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31 August 2007 @ 10:55 pm
Continued from Here

"You're not getting a hammer, dork. Like getting tossed into the wall on a regular basis isn't enough." Geeze. Men. Get a headache and they whine about it. He should have my vision headache! Yeah, okay, probably not fair. And Wes doesn't really whine. Wish he did, then we could do something about it.

We'll teach him that though! Not the whining, but the saying what he'd like. Will take a lot of work, but I got Angel to help me out here. At that point I look at Angel, moving oh so carefully, getting Wes more juice - and hey! That was mine! - getting him meds, getting him... Right. Angel not gonna be any help there. Push-overs. I'm dating push-overs. Great.

"Thanks," I murmur, taking the bag from Angel with a beaming smile - as much as I can beam - while he tries to coax Wes into drinking that yucky cough syrup. So glad I don't have that problem, cause that syrup is just gross. Okay, what have we got. Methol rub, oily stuff for-- what is that? Oh, for making one of them easy breathing fogs.

"Yess! Breathmints! Thank god!" Cool. Now I want that toast and a glass of orange juice. Then I want to snuggle up close to my boys, sleep some more. And god a shower or a bath would be of the good. I bet I stink of sweat and stuff. Ew. But first eat, drink, sleep and snuggle, then we get better. Not necessarily in that order. “Here,” I murmur, thrusting some at Wes one he’s stopped making the funny faces.
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Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Glasses Curiouswatcher_pryce on August 31st, 2007 08:58 pm (UTC)
There's moving. Why is my pillow moving? Oh, wait. Angel's moving. Somewhere along the line he seems to have evolved into my pillow. It's a nice pillow, I'll have to say that. Strong and soft and feeling quite safe. If I could I'd lean against his chest and listen to that rumbling sound when he speaks. I like his voice, a lot. Except when he says things like that.

Glumly I stare at the carefully measured out cup of syrup he holds out to me. Then I try to look at him pleadingly, because he probably has no idea how godaweful that tastes. Even when you don't have any taste? You'll taste that. Then again, it's better then cod liver oil, I got far to much of that when I was a child.

"Alright, alright," I sniffle, realizing it's no use to look at him pleadingly. He just wants to help. So I take a deep breath, pinch my nose shut and swallow the horrid liquid in one go. A shudder goes through me when the indeed gruesome tasting stuff slides down my throat. At least the orange juice cleared the path or it would've been much worse.

"God, that's nasty," I rasp, leaning back against Angel tiredly. I wish that coughing would go away so I can get some more sleep. Actually, I wish that headache would go away. I can't hear myself think. "Hmmm?" What now? Oh. White things. "What is that?" I ask, not wanting to open my eyes to much. And moving away from Angel to much. Now if only Cordelia would come closer.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on September 1st, 2007 03:43 pm (UTC)
Oh, man, he's really too cute when he's all wimpy like this. Makes me just want to cuddle up with him and hold him close. But we've got cough syrup to take here. I look at him expectantly while he looks at me pleadingly. Why doesn't he want to take it? It smells kind of gross, but it'll help with his cough. I look back at him confused as we seem to have a battle of wills, but finally he takes it.

Woah. I didn't think it smelled that bad... Maybe it tastes really bad? I hold him a little closer as he slumps back into me. I run my hand over his forehead again, just to be sure, and satisfied that he isn't feverish, I run my fingers back through his hair soothingly, just doing it over and over and letting him lie there on my chest as much as he wants. "Mint," I say, softly as I see the befuddled look on his poor face. "Might get that cough syrup taste out of your mouth," I tell him, looking over at Cordy. "You gonna join the pile on Angel?" I ask her with a twinkle in my eye. I certainly don't mind.

Hell, I'd rather be useful as a pilow, even if it means being bored to death while they sleep on top of me than sit around waiting for them to get better. They need the rest anyway. Cordy's probably hungry, but there's really not much chance of me getting out from under Wes any time soon. Don't want to disturb the poor guy. I've really never seen him look quite so puny and upset. I keep running my fingers through his hair and draping my arm gently around his waist. Wonder if he'll actually drift off, or if we need to do more damage control on that breathing.
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on September 1st, 2007 04:58 pm (UTC)
Oh geeze. Could he be any more adorable? I bet he got bullied a lot at school. Yeah, not thinking to much about that. Don't want to imagine tiny Wes with glasses and short pants getting pushed around. Or think to much about what *I* was at school. I so would have picked him out on the first day and tortured him the rest of his school years back then. Funny how thing change. If anyone were to do that now? I'd Angel to kill him. Or her.

"Mint," I say at the same time Angel does. We share a look that makes it quite clear he's totally thinking what I am. Okay, not the bully thing. But Angel has this 'oh my god how cute' look. He doesn't get it often so it's easy to see. Last time he got it was when we rescued those puppies and then he tried to hide it. Wusses, both of them. Even though those puppies were to die for.

I suck on the mint and realize that I'm not gonna be sipping any orange juice any time soon. Okay, would taste of the yuck with the mint anyway. Water will have to do. And toast. And then Angel pile. Whoa, wait. Angel pile? I blink at the manpire, the look on my face soon turning amused.

"Did you just make a joke?" I sniffle, giving Wes a soft poke. "He just made a joke, Wes. And you're to far gone to have heard it. Geeze." Well, at least he looks comfy cozy. "I'm gonna try some toast and water, then I'll join the Angel pile. Hopefully dorkboy here will be petted to sleep by then."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: yellow shirt slight smile S1/2watcher_pryce on September 1st, 2007 04:59 pm (UTC)
Mints? Oh. I guess that'd work. "Thank you," I murmur, barely able to get the words out. Or well, pronounce them so they can actually understand what I'm saying instead of muttering and mumbling. To tired though. To comfortable where I am. My head hurts to much and I don't like moving. Not going to move. Just going to sit here and suck on that mint and ... lay here actually.

