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20 April 2008 @ 12:06 pm
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Oh good lord, this is just so humiliating. They already think I'm some sort of china doll which needs to be protected at all times. I'm sure this doesn't make them think they're wrong. Hell, they probably had that little idea confirmed when I told them about-- about what happened to me. Things really went down-hill from there and I'm once again only making it worse.

But this time I can't help it. Try as I might, I can't seem to be able to breathe. I can't seem to be able to stop breaking out in cold sweat, can't seem to stop my stomach from fluttering wildly, can't seem to stop being afraid. I'm afraid of flying and it's *stupid* and *embarrassing* and... I don't want to go to Hawaii!

But my legs have given out and the only one keeping me up and keeps from tumbling head first down that flight of stairs is Angel. The moment his arms come around me, I feel this brief surge of security and protection before the panic chases it away again.

"I-I-I..." keep stammering, nothing sensible coming out while trying to pull gasps of air into my lungs as well. It's not really working. The world is blurry, voices come from far, far away and I'm not sure what's going on any longer. Angel's talking, Cordy's babbling about beautiful things to see in Hawaii and I don't really care.

"But..." I rasp out, still trying to stand and to breathe. Failing miserably at both. Not even picturing Angel in a pair of trunks or Cordelia in a nice bikini seems to be doing the tricks. Though why I'm asking about "color...full...birds?" when pretty things are mentioned, I've no idea.
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Keep Me: ang smiling_keep_me on June 14th, 2008 01:22 am (UTC)
Okay, so Cordy's not helping me, alright. Is this some kind of extension of our argument? I could have sworn she offered to help Wes and me. She's giving me an eager look though so I'm not gonna dwell.

Definitely not dwelling when Wes so breathily asks if I take British pounds. No, definitely chuckling. "I'm an equal opportunity stripper. All currency welcome," I smirk at them both. Where did I find these two? I didn't know either of them had a stripper fantasy. Not exactly my forte, but I can give it a go as I start on the top button of my shirt.

And what's the obsession with my underwear? Or lack thereof?

"And why don't you think I'm wearing underwear, hmm?" I ask just to tease the both of them, giving them each a look in turn as I flick open buttons on my shirt one by one, sliding my hands along the soft fabric.

I let the shirt slip to the floor once it's all unbuttoned and off my shoulders. My fingers play with the button on my slacks.

"You sure neither of you wants to do this part?" I ask, feeling my cock press against the front of my trousers at the thought of either of them undressing me...and with their mouths and hands in close positions to do some very nice things. "Going once...going twice..." I say looking between the two of them.
Cordelia Chase: gigglingqueen_cordette on June 16th, 2008 04:24 am (UTC)
"Going thrice, get on with it Angel," I snort, waving a finely manicured hand over at him. "Unless you're scared to strip in front of us," I tease him, grinning first at him and then over at Wes. Heh. Yeah. Like Angel's gonna be scared to strip in front of us. I'm thinking out of the three of us he's the least likely to be embarrassed or cares about the whole naked thing.

Not that I'm totally, you know, into the nakedness of myself. But I know I look good, and I have no problem showing it to *these* two guys. My guys. Wes on the other hand has the most problems with the whole naked thing. If we'd let him he'd be getting into his pyjama's *everytime* we go to bed. Which give Angel and I something to unwrap, I'll give him that, but still... You know?

I lean back against Wes' legs and watch the show. Wes who's not moving much other then squirming. Considering he was already hard before I walked in, I'm thinking Angel's private show isn't making it any better. Or lots better. Heeh!

"To bad we don't have any money on us right now," I say, licking my lips while Angel slowly reveals himself. This is a great show. It's gonna be an even better show once the boys get on with it. But I'm thinking Wes needed a break to clear his head. Not sure if this is clearing his head much though. Heh.

"This show really is worth a lot of money. I'm sure Wes'll pay you back though. In full," I say, grinning to Wes who's giving me one of those cute shy looks. There's even a smile to go along with it. Awww. "Bet you ten bucks he's not wearing any underwear," I whisper at Wes, knowing full well Angel can hear me.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes smile green shirt S1/2watcher_pryce on June 16th, 2008 04:25 am (UTC)
My mouth is already opening to offer to help out, more out of pure politeness then of actual want. Not that I don't want to, but moving is going to be an experience. I can tell that much from the little moves I've already made. My erection is pushing against my slacks painfully and watching Angel's show isn't making it go anywhere. It only makes it harder. In every way.

Cordelia leaning against me isn't helping either, though I doubt she knows this. My hand is on her arm, feeling that oh so soft skin. I can smell her perfume and the lotion she's put on. Flowers and herb and something that is so distinctly Cordelia I'd have trouble giving it an actual name. So even though she's thoughtfully placed herself in such away as to not hinder me, she's very much having an effect.

Which is maybe why I'm somewhat glad that she jumps in, takes the lead and tells Angel to get on with it. My eyes move from Angel to Cordelia and I'm unable to swallow the whimper getting out fully. With every inch of skin Angel reveals. With the way Cordelia is licking her lips. It all makes me shift on the bed, trying to get comfortable to no avail.

"Very much worth it," I agree softly with Cordelia's opinion about the show. Her suggestion that I pay him back in full has me blushing all over, though a shy smile gets out anyway. I would and will pay him back. He was already showing me 'a good time' wasn't he?

"I would say you're on," I whisper back, both of us watching Angel like hawks now, "but I think I'd loose." I don't think Angel's wearing underwear. In light of the show that is to come, it's also not important. But funny never the less.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on June 26th, 2008 02:05 am (UTC)
"You're missing out," I tell Cordy, shaking my head like she doesn't know what she's saying, turning down a chance to help me get undressed. "Next time, I'm making you guys do all the work," I say, casually flicking open buttons.

"What if I want double my money?" I tease Cordelia, before turning around, my bare back to them, hands going to my fly. Bet she didn't plan for me wanting to have my Wes and her too, did she? Thought she was going to get away with just watching? Maybe, but god, she smells intoxicating too. I give a quiet moan at the thought...and for the benefit of my audience.

The sound of my fly unzipping fills the room and then I tug the button of my slacks open, a noise getting out of me as my cock gets some relief. "How am I doing?" I ask, sliding my slacks and boxers down my hips, bending over to give them both a good view. I take a moment to pull off my socks surreptitiously while I know they're busy staring at something more enticing.

"So should I consider a career in stripping?" I ask, turning around slowly so that they can take a good long look. The looks and the smells coming off of both of them tells me everything I could ever need to know.

"Looks like it's Wes' turn, doesn't it?" I ask, giving the two of them my own looking over. Like the way Wes' trouser are bulging, and there's a faint hint of Cordy's nipples through her sundress. Gorgeous.
Cordelia Chase: Angel Cordyqueen_cordette on June 26th, 2008 04:40 am (UTC)
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