moment. And if I keep playing it right, they will soon be pre-occupied with something else. Heh.

Angel's touch makes me shiver and look up at him, eyes still shining a little bit. They close when he touches my face oh so gentle. I can still feel where his hand - warm from touching both Cordy and myself - covered my heart only seconds ago. Almost as if he was trying to protect me, but we both know that's... near impossible. I think I love him, as well as Cordelia, even more just from knowing they'd protect me. I'd do the same for them as well, even if it would cost me my own life.

My own hands never stop moving. Sliding over soft, and in one case, sweat slicked skin. Feeling the warm wetness between Cordelia's legs get more and more. I look up at them both, watching their faces contort in pure pleasure as I speed up my effort. Wanking Angel of faster and faster, flicking my wrist to change the angle sometimes. Pressing my thumb against Cordelia's clit while crooking my fingers inside her, looking for that spot. I know I've found it when she.... Actually shouts at me that I have.

I lick my lips, wanting to tell them to both come together. To come for me, to show me how much they're enjoying it. But one again I can't get the words past my lips, so instead I turn to what I know best in this case. Which is obviously not words the way it always is But touch, touching the ones I love, making them tumble over that edge and giving them the satisfaction they seek.

"Yes," I whisper at Cordelia's words, while a shy smile gets aimed at Angel the same time I squeeze his balls a little harder then I would have were he human. Considering I was already sweating like a-- pig, moving my arms, wrists and hands this fast makes it break out even more. Makes my arms ache in a way that is familiar but had never been so welcome as it is now.
Keep Me_keep_me on August 15th, 2008 03:02 am (UTC)
"More," I whisper in Wes' ear knowing another finger would really have Cordy full. I'd love to see her and Wes again, his cock filling her up, or my own. Christ. She's amazing, riding Wes' hand like we've all been doing this for years. My own hand is groping her ass, running over those curves and up over her hips, cupping her breast again (she might have tugged, but I was already going there!), rubbing my thumb in circles directly over those tight nipples of hers.

It's my turn to forget about directing traffic when Wes' wrist twists and the friction on my cock gets that much tighter and hotter, making me jerk my hips into his hand. Need more, more of that hand. More of those slim fingers. "Yeah, Wesley, yeah," I pant, shuddering next to him, humping his hand for more friction, more of him.

I look over at Cordelia, muscles tense and head thrown back in pleasure-- And when I see Wes tug her over that edgem her scent, the smell of her completely and fully aroused is enough to make my balls draw up and have me crying out both their names just as Cordy does the same.

I can feel her fingers digging into my shoulder as we both come, can feel Wes' palm like a second skin on my cock, so tight and welcoming, I can feel Wes shuddering beneath us, awe-inspired look on his face. Yeah, that's a release of a whole different kind. "Hmgh," I try to murmur, hips still rocking into Wesley's hand as I slide out of that orgasm. Oh, man.

"Wes," I murmur with a sappy smile, hand still cupping his cheek. "My Cordy," I say just as fondly, looking at her totally sprawled with Wesley's fingers still teasing more shudders out of her. "Hmm," I sigh with much more peaceful frame of mind than it has been while Cordy and I were fighting. That fighting keeps it from being too peaceful of a feeling, but it's a really good feeling, nonetheless.
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on August 18th, 2008 06:21 am (UTC)
The world narrows down to me, me, me and.... you know, Wes hand. Cause damn, he's good. I know he shouldn't be so good, considering his experiences, or lack there of, but fuck, he is good. Knows just where to touch, knows just how to touch, knows just... he just *knows*. So that either means Angel and me are totally obvious, or Wes is a really, really fast learned. I'm thinking in Wes case it's probably both.

"Yeah, yes, yes, yessss," I keep hissing, thrusting my hips forward onto his fingers. My hips get automatically angled in a way that gives *me* the most pleasure but with the way Wes his moving those fingers? Not really needed. I can be totally selfish at this point and in this state and who wouldn't be? Can't stop now! Yeah, okay, I know one idiot who would stop if we'd asked at this point, but we're working on that!

What I wanna be working on now is coming. Climaxing. Getting there. Tumbling over that edge. With one hand clawing Angel's shoulder and the other leaning on Wes' shoulder I'm vaguely aware that I'm gonna be leaving bruises with someone. But close, so.fucking.closer. Then finally I can feel is burst out, making me tingle between my legs, my stomach, my whole friggen body! Somewhere I hear Angel shouting making me think he's on the same boat as I am, but it really doesn't matter all that much, cause I'm so gone.

By the time I get back, I'm panting and sweating and generally gross and unsexy looking. But fuck, do I feel *good*. My eyes pry open to see a very shy, anxious and maybe just a little, little bit smug looking Wes. Those enormous blue eyes glancing from me to Angel and back again.