A content sigh gets out when I feel Angel's fingers lip into my hair. That's nice. That feels so good. I snuggle up closer to him, my eyes closing fully, not even a crack to peer through remaining. "'S nice," I mumble, shifting a bit to get even more comfortable against my new pillow. Angel makes a splendid pillow, I'll say.

There's some more coughing, but not as bad as before as I lay there. I listen to Angel talk, hearing the rumblings in his chest. That makes me smile, because it makes him feel alive even if he doesn't have a heartbeat, or breath. Cordelia's higher voice is pitched lower on purpose. I can tell, she does that whispering thing when she thinks Angel can't hear us. Maybe she's still having a headache herself. At any rate, I appreciate it.

"'M a nrd, dammit," I mutter, not appreciating that observation. "Youjus jealous," I add with a slur, "I like it." Tilting my head up, I squint up at Angel so he knows that I like what he's doing. Not Cordelia being jealous. My eyes close again as I snuggle back against Angel, still sniffling and coughing somewhat, but Angel's making the headache lessen. I like that.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on September 1st, 2007 05:41 pm (UTC)
I smile broadly at her when she get this amused, shocked look that I might have been trying to be funny. Yeah, it happens. Wes is making mumbley noises and I smile at him, continuing to run my fingers through his hair. I'm pretty sure he was just trying to scold her for calling him a dork, but one never knows.

I do catch that he likes what I'm doing, and I brush a few fingers over his cheek when he squints up at me to let him know I got that much at least. He really is the sweetest man. If I didn't love him (or really both of them) before, I think it's pretty obvious that I do by now. "I like it too," I murmur back to him, kissing the top of his head.

As Cordy says, I keep petting him, gently combing my fingers through his hair and along his neck. That's my boy, I think as his face softens. Got him to relax a bit at least. I nod to Cordy when she says she's going to have the toast first. "Sounds good," I murmur. Wes should probably eat something when he wakes up. I'm trying to think of the last time either of them ate anything substantial, and I'm coming up with nothing, really. I'm going to make them a big dinner once they're feeling better. And we won't have to fight about the wine, or being naked now that we've got that first date out of the way. I shouldn't have been so worried about it anyway. And if we're here in Cordy's apartment, I think we can do whatever the hell we please.

I really hope some rest will have him back on his feet soon. It's probably no fun being this sick. For any of us. Although, I can't really seem to mind this extra snuggling I'm getting right now.
Cordelia Chase: Find it kinda funnyqueen_cordette on September 1st, 2007 06:53 pm (UTC)
"Oh yeah," I nod, grabbing the toast Dennis helpfully floats over, "I'm so friggen jealous it hurts." I glance at him leaning against Angel and I realize I have to take my previous thought back. He *can* totally be more adorable then he already was. My face softens, something I would never ever do in front of anyone else as I watch the two of them.

"You, on the other hand are so cute *and* adorable it's ridiculous," I continue, nibbling on some toast. Oh that's so dry. Where's the water? "In fact, Wes, you're so adorable it should be outlawed. We could totally use that in the future." Heh. I knew it. Just saying the 'A' or 'C' word gets me a glare. And lets admit it, even that one is pretty damn cute. I share a look with Angel who just keeps on petting Wes, so I'm pretty sure our boy will be sleeping again soon.

Good. He needs the rest. The sooner we're up on our feet, the better. Not just for us but for Angel as well. I'm thinking he's getting antsy cause he can't pretty much go around slaying a bug or whatever. Angel hates feeling useless as much as Wes and I do. Except he has more ways of making himself useful. What with the whole vampire thing.

"Dennis? Can you get me some water?" I put the now almost empty tray back on my nightstand and then pluck the glass of water out of the air. Would have liked some juice, but water will just have to do. As I lean forward a bit, I look at Angel and then down at Wes and smile. "He asleep?" I ask, keeping my voice down just in case he is.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: dork S2watcher_pryce on September 1st, 2007 06:54 pm (UTC)
What did she just say? I mutter something most definitely not being cute, let alone adorable. Even open my eyes somewhat to give her a good glare for that remark, though I don't move away from Angel. I'm sure he doesn't think I'm cute, or adorable. Because I'm not. Only weak and-and silly people, and puppies or kittens or girls are cute. Or adorable. Not men.

"'M not dorable," I murmur, slipping an arm around Angel's waist. Cordelia's not done though, which is a clear sign that she at least is feeling better. I'm glad one of us, to bad it's not me. Alright, that's probably mean. I want Cordelia to feel better if only that didn't mean I'm not feeling any better. Well, somewhat better now that I have my Angel pillow. That's nice. Wish I could have one every night.

"Angel," I whine, looking up at him deploringly, "makeher shtop. 'M nocut. Youre." I can't even finish my sentences due to a rather large yawn overtaking. It almost feels as though I'm about to break, if not my face in two, then at least my jaw. There's more sniffling and snuggling, Angel's hands still doing their magic work.

I can feel my eyes growing heavy, far to heavy for me to keep open. It's then that I decide to let Cordelia yammer on about whatever and just get some sleep. I have Angel close by. Cordelia will join us soon. What more could I possibly want? I'm very willing to just lay here and enjoy this for as long as I can. Sleep also sounds good, I tiredly think, already feeling myself sink deeper into the clutches of unconsciousness.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on September 3rd, 2007 03:32 pm (UTC)
Can't resist, can she? Has to needle him even when she's down. That's our Cordy. She must be feeling better. She's right though, he is pretty damn adorable. I don't think I've seen anything this cute since I put them to bed the other night. Wes is still trying to do some muttering about not being cute, but it doesn't come out as much since I think he's already more than half asleep. What a sweetheart, I think looking down at him and still curling my fingers through his hair.

He starts to try to protest more, and it's more cute than threatening. I glance at Cordy with a smile and look down at Wes again. "Shh, love," I murmur. I know, I know it's his word, but it feels right calling him that right now. My hands keep brushing over his neck and back, trying to be soothing. I even get to brush my fingers over his cheek when the sneezing and yawning stops for a moment.

