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20 April 2008 @ 12:06 pm
Continued from Here

Oh good lord, this is just so humiliating. They already think I'm some sort of china doll which needs to be protected at all times. I'm sure this doesn't make them think they're wrong. Hell, they probably had that little idea confirmed when I told them about-- about what happened to me. Things really went down-hill from there and I'm once again only making it worse.

But this time I can't help it. Try as I might, I can't seem to be able to breathe. I can't seem to be able to stop breaking out in cold sweat, can't seem to stop my stomach from fluttering wildly, can't seem to stop being afraid. I'm afraid of flying and it's *stupid* and *embarrassing* and... I don't want to go to Hawaii!

But my legs have given out and the only one keeping me up and keeps from tumbling head first down that flight of stairs is Angel. The moment his arms come around me, I feel this brief surge of security and protection before the panic chases it away again.

"I-I-I..." keep stammering, nothing sensible coming out while trying to pull gasps of air into my lungs as well. It's not really working. The world is blurry, voices come from far, far away and I'm not sure what's going on any longer. Angel's talking, Cordy's babbling about beautiful things to see in Hawaii and I don't really care.

"But..." I rasp out, still trying to stand and to breathe. Failing miserably at both. Not even picturing Angel in a pair of trunks or Cordelia in a nice bikini seems to be doing the tricks. Though why I'm asking about "color...full...birds?" when pretty things are mentioned, I've no idea.
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Cordelia Chase: Peaceful smilequeen_cordette on May 16th, 2008 04:27 am (UTC)
By the time we pull back, I'm kind of a little dazed. Angel's kisses will do that to you. Just look at Wes, even when he's in full panic mode those kisses calmed him down. Got him with the hazy. Not that I needed calming down but they're nice to get anyway. Reminds me that there is an Angel and I too. A rocky one, granted, but there is an Angel an I. Still. Yet. Hopefully in the future.

So yeah, I blame the dazed feeling for missing what Angel's saying at first. When his words do filter through my first thought is that Wes got himself a damn hammer while we were busy. "What? He got a hammer," I mutter, wide eyes glancing over at Wes in a hurry.

No big ass bruise on his face, what you'd expect with a hammer. Oh. Oh *wait*. The friggen pills finally work. Now all we can hope for is that those stupid pills don't clash with the pills that are *supposed* to calm him down. That'd be of the bad. That'd be a not good start of our vacation. And boy do all of us need this vacation with as stressy as we've been.

"What?" I murmur, having to drag my eyes away from looking at Wes when he sleeps. He's so cute when he sleeps. Mouth slightly open, breathing in softly, glasses slipping down his nose and those ridiculous long eyelashes fanning over his cheek. The guy would make lots of girls jealous with lashes like that. I know I am!

Oh wait. Angel wants to take a nap. "Naw it's fine," I assure him, reaching up to gently pluck Wes' glasses from his face. Folding them up carefully, I wrap them in a tissue - so the lenses don't get scratched - and put them in my purse. Without them Wes looks even more vulnerable then he already did. Good thing he's sleeping.

"I'll wake you up when we get there," I tell Angel, waving at Wes as I go on, "cause I think sleeping beauty there is still gonna be with the sleeping." I'll talk to the flight attendant, get us a wheelchair. It'll be relaxed getting to our vaca home without the Wes panicking.

Grinning at the thought, I put my purse back down, slip my hand back into Angel's and lay it back down on Wes' thigh. My boys. When they're asleep? I'm not, cause someone's gonna have to watch over them. And hey, I can read the latest glossy magazine with one hand only. You learn a trick or two growing up the way I did.