"Shit Wes," I pant, letting myself drop and folding underneath it arms. As always I'm in awe at how well I *Fit* under both their arms, in their hands, them in me. But only for a bit, cause I got some nice after glow to soak in. There a smile on my face as I lay there in Wes one arm and watch him and Angel do their thing.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Champions Wes/Cordy/Angelwatcher_pryce on August 18th, 2008 06:21 am (UTC)
It doesn't actually take them long to get there. Now I'm not sure if this is because she's a woman and he's a vampire, but I'm thinking that's probably the main reason. It certainly can't be because I'm doing anything special to bring them to that edge even closer. I just do what I get the best reactions on. When I did it at the beach, and those times we did it before and after Cordy and I had gotten sick. Yes, I'm a fast learner, but I had to be if I wanted what happened at school to be over and done with quick.

Not that I want this to be over and done with fast. In fact, I'm always both a little bit disappointed and very proud when I am capable of making them climax. Disappointed because it's over and I really do like touching them any way I can. I do like making them feel good, in fact is one of my main goals in life. Make Angel and Cordelia feel good, I'm used to coming in second place. No, that's a lie, I'm not used to coming in second place, I'm used to not be in *any* place when it comes to this.

I watch with awe as Cordelia tumbles over that edge first. She's not loud perse, but she's *there*, if you know what I mean. Of course Cordelia is *there* just by being there. Like Angel, she has a presence that just demands attention, acknowledgement, and I don't think that's just something I feel. Not when it comes to those two. But watching Cordelia come and then let herself drop down to fold underneath my arm is-- almost enough to make my allergies crop up again.

That she feels comfortable enough to just do that. I pull hand out of her panties, wrapping my arm around her. Without thinking about it, I bring it up to my mouth and suck her juices off. All the while I feel her hot breath, whispering against my neck as she catches her breath. Such a lovely, gorgeous vision. And if I turn my head just a little sideways, there's another lovely vision.

The smile on my face grows tenfold just from watching Angel come. The way he is still so much in control as he pushes his hips forward, thrusting his cock into my hand. I keep my hand tightly wrapped around his cock, letting him move any way he likes and it's not long until I get to watch his face contort in pleasure as well. "So beautiful," I whisper, sucking my fingers out of my mouth after licking the last of Cordelia off of my hand. My other hand is now covered with Angel's come, and that too, comes up to my mouth to lick it away. To taste him, to have something of him close by.

Eyes close as I lean into Angels touch. I suck the last of his come from my fingers and cover the hand on my cheek. Meanwhile my other hand is petting Cordelia's hair, letting her calm down on her own terms while still holding her close. The tips of Angel's fingers get kissed before I hold out my arm in the hopes that he'd let me hold him as well while he comes down. That, for me, is trust, and love. Them allowing me to hold them, to keep them safe, while they're letting go.
Keep Me: ang curious_keep_me on September 17th, 2008 01:27 am (UTC)
I watch Wes suck on his fingers through my orgasmic haze, and realize I want some of that too, I realize that Wes is doing something I should be paying attention to more. There's this hopeful look as he holds out his arm, inviting me in, inviting me to rest with, to stay with them. And he actually looks like he thinks I might deny him.

As if that were possible.

I slump easily under his arm, body still frazzled and buzzing from his talented hand. My own stretches across his stomach towards Cordy to brush her skin with my fingertips. Gotta have 'em both here.

I look up at Wes with that content smile on his face, and I fuzzily remember what I was wanting to do. Snagging his wrist even though my arms feel like lead, I drag his fingers to my mouth even though he's pretty much licked them clean. Vamp senses come in handy here as I wrap my tongue around his long, slim fingers and taste Cordy on his skin.

"Go well together," I murmur, eyelids half-closed as I give him his hand back and look for his other hand, to do the same. Wes and I taste and smell just as good together as he and Cordy do. "Tasty," I mumble, looking at them both with a cheesy, sappy look.

"Love you two," I murmur very quietly, snuggling into Wes' warmth and letting the buzzing flow of blood inside me relax me and make me a little sleepy. It is the middle of the day after all. I'm sure I'd probably...be awake now anyway. Too bad. A short cat nap sounds kinda good. Except I was supposed to make Wes come again... Hmm.
Cordelia Chase: Big Smilequeen_cordette on September 17th, 2008 03:04 pm (UTC)
There's some shifting and whatever, I'm to tired to actually open my eyes to see what's the what. But I realize it's probably Angel slumping down as well. Cause no way in hell did he *not* get a great edge tumbling too. Yeah, yeah, I know we should be worried about Wes being that good. But just before I closed my eyes in pure bliss? He didn't look like we were using him or whatever. He didn't look unhappy or resigned or any of those things I keep imagining him looking like way back when... when he was a skinny little boy with glasses and big blue eyes who looked like a shadow scurrying through life.