I let him cuddle as close as he wants, still mumbling things now and then. "That's it, tiger, just relax," I murmur, fingers drifting through his hair as he wraps himself around me like a second skin. He is a tiger, always fighting off the world, fighting not to be small and insignificant. Cute and adorable, but still a tiger. I remember that first day I bumped into him in L.A. Trying so hard to be rough and fierce and scare me with his crossbow. He's such a softie underneath it all, and I'm glad he can share that side of himself with us once in awhile, even though I know it's difficult. Hell, I don't really do it much myself.

My eyes find Cordelia's and I wait a little while until he's good and asleep before answering. "Yeah, he's out," I murmur stroking fingers through his hair and down his neck, just repeating that over and over. "Might as well c'mere and join us," I add softly so I don't wake him. "I've got plenty of room for more snuggling," I say with a wry smile. Yeah, I won't be living this down any time soon.
Cordelia Chase: Angel Cordyqueen_cordette on September 4th, 2007 04:44 am (UTC)
Watch out world. The Dark Avenger has a new awesome power. He'll pet you right to sleep. And if that doesn't take out the enemy, Wes's adorableness will. Yeah, those are my guys. Fierce, brave, strong and total wusses. Of course *I'm* the only one who gets to see them like that so...yeah. But come on now, look at them! Definitely not even close to macho.

"I think he's saying you're cute," I translate the Wes mutterings. That's what it sounded like and I can't say I disagree with him. I tilt my head and look at Angel thoughtfully. Watching him shush Wes like he's some little boy. Stroking him and calling... love? Whoa, what? And that after the freak out we had the other day?

Okay. That earns him a look. What? That earns him several looks, cause yeah. All that drama yesterday and then he goes around doing it himself. Oh wait, wait. Maybe that means he's finally got a clue. It's about damn time! I was almost sure we were gonna have to hit into him with Wes' brick! Glad to see he's not doing the freak now. Although, I have to say... Calling Wes tiger?

"Tiger?" I say, still keeping my voice low. Hey, credit points to me for trying to be civil. "You've gotta be kidding me," I blurt out way to amused. I glance from Angel to Wes - who looks more like a cute kitten at the moment - and back to Angel to shake my head.

"Whatever makes you two happy," I shrug, because who cares. As long as they don't go around doing that in public. God! Imagine that. Though, just the look on Wes face might be worth it. He'd probably die from embarrassment for weeks. Hah.

I finish my glass of water and realize that I'm feeling way better now. Not like I should feel when fully better, but with some good sleep and something in my stomach? Way better. Better then Wes anyway. Time to get my snuggling. After putting the glass back down on the nightstand, I snuggle up to Wes, grinning when he automatically shifts in his sleep to accommodate both Angel and I. Doesn‘t even have to think about it.

"People pleaser," I murmur, meaning Wes. We're gonna have to work on that too. Raising an eyebrow at Angel I give him my best evil smirk, letting my arm slide alongside his. Oh yeah, so not ever going to live that down. "Damn," I murmur, "I know I shoulda wired the room. I could so have gotten that on tape," I add, glancing at sleeping Wes with a grin. Which fade a little when I realize something. “He’s not gonna drool on me is he? Cute as he is, that would be gross.”
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on September 4th, 2007 10:30 pm (UTC)
"Cute?" I frown. She's just making that up. Wes wouldn't call me cute. And I see that look Cordelia's giving me. I raise an eyebrow back at her. What? I liked it when he called me that. It was just the whole 'I love you' part that got me worked up. Plus, we went over that, and I was better. I think I can call my boyfriend love. She keeps with the looks and I shrug, going back to petting my tiger. Yes, my Wesley-shaped tiger. Now *he's* the one that's cute.

"He's my tiger," I say, ignoring her disbelief and continuing to pet him. And then I get and idea and look over at her evilly. "And you're my kitten," I say, grinning and pulling her over closer as Wes shifts around in his sleep. "My cute little kitten...with claws," I add with a wink.

Yeah, not living that down either, but it's worth it for the look on her face.

"He's more likely to drool on me, I think," I murmur, slipping my arm around her waist. "I'm pretty sure there'll be a lot more interesting things to tape than me talking about snuggling," I say, letting my imagination run away for a moment. "You should get some sleep," I tell her, giving her her own version of Angel petting and chasing away those somewhat inappropriate thoughts. I rub her back gently and hold her close. Having both of their heartbeats right against me and all this warmth is kind of making me a little sleepy too, but I'll stay awake until Cordy drifts off. I don't want her worrying about the too much sleeping thing again.
Cordelia Chase: gigglingqueen_cordette on September 5th, 2007 01:32 pm (UTC)
"Kitten?" Laying there against Wes' chest I shift a little and grin up at Angel. "Wes is more like a kitten," I assure him, keeping my voice very, very low. Just in case sleepy kitten can hear me. He' be so very insulted if he heard me say that, but Angel and I both know it's true. He's the soft, gentle one out of the three of us, and yet he's always the one trying to protect us. Even if it's from each other.

But hey, I like being their kitten. With claws. Snuggling up again Wes and of course cause he has no choice, Angel as well, I shake my head way amused. And yeah, that might have so been laughing from me. Cause who wouldn't be amused to hear the big bad vampire call his lovers Kitten and Tiger. "And you say you're not cute," I murmur, "I saw that look."

The totally affronted 'I'm not damn cute!' look men seem to get. I love that look, cause they're both adorable at times. Frustrating too, but adorable as well. Like now. Look at them? Wes sleeping against Angel with is red nose and mouth half open. And Angel petting him and me and just having that look in his eyes.

We'll be okay. We're gonna be okay. Gonna be hard work, but we're gonna make it. I just know that.

"Sleep sounds good," I agree, promptly having to hide a yawn behind my perfectly manicured hands. Claws. Heh. "As long as Wes drools on you, I can dream about interesting things I'd want to have on tape. Preferably with the two of you. Heh." I look up at him half asleep already, but there's a definite twinkle in my eyes.

