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08 October 2007 @ 06:01 pm
Continued from Here

Don't I get another kiss, nya, nya, nyeah, I know. Childish. But seriously! I just kissed him! Jackass. Knew that didn't make no impression at all. Bet he wants Wes kisses. Bet he just wants Wes, that's why he's not impressed with me. Bah. Men! Like I didn't see him look at Wes when he thinks I'm not watching him. Yeah, I seen it. Wes hasn't. Wes is being oblivious guy.

They got something those two. Something I can't give either of them and it doesn't have to do with both of them having a dick! Cause hey, I could strap one on an viola! It's not that, it's something. Something. I dunno. Something.

I try not to huff as I lay there with my head on Wes chest. And yeah, Angel's hand rubbing my back feels nice but I'm still with the disappointed about my kiss not making him with the speechless. I mean, what does it take?! Geeze. Okay, it takes very little to get Wes speechless, so that's not an example and--

Or totally not speechless. Huh. I still say my boys kissing is hot. See? I knew that's what-- "Hmpf?" Oh. Oh yeah!. Now that's what I call a kiss. Such a Wes kiss, but there's something urgent behind it. When we pull back, - damn air - I blink at him stupidly and for the first time I'm kinda speechless. Huh. That was all kinds of unexpected.

His next words are even more so. I wasn't sulking! I wasn't! What's with the look? Oh hell, okay, okay, so I was sulking. And Angel was brooding? Why? What's he got to brood about dammit! Okay, okay, no sulking.

Damn if there aren't things Angel and I need to talk about. Soon. Yeah. Not now, now I'm going to not sulk and get some rest.

"Yes, boss," I murmur, giving him a mock salute which seems to amuse him. Okay. Good. Amused Wes is always of the good. I give Angel a tentative look - and who thought I'd be capable of that? - before reaching out for his hand to lace our fingers together.
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Keep Me_keep_me on November 3rd, 2007 12:06 am (UTC)
I can smell her. Shit. My cock twitches, and I'm thinking fucking Cordy is really never going to get old. Now that I've had her slick and tight around my cock once, there's really no substitute. Wes, now that will be different, but..I moan around Wes's shaft, imagining her up against the wall and sliding into her, body and breasts wet from the shower, hair tangled and limp, Cordy totally dissheveled for once. Wouldn't that be a sight...

Can definitely hear her now, and even Wes looks like can see her if not hear her. Feels right, having her watching, participating in her own way. Being with us, enjoying right along with us, and boy are we enjoying. Know I am. Fuck, Wes is always enjoyable. Getting to slide my tongue along his cock, lapping at that blood rich flesh is intoxicating. Completely so and I just keep at him, never sucking as much as I know he wants me to, never moaning loud enough to make the vibrations give him enough friction.

And my finger, he likes my finger. That is just what I was hoping for, and my cock is jerking like an eager puppy wanting to try him out. Not time yet though. I slide my thumb deeper, slowly, maddeningly slowly. And then just to torture him, I push back on his hip and pull him forward, rocking him back and forth, playing his body against my thumb and my mouth taking as much of him as I can and urging him to take more of my mouth. Yes, I do know my torture. And I plan to make very good use of it. If not on them, then on myself. God, I'm so hard.

I groan loudly around his cock this time and drive him all the way into his mouth, swallowing around his head tightly, thumb pressing right where it needs to go. And there's Cordy, smelling so lush and sweet. Want them. Want to feelsmelltaste them coming.
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on November 3rd, 2007 09:10 am (UTC)
Condoms, condoms. Fuck I don't have any condoms. Hell, I didn't want anyone touching me after the whole demon baby thing. But this is Wes and Angel who so wouldn't hurt me. And not just cause they know I'll kick their ass hard if they would. No, they so wouldn't hurt me cause they love me. Love. Me. And I need condoms now. Bet Angel didn't bring *those* back from his flu run.

I wanna feel what Angel's feeling in his mouth though. I wanna feel it inside. Felt Angel twice, all cool and strong and *protective*. Now I wanna feel Wes. All hot and gentle and *caring*. But I don't have any friggen condoms! I think. Dammit! Oh screw it, can't stay here any longer. I gotta get in there, now that Wes noticed me and hasn't done the freak out thing. Probably to far gone to do anything other then what he's doing right now.

"Screw it," I murmur, eyes moving toward Angel, groaning at the sight of his swallowing around Wes cock and stepping into the shower. Forgot I was wearing Wes' pajama shirt but remember the moment it's soaked within seconds. Clinging to me like seconds skin. I move up behind Wes, sliding my arms around his waist, my flat hands brushing toward his nipples.

"Need to feel you inside," I growl against his ear, eyes glancing down past his shoulder - which hey! Totally not easy, the guy is *tall*!. I have to stand on my tip toes and I'm thinking he's hunched down otherwise I would’ve never been able to. My eyes meet Angel's again, reading the fire there that's reflected in my own.

"Angel," I groan, rubbing my clit against the hand working Wes' ass.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Ferret Maffiawatcher_pryce on November 3rd, 2007 09:13 am (UTC)
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