Far from it! He kinda looked happy, proud, and content. Gotta say I'm feeling kinda really content right now too. "Hmmmm..." I mutter, shuffling closer to Wes. My hand comes up to reach his and pull that arm around me closer. For all the ribbing I give him about being skinny - which, hello! He so is! - he feels so strong right now. There's totally different way to be strong and Angel and Wes both have been teaching me that. I don't always need to be a bitch around them to keep strong. In fact, I can be not a bitch around them and come out stronger.

Wait. There's someone talking. Okay, muttering would be more like it. No accent so it's gotta be Angel. I pry my eyes open and snort at the sight. "You call yourself a vampire?" I tease the lazy ass form of Angel. He looks like he'll be out like a light after one go! Geeze. Men. "Wes, I thought you said vampires had like totally great stamina and all that shit. What's that about then?" I ask, pointing at Angel while laying there like a cat stretching in the sun but not moving aside from that myself.

"Pffft, so much for the marathon sessions I had imagined," I mutter, pressing my lips to Wes' shoulder. Sweaty, musky, male and all mine. Just like Angel’s all mine. Well, mine and Wes but that’s fine with me.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: yellow shirt slight smile S1/2watcher_pryce on September 17th, 2008 03:05 pm (UTC)
Well... that move certainly makes a specific part of my body perk up lightly. Goodness, and here I thought that wouldn't be possible in quite a while. I'm far to worn out for my body to react that way but it would seem that having Cordelia close by, and Angel do *that*? Would be just the trick. Lets hope he doesn't keep that up or my body is going to be worn out this entire vacation. And while they seem to have forgotten there's a reason we went on this vacation I have not.

It isn't really to rid some hotel room of a haunted entity. It's to get Angel and Cordelia to understand each other. We cannot have a relation ship based on nothing but lust and physical attraction. Though there are times, when I'm feeling insecure - and when isn't that I'm ashamed to say - that I'm expecting too much from that. That I crave the affection, the love, the care, the *belonging* so much that I'm pushing them into something neither of them are ready for. I'll have enough time to think about that this vacation as well, while they work on their... issues.

Angel finally snuggling under my other arms makes me forget those thoughts briefly and I'm almost glad he's let go of my fingers. I look at his sated body bemused, somewhat in awe that seemingly I've done this to a vampire. A vampire, the likes of who are notorious for bouts of debauchery which went on for days. And I only did it once. Heh. But it are those quiet muttered three words that make me shiver. Words so quiet I don't think Cordelia heard them. I do though and it makes me look at him with an affection that's almost overwhelming.

"We love you, too," I assure him in a whisper just before Cordelia is-- being Cordelia. The look of affection gets turned in her direction while I pull Angel closer. I'm actually starting to cool off a little and wonder if I should pull up the covers before... well not Angel, but Cordelia gets cold as well.

"Prove to show how good he thinks this--" My eyes widen at the words she utters before pressing her lips against my shoulder. There's a definite naughty glint in her eyes when she looks at me. "Marathon sessions?" I squeak, my mind briefly going back to these nights of debauchery I thought of before. My eyes go wide and there’s a slight panic as I turn around to look at Angel. “Angel, she’s trying to kill me.”
Keep Me: ang smiling_keep_me on November 3rd, 2008 03:02 am (UTC)
I have to smirk at Wes' look of terror. He's so cute. And Cordy's a little minx for trying to get him going the way she does. She likes to rile him up a bit just for kicks. And yeah, it can be amusing. But that's Cordy's thing. It does make me chuckle though when she actually gets that squeak out of him though. Too cute.

"Hmm, we vampires? Also like to savor the moment," I tease her back with a smirk of my own. "Tease our victims, that sort of thing," I add before lazily picking up Wes' hand again and kissing his palm. I can still smell Cordy all over him. Smells really damn good.

"You wouldn't like death by orgasm?" I ask, looking up at Wes innocently from the comfortable crook of his arm while I give his fingers each a kiss. Yeah, I didn't miss the way his heart sped up when I was sucking on them just a second ago. I think our Watcher boy has a bit of a serious watching fetish. Trained as a voyeur, suppose it was bound to rub off. Heh, which he just did to both of us.

I give his throat a little nudge with my nose. "I bet we could work you up to a good long marathon session in no time, Wes. I'm sure Cordy would be happy to help with the necessary work-outs." I give Cordy an evil, but sleepy grin across Wes' chest.