"Gonna be a great dream," I yawn, already feeling myself drift off and follow Wes into the land of wicked dreams.
Keep Me: ang curious_keep_me on September 7th, 2007 01:47 am (UTC)
"Cordy kitten," I tease her quietly so we don't wake Wes. Because there's no way I want to see groggy Wes wake up to the sounds of anyone being called kitten. Especially not himself like Cordy just did. That was playing with fire. Completely.

Oh and then she goes and calls *me* cute! Yeah, she better see that look. She really must be feeling better. A whole lot better. It's a good thing I have a Wesley to pet. He's making these really soft wheezing sounds that are just so cute especially with how completely asleep he is. Cordy's getting there, but she's still musing over our cuteness, I think, if that look on her face is anything to go by.

Or something else entirely. Her words make me smirk while my hands continue running over her softly. Someone's definitely feeling better. "Not so much a dream anymore," I murmur as I hear her heartbeat slow down. Definitely not a dream with the two of them curled up in my arms.

I give a soft yawn myself, looking over the two of them. My sleeping cat family, I think with a goofy smile. Relaxing back into the pillow, I let my eyelids droop as I watch them. Pretty. Cute. That's them. My fingers stroke over various parts of them and listen to their sleeping heartbeats. I wonder if Dennis can 'hear' that kind of thing? Hmm. I guess he must if Cordy can order him around. And the real questioin that I will never be posing in front of Wes is what all can Dennis see? Heh. He must like the show, I think as I drift off with a smile on my face.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes S1 slight smilewatcher_pryce on September 7th, 2007 03:19 pm (UTC)
There's a very warm body behind me. And a lukewarm body underneath me. That's-- actually a rather nice way to wake up. Even nicer because I know who those bodies belong to. I can feel Angel's arms wrapped securely around me, and no doubt Cordelia as well. He makes a very good mother hen, when he's not ill himself. Or wounded. Aside from him and Cordelia I've never had anyone bothering with being a mother hen with me. It's something I'll have to get used to.

Cordelia is behind me. Her arms wrapped around my waist, while her head rests on my chest. My hand automatically comes up to comb my fingers through her hair. I realize only moments later that despite her being sick, she still smells nice. Of course my sense of smell could have been completely ruined by this cold for a while. I'm just happy to be smell something. It's progress at the very least.

As I shift a little I realize another thing. The headache isn't completely gone, but it's turned into a dull throb just behind my eyes. I'm quite used to that one, getting it often as I so research to long. Which, alright, is usually all the time. Can't help it though, I don't know any better.

I've no idea what time it is, but as I lay there, cocooned between Angel and Cordelia? I'm thinking this staying in bed all day idea might be the right one. I just hope the day isn't over yet. Later on a shower would be nice, because I feel sticky and sweaty and I probably stink as well. For now I just snuggle up against Angel with a content sigh, run my fingers through Cordelia's hair and doze a little.
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on September 7th, 2007 03:19 pm (UTC)
There's a heartbeat underneath me. Thump, thumping away. That's a clear sign that it's not Angel. Hah. Not to hard to figure out who the warm body I'm using as a mattress does belong to. Wes. He feels warm, which is good. Cause if he'd have felt hot or cold he still would be heavy with this flu thing. Don't want this flu thing. Want us to be better. Totally. Now.

Even though the Angel attention is kinda neat.

With a small murmur I shift when Wes does. I could tell he was waking up cause of that heartbeat underneath me. Must be spending to much time with Angel to be going around noticing heartbeats. Actually, I think we need to spend *more* time with Angel. The whole day in bed. Yeah, I'm so behind that idea. We can have Dennis get us thing and then Angel can stay too.

"Hmmmm." Oh. That's all kinda nice. Gotta be Wes too running his fingers through my hair. Cause Angel's arm is still doing the protective holding. Which is all kinds of nice too. My guys, they'll always protect me. Bet they don't know I'm here to protect them too. From stupid guy like choices, books, jumping into a fight and-- other women. And guys, now that I think about it. I've seen other guys look at them too.

They're mine. All mine and no one else is gonna get them. Unless it the two of them of course. But then I want to watch. Just like in my dream. Damn, that was a great dream. a very, very fucktastick dream. "You feeling any better," I mutter sleepily, tilting my head up to look at both of them.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on September 10th, 2007 02:13 am (UTC)
Oh, looks like I've got two live ones here. I blink my eyes open as I feel Wes shift a little, and then Cordy too. They're both so damn warm. If I could sweat, I think I would be with two humans piled on top of me. Which I definitely can't say is bad. Just...makes me a little sleepy is all. More in a drugged way than a tired way. Don't really usually get to feel this warm.

My arms do a reflexive curling thing, holding them both closer for a second. I can feel Wes moving slightly on top of me and flick my eyelids open some more, only to see him petting Cordelia. Looks like I've started a fad, I think, watching them with a smile.

"'m feeling nice and warm," I murmur when Cordy asks if we're feeling better. I thought it was pretty clear that I was better, so I'm not about to bring that up, and so just wait patiently for Wes to answer. Besides, nice and warm counts as feeling better, I'm sure.

My fingers automatically start brushing up and down her arm, and I press a kiss to the top of Wes head. Mmm. I think I like holding them like this. Maybe a little too much for my own good. "Mm," I make a little soft noise without realizing it. "We're still staying in bed, right?" I ask, voice coming out a little husky from the lack of talking over the last couple hours.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: brown sweater looking down smile S2/3watcher_pryce on September 10th, 2007 06:33 pm (UTC)
Now they're both moving. Looks like we're all waking up. Pity that. Or maybe not. Not much petting and touching or kissing you can do when sleeping is there? And I *liked* it when Angel slide his fingers though my hair. I *liked* it when I feel Cordy close to me, snuggling up to me. I *love* it even, dammit. Which I suppose is not a very manly thing or whichever, but I don't care at the moment.

I glance down, just as Cordelia looks up. Two sleepy but otherwise clear eyes look at me. There's a definite twinkle in them I think. Then again, this is Cordelia we're talking about. Her eyes are always twinkling. Her question makes Angel shift and my eyes drift toward him. Squinting without my glasses I can't help but smile a little when he tells me he's feeling nice and warm.

"Good," I murmur in reply to him. Cordelia's still looking at me though, with that fearful raised eyebrow. Why is that? Oh! She wanted to know how we both are. "A little beter," I mutter, snuggling up closer to Angel. Are we staying in bed all day? Unless my bladder decides to be a spoilsport, I'm staying in bed all day.

"You don't feel overly tired anymore?" I can't help but ask, pressing my face against Angel's broad chest. My fingers still play with Cordelia's hair as I glance down at her. "How about you, love? How do you feel?"
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on September 10th, 2007 06:34 pm (UTC)
Aren't they the cuteness? Oh my friggen god, just look at them? The way Wes snuggles up to Angel. The way Angel kisses the top of his head. Fearless demon hunters, rogue or not. Hah! Yeah right. A couple of teddy bears hugging each other and being adorable. Good thing no one but me sees them like this. Jeeze, Angel's rep woulda totally been down the drain.

My eybrow raises at his reply, my eyes narrowing as I take a good look at him. He still looks-- Actually, he looks kinda lazy instead of tired. I'm gonna have to take his word for it then. And I'm gonna keep my eye on him. Then I gaze at Wes, raising my eyebrow even further when dork-boy doesn't get what he's supposed to say.

"A little better?" I echo, letting the flat of my hand slide over his chest. "That's something I suppose." He still has a headache though. Can see that what with the eyes squinting. Guess it's not going away as fast as my vision ones. They're disappearing soon after they took care of the vision.

"Jesus," I murmur, getting close to a giggle there. Whoa. Me? Giggling? Great, they're dragging me down in their cuteness. Of course I already knew I was, but not like they are. "You're cute when you whine like that, Angel," I say, moving my hand from Wes chest to Angel's bare one.

"Seeing as Wes isn't jumping out of bed right now, I'm thinking... yeah? We're gonna stay in bed all day. And I feel more then a little better, Wes," I pause to grin up at him, "Sweetie."
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on September 11th, 2007 05:58 pm (UTC)
Mm, that's nice. Wes just snuggles closer and closer. I love the way he rubs his face against my chest. Makes me feel good, like I'm taking really good care of them, because, yeah, Wes is never this snuggly. It's adorable, and I could just eat it up. Every day.

Cordy gets one hand and Wes gets the other and I just let them snuggle. It feels nice. More than nice. My hands brush over Wes' back, up into his hair and back down again, giving him more of those pettings he seemed to like. Cordy gets my fingers running down her side, her arm, wherever I can touch her- and I really shouldn't be wishing for these guys naked, should I? They're not well yet. They're not. Cordy may be feeling better - a.k.a. her feisty self - but we're not ready for more than cuddling. So libido? Please take a break.

"I feel very good," I murmur stroking my hand through his hair again when I get cute, squinty eyes looking up at me. Nervous, squinty eyes even. Thankfully though, he's still too sleepy to have worked himself up into a real worry about it, I think. "Nice and relaxed," I add, sighing happily when it's Cordy's warm hand I feel on my chest. I'm just going to ignore the part where she thinks that I whine.

My eyebrow shoots up - still lazily - when she calls Wes sweetie, though. Yeah, still not getting over that coming out of her mouth any time soon. And, hey, I thought that was *my* name? My hand on her slides up to her neck, thumb tracing the smile there. She really does have an amazing smile. Makes up for both my and Wes' lack of smiles more often than not. "Either of you need anything? I could get up." I ask, thumb moving finally to stroke along her jaw a little and go back to where it was. Yeah, they're both pretty wonderful to wake up to.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes smile green shirt S1/2watcher_pryce on September 11th, 2007 07:52 pm (UTC)
"That's good," I murmur lazily. Yes, even I can feel the extremely stupid smile slide on my face when she calls me 'sweetie'. "That's good, love," I add, frowning at those words. That's not right. "Loves," I correct myself after a few moments. That's better. As long as I don't have to go defend myself calling anyone my love, then it's fine by me.

Considering we talked it over with Angel, it should be alright with me calling him love. But it the look on his face is anything to go by it's still something Angel is going to get used to. I suppose there are a lot of things Angel is going to get used to. What with being with two *humans*.

"I am indeed not getting out of bed," I assure them both, since they seem to think *I'm* the most likely candidate to spoil our lazy day in bed. Can't even blame them for thinking that, they'd be right under other circumstances. It's something they seem to be teaching me though. That it's alright to just laze about with each other. I get the feeling that it's one of many things they'll teach me.

I lean into Angel's touch, dumb smile still in place, eyes fluttering closed at his ministrations. That does feel nice, and damn. That was a small groan wasn't it? Or a sigh. Do I care? Not really. "I'm alright for now," I assure him, "Don't go anywhere."
Cordelia Chase: rrrrightqueen_cordette on September 11th, 2007 07:52 pm (UTC)
Angel's skin feels totally nice and smooth and wow... I think I could touch him like that for some time. He's warm from where Wes laid on him and that's making me grin. It's like touching them both at the same time. A not so good side effect of having two lovers is that you lack hands. But really, four hand? Ick.

I keep sliding my hand up and down his warm chest while Wes does his mini freak out. Okay, not so much freak out as mother hen act. They think I'm bad, or Angel's bad. It's Wes though who's the worrier out of all of us. To much if you ask me, cause those headaches that show up even more the mine? Gotta come from somewhere.

Angel and I are gonna distract him from those from now on. And it'll be even easier now that we're allowed to touch him. Just like I'm allowed to touch my salty goodness now. I don't have any intention to stop.

"I'm good," I agree with Wes, grinning when I see that dopey smile on his face. Either that's cause Angel is touching him or cause I called him sweetie. And I'm so, so very so, going to call Angel that every chance I get. Just to get that look on his face again.