"But you two have to promise to work in some time in the sun," I add, giving Wes' fingers a few more licks, getting the very last traces of Cordy off his fingers. I do like having warm partners for a change. So not thinking about Buffy. Besides, there weren't two of her. I could be surrounded by sun-kissed bodies. Wouldn't that be nice. And incredibly hot in every sense, I think as I look at Wesley and give his fingers one last fellating.
Cordelia Chase: smirkqueen_cordette on November 6th, 2008 10:52 am (UTC)
"I don't see any teasing," I point out cheerfully just before Angel takes Wes' hand again. And I got a perfect view with my head on Wes chest while Angel does bad things to fingers that aren't supposed to be bad. "Oooh, maybe you do," I grin, glancing up at Wes and noticing that he's getting that look in his eyes again. Poor guy so isn't gonna keep up with us if we don't get him some training.

I let my hand roam over his chest while Angel does a little verbal teasing of his own. That brings Wes back from the trance he was in and the look of disbelieve gets transferred to Angel. I watch as she swallowed, watching his Adams apple bob up and down. Wow, where did the urge to lean up and suck at that come from? Better get Wes some time to calm down or he'll be sleeping the whole vacation. Which so isn't the point here. Nope. Rest is fine, but we're gonna have *fun* even if it kills me.

Heh. Looks like Angel got the same throat idea. Only he's close enough to act on it. "Tease," I mutter under my breath, grinning sleepily from ear to ear. I reach for the covers as Angel grins at me, which he finds returned with an evil, mischievous grin of my own. Oh yeah, we're gonna train Wes up good. Considering how good he already is *without* training? I'm wondering if it's not Angel and I who should be worried about keeping up. "You betcha with the training, bub."

Not thinking about how Wes got so good. Nope, not again. Not this vacation. Here to have fun we are, I keep telling myself as I tuck the covers over myself and Wes. I pause for a moment, wondering if Angel wants too. I mean, not like he gets cold or anything. But hey, it's comfy cozy so I toss the covers over him as well. Can't reach to tuck him in so he'll have to do that himself considering Wes is well on his way of the land of sleep.

"Wont be as much fun without you," I point out around a yawn. "But I gotta work on my tan," I add with a sigh, looking ruefully at a skin that used to be bronzed and is now approaching milky white. Not as bad as Wes or Angel but still... "You gonna oil us up before we do?" I ask, closing my eyes with a grin and getting comfy against Wes.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: brown sweater looking down smile S2/3watcher_pryce on November 6th, 2008 10:53 am (UTC)
"You're no--" And he's back to the whole thing with my hand again. Wonderful, I have two of them. One succubus and one incubus. Lovely. Here I am, mere mortal, trying to cope with them both. Cordelia and Angel are both very good when it comes to teasing. Each in their own way granted, but nevertheless very good. They also both have an innocent look I can see right through. I'll admit at first I fell for it and sometimes still do, but these ones? Not a chance.

"Well-- but then we couldn't have any f-fun anymore," I point out weakly, staring at what Angel's doing to my fingers as though in a trance. I feel myself swallowing hard, unable to stop it. I can feel my body react; also something I don't seem to be able to stop. Even though my body is *exhausted* from the flight, from the drugs, from what we just did. And here they are gunning for more. Be it teasing or otherwise. Good lord, they're both out to kill me!

A small whimper gets out when Angel nudges my throat and there goes my body again. Well, part of it at any rate. By the time I caught my breath at that move I notice Cordelia has tucked us all in. Well thank god for that because I'm starting to fear moving at all, afraid my body is either going to betray me. Or these two might pull something. When it comes to this I do not trust them. Which sounds far worse then it is, since this is one thing I don't mind when it comes to them teasing or wanting things. I'd gladly give it them... if I'm able that is.

A yawn gets out when Angel finally lets go of my fingers and I give raise an eyebrow at him to indicate I'm very much aware of what he's doing. "I'm sure Cordy would be very happy to do so indeed," I point out dryly, giving the woman a meaningful look. The look of innocence *she* gives me in turn is fooling me about as much as Angel's did. At least it’s as tired as Angel looks. Maybe I'll get some rest after all. So much for Angel making me climax over and over again.

Later. Sleep now. Then we have to arrange the rooms. Can't forget why we're here. So these two can work out issues. "Cordy can work on her tan," I point out sleepily, eyes already closing. "I'm planning on doing some sight seeing." I'm planning on looking up a certain shaman who lives on this island in the hopes that he can shed some light on the research I've done on the visions. "But if you promise to put suntan lotion on us, I could be persuaded," I add around my own yawn.
Keep Me: ang alley_keep_me on November 10th, 2008 02:30 am (UTC)
Continued here.