"You're not allowed to get up-- from bed anyway-- sweetie," I tease, sighing when I feel him doing some touching as well. That is all kinds of nice. I snuggle up closer and just lay down comfortable. "Otherwise we still have Dennis. I just wanna lay here and touch, mmkay?"
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on September 12th, 2007 01:12 am (UTC)
Loves. How cute is he? "Good," I rumble softly when he says he's not getting out of bed. Very good. He's still looking a little pale, if you ask me. Probably a headache. He always looks a little pale after staying up all night doing research and then ends up admitting he had a headache all the next day if I tease it out of him later. "Staying in bed sounds very good," I murmur, hearing the noises that come from him as I pet him. And they? are what makes staying in bed sound so good.

I'm also not minding all the touching. Having a threesome always means more touching, but this touching is so very sweet and really...nice, I think with a soft smile, looking at Wes' relaxed face. That is also of the goodness. My fingers trace lazily over the fingers that Cordelia is tracing over my chest. That feels very nice. Now if we can get Cordelia to be quieter... Nevermind, I don't know what universe I was imagining there for a second. She's easy to tune out, unfortunately, just not right now.

I almost groan out loud at the way Cordelia qualifies that getting up. She so knows exactly what she's saying and I can just see that little twinkle in her eye that's telling me she knows what she's doing with that teasing too. I give her another raised eyebrow. We're just touching. Nobody is going to get 'up', and as long as I don't think about that it won't be a problem.

"Touching is good," I mumble, hands shifting my focus from Cordy's teasing to what I'm touching at the moment, and right now, I couldn't be happy to be touching these two very people.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: yellow shirt slight smile S1/2watcher_pryce on September 12th, 2007 03:28 pm (UTC)
There's a smirk sliding on my face. An actual smirk when I hear Cordelia's teasing. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not that I'm just not capable of having any stirrings in my body at the moment. But I'm quietly stunned, and pleased that I can smirk about her teasing. About her teasing like *that*. I'm sure that if I were to say something though, it would involve a lot of stuttering and stammering.

Instead I glance at Angel from under my eyelashes and smile even broader at the look on his face. Looks like someone is going to have a harder time not reacting to Cordy's teasing. That alone tells me they're both feeling so much better. It also makes me sad that I'm the one--err--who's holding things up. As it were.

Maybe I should go out, take a bath, or just sit in the living room so they can have some-ah-fun. Right now, I don't want to though. I'm far, far to comfortable laying here. Feeling both their hands on me with those gentle touches. Feeling both of their bodies underneath my own touches. It's nice. No, it's more then nice. It's simply wonderful and I really wish I could enjoy it more.

"Okay," I agree with Cordelia, snuggling up as close as I can to Angel. Which isn't much closer, I've already scooted as close to him as possible. My arm slides around Cordelia, pulling her along by default. I want us to be close together for now. It's strange how I already cannot imagine my life without them. It would devastate me if they were to come to their senses now and realize that they're better of with just the two of them.

"You shouldn't tease him so much, Cordy," I murmur, rubbing my cheek over Angel's shoulder. I need to shave, that much is certain. "You'll confuse him." And yes, there might just be a mischievous little smile on my face at those words.
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on September 12th, 2007 03:29 pm (UTC)
Oh I was so very, very right. Just look at his face! It goes from wide eyes annoyance to surprise. I'm betting the first is cause of the 'getting up' remark and the latter for the sweetie. Well, he'll better get used to both. That's who I am, and he knows it. If I wanna go around calling my boys sweetie then I will. Besides, Wes has love and Angel has his cats. Which I still find all kinds of funny.

There's a slight hum escaping me while Angel keeps up with his touches. Wes arm snakes around me, pulling me in even closer. If we were to get closer we'd be inside each other. *So* not something I should be thinking about right now. Gah. To bad Wes is feeling still sick, cause there'd totally be a different kind of getting closer.

"Why not?" I murmur, putting my head back down on Wes chest. Angel get a raised eyebrow right back at the one he's aiming at me. "It's my job to tease you two. And yeah, okay, you verbally bite way better then Angel." Look at that. Wes is so smirking! It confuses Angel my ass. Vamp boy knows exactly what's the what. He just plays dumb from time to time.

"I don't think it would confuse him very much if I were to say that I'd love to pet you all over, do you think?" With that my hand slides down Angel's chest, down, down, just to the edge and then up again. "Cause it's fun to do. Who needs pets when I have you two?" I sigh, giving them both an amused little grin.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on September 14th, 2007 02:13 pm (UTC)
I raise an eyebrow at their banter. They can't be feeling too bad if they're working up to some snarking. They might just be too lazy to do much more than their light banter though. I'd be offended at Wes saying Cordy's teasing would confuse me, but I just give him the quirked eyebrow this time and let them have their little conversation.

Shifting a little, I let them slip closer, not that there's much closer that Wes can get, but Cordy- "Mmm," I purr lightly as her hand trails down my chest. Really, really ignoring all the signals and sparks that sent elsewhere. Just enjoy the playtime, Angel. Cuddle Wes and let Cordelia play. I can always get her back later.

"Pet away," I say with a glint in my eye. Not sure if she means me, or Wes, but right now? Doesn't really matter. She's the one being...minx-y. "And a ghost," I add to her 'pets', flicking my eyes around for Dennis. He's very much her pet, or really her servant. Awfully convenient that Cordelia Chase gets a built-in ghost who caters to her every whim. Can't say I'm complaining though.

"We need a bigger tub," I say absently, still petting Wes and Cordy myself. "Then we could all take a bath together," I add, fingers skimming over skin. Mmm, wouldn't that be nice. Stop it! No naked images! Not today. Today we're staying in bed, ignoring how pretty and attractive our lovers are. Man, this is going to be a frustrating day, I can just tell already. But I'll survive. Been through worse things than cuddling with two people I love.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes glasses looking down S2watcher_pryce on September 15th, 2007 09:29 am (UTC)
Bigger tub? That has me raising an eyebrow in Angel's direction. It would be nice to have a bath or a shower all three together. It would also, now that I think about it more deeply, be nice to have my own room. Not my books are all over the living room because there's no other place to stow them.

And then there's Angel who need to have a place of his own as well. Where he can brood, and train and-- do Angel things. Cordelia as well could do with some space of her own. I know we sometimes frustrate her and then it would be nice for her to withdraw and do girl things. But this is only a small apartment where we can have none of those things. We'll be on each others lips constantly and I have to wonder if that'll work out.

I'm also moving much to fast. I still have my own apartment where I'll be going back to shortly. Who's to say that Cordelia or Angel would want me to move in? Maybe they just want me to join them when they're... Uhm, bored? The more I think about it, the more I realize that all three of us living in such a close quarter of each other is asking for trouble. Sure, things are working out fine now, but...

I sigh, suddenly feeling as though I've depressed myself and snuggle up against Angel in the hopes that'll make me feel better. Cordelia gets held tighter as well while I steal a glance at her. I can tell from the look in her eyes she's having her own thoughts about bigger bath's and quite possibly bigger houses? Or maybe that's only my own hope peeking through. "That would be nice," I murmur timidly.
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on September 15th, 2007 09:29 am (UTC)
Yeah right. Like I'm gonna go around petting Dennis. So not. He's nothing like Angel and Wes mean to me. Not even close. Sure he's important and all, but he's not my lover. He's not the one I love like *that*. Angel and Wes are. I'm also thinking Angel has some very interesting idea's. Bigger tub?

I frown at that thought, thinking he has some kinda point. It would be fun to have a bath with both of them. I could totally be in the middle. Heh. Okay, moving to fast. But now that he's mentioned it, a bigger place would be all kinds of great too. Wes still has to end the lease on his place, cause if bookboy thinks he's going back there he's so wrong. Angel and I are so not letting him go back to that miserable place.

Not even when he's feeling better. Which will be sooner in his opinion then ours. I think a bigger bath would be only the start. "We need a bigger place," I murmur, my mind already wandering to houses I've seen around that were for sale, or rent. "With at least four bedrooms so we can all have our own room. Or a library and a training room. And a big bedroom with a bigger bed."

Ooh! I would so totally decorated the whole house! I'm already having some ideas. I could make one of those boring English library rooms for Wes. And-- yeah okay, Angel can do his own training room. What do I know about that. As long as Wes and me can train there to. We should have a basement in the house for that! And a garden, Wes loves to garden. With a pool, so I can tan. And an awning, big awning so Angel can do outside during the day too.

"We need a bigger place," I realize out loud. But what about Dennis? "Do you think we could move Dennis to another house?"
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on September 15th, 2007 05:05 pm (UTC)
Oh... I seem to have started a brood. That's got to be some kind of weird cosmic shift. Here I am in a perfectly good mood and Wes gets furrowed brow and Cordelia gets that plotting quirk to her mouth. If I didn't know who I was or who I was with, I guess it wouldn't be so funny, but it sort of is, and I can't help chuckling a little and pulling them both close. "Made ya brood," I tease with what I'm trying to keep down to a small grin. Whatever they're brooding about, I'm pretty sure we can solve this one pretty quick.

"It would be very nice," I say, kissing the top of Wes' head again and giving them both a reassuring squeeze. "It's probably not the best idea to continue having our house as the office, anyway," I say, milking this unusual switch of moods and being logical. "Too many random things mingling with our personal space," I add thinking there is no way in hell I want some random demon banging on our door or walking right in and seeing anything like this scene right now. "We need a bigger bed?" I ask, quirking an eyebrow at that. I kind of thought this was a good sized bed. Cozy.

"We could buy out the neighbors. Own the building, open up some walls? Then Dennis could stay here," I muse, rubbing my hands over their skin absently. Somehow I don't think ghosts leave their haunting grounds. Well, I'm pretty sure I *know* they don't. But Dennis likes Cordelia, so maybe there's something simply keeping him with *her* rather than the apartment. Hmm. "How about it Wes, feel like doing some home improvements?" I give another chuckle at the thought. Of course, Wes half naked and sweaty is always good, but I think he may have to stick to the painting. Wes and power tools don't seem like things that mix. Wes and guns work great, and Wes and books work great, but...power tools? I don't think so.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes s1 looking down blue shirtwatcher_pryce on September 16th, 2007 11:06 pm (UTC)
"But I still have my own,..." I start, only to get 'the look' from Cordelia. "Apartment, Uhm..." Swallowing hard I press up against Angel in case she tries to put power behind the glare and use her nails. But I do still have my own apartment! Where I'll have to go back to shortly because there's absolutely not a chance in hell that the three of us will find a place we'll all like.

All I'd want is a place for my books and a garden, though the latter is optional. Not many place here in Los Angeles where one would find a garden. I'm sure Cordelia and Angel have a whole lot of other wishes. They sometimes are far more materialistic. Especially Cordelia. But Angel as well. Take the coat for example. And the car. And the --

"Uhm? Dennis?" I shake those and other gloomy thoughts of going back to my own empty, dark, *lonely* place away and focus on her next question instead. "Well I don't know," I shrug, frowning deeply as I try to ponder that mystery. "They're usually house bound, but they can be person bound as well. I'm sure there's some spell that can be done to untie them as it were, but I'd have to look into that. It'll involve some very heavy magic and---"

Their eyes have just glazed over. Which tells me they're not even listening. I sigh and shake my head again while I ponder this mystery. So Cordelia would like a bigger house? Can't say I've ever owned a house before. I went from the rather big mansion in England to the dark and dreary apartments here. Or hotelroom most of the time even. I'm so deep in thought I almost miss Angel's question, let alone his line of thought.

"Ah, pardon?" Home improvements. I've never done anything like that. I know what a hammer looks like, and a screwdriver. I know how to exchange a light bulb but that's about it.
Cordelia Chase: Big Smilequeen_cordette on September 16th, 2007 11:07 pm (UTC)
Oh geeze. Ask a simple question, get a lecture. I should have know. I can feel my head starting to spin the more Wes keeps on talking. Typical Wes talk. Why can't he just say yes or no for a change? Either way, he'll look into it. In the meanwhile I keep dreaming about our little house. Nothing big, like daddy had in Sunnydale. Big is all good and well, but I'd hate to not see my boys for days on end cause they're *somewhere* lost in the house.

"This place is to small," I agree with Angel. Though his suggestion has me raising an eyebrow. "Hello? Rented place, not bought? You'll have to get to the building comity who owns this place and since this is a good running building complex I doubt they'd just sell a few apartments." And I happen to know my neighbors are-- asking all kinds of weird questions. In face, the whole complex is looking at me strangely, what with two guys living here. Ugh.

Then there's the whole Wes doing some home improvement thing. Not that I don't think he couldn't do it but-- Yeah, Okay. I'm so thinking he wouldn't even know what to do with a hammer. Other then knowing it's there to hit things with. Angel I can see doing some home improvement. Wes? No way. Wow, I'd better not say that out loud, cause he'd be insulted again. Poor guy should stick to book and being the brain. Leave the hands on to Angel.

Unless it's hands on toward me. Heh. Or Angel, of course. Doh.

"This place doesn't have a garden," I point out, ignoring Wes 'huh' of the British kind. Figures that he wasn't listening. "Or a pool. I want a pool, cause have you seen my tan? No? Cause it's not there anymore. I wanna work on my tan. And a big awning over a patio so you can sit outside," I add, getting way to caught up in my fantasy. "Think you can do that with this place, Tim the toolman?"
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on September 20th, 2007 10:07 pm (UTC)
"We could rent out the apartment next to you? Or buy the whole damn complex," I say, imagining us having more space with the downstairs being the business/research area and then we can all live upstairs. There could be a training room, a study for Wes, "Maybe we could put in a hot tub, make a little patio off the back?" I muse, leaning back in the pillows. "If I can't do it, then we hire someone," I say, nodding. Okay, fine, we're not made of money, but we don't have to do everything all at once. It could be an on-going process...of dust and goo and mess... Okay, maybe not such a good idea.

I can feel Wes not quite at ease though. Why does he keep bringing up his old apartment? He hasn't been there in weeks. Does he think we don't want him to live here too? "And we would all be able to live together." I give Wes a Look. "All *three* of us. Whatever happens, you're not going back to that apartment, Wes," I murmur, nuzzling his temple.

My Cordy hand slides over her hip possessively. All my people are staying here with me and we're going to be nice and snuggly. "But less talking, more snuggling," I say, giving them both a squeeze. Between them being sick and me being tired, or demon fighting, I really don't think I've gotten enough snuggles lately. It's not fair. I should have a full dose everyday. "If you guys get hungry though, I could make something..."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes white shirt glasseswatcher_pryce on September 21st, 2007 10:21 am (UTC)
It would be nice to have our own place. Or at least a bigger place so Cordelia and Angel aren't on each other's lips twenty four seven. That only leads to bloody murder. I know they love each other, but if they spend *too* much time together they get grumpy. I've no idea why that is, since they don't seem to have that problem around me. I think. Do they? Maybe living together isn't such a good idea.

Angel seems to think differently. I look up at him an blink, which is soon followed by my eyes closing and a content sigh coming out when he nuzzles my temple. Nice feeling, it almost makes me forget what I was thinking about. Almost. Until Angel brings up buying out the neighbors again. I really would hate for Angel to do all the work and I have to wonder if they'd even sell this place. All other apartments aside from Cordelia's haunted one are very, very, expensive.

"But I've paid in advance three months," I point out weakly, thinking keeping on my apartment might be a good idea. Not counting any chickens before they are hatched and all that. "It would be nice to have a bigger place," I mumble somewhat dreamily, "with a garden, and a pool. And a patio for Angel and a training room. If there'd be room I could have a library," I add shyly.

That would be nice. We'd almost be like a normal family if you ignore the threesome aspect. And the fact that Angel's a vampire, or Cordelia gets these godaweful visions, or that I used to be a watcher. And lets not forget the whole demons-- right, we'll never be 'normal'. But it would be as normal as we could get.

"I'm not hungry, thank you," I tell Angel, amused by his request for more snuggling. That's hardly a very macho thing to say, but I know better then to point that out. And hopefully Cordelia does to.
Cordelia Chase: smirkqueen_cordette on September 21st, 2007 10:22 am (UTC)
Big man, big idea's? Angel seems to have like... this entire vision in front of him while Wes and I can only still dream about living together. You'd think we were the more steadfast - I so know big words - ones instead of Angel. But it seems he's totally done after his little freak out when Wes called him 'love'. Good thing too, cause I'm not going around playing 'soothing nurse' to both of them at the same time.

I only got two hands. Heh. Which I will now use for touching. And lots off it. While I think about what Angel explains to us. "Dunno if they'd sell the place," I point out, frowning slightly while I think about that. Which is bad, cause frowning will give you wrinkles! As if I don't get enough of those when a vision strikes. Geeze. And what's with Wes mentioning that crappy apartment of his?

"You are *so* not ready to go back there," I tell him, giving a little poke in his stomach. "You wont take your medication, or change your bandages and besides, you belong here now. With *us*." All three of us, just like Angel says.

"What if I want a hot tub *and* a pool?" I ask, cause hey, I still want a place to work on my tan. And the chance of seeing Wes in his swimwear, tanning, puddling in the pool. And at night we could to skinny dipping! Angel would go for that, we already know that. And with some persuasion, Wes will to, as we found out... some days ago.

God, that was the best time I've ever had on the beach.

Did Angel just say 'snuggling'? My eyebrow raises and there's a look in Wes eyes that makes me bite my tongue before the words can slip out. Wow, we do the silent communications thing already? Angel and were good at that too, at the beach. This is great! And more snuggling is always good. "Not hungry, you're not going anywhere."
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on September 29th, 2007 02:35 am (UTC)
I really did not think Wes could get cuter, but that shy little voice spouting off tentative dreams of our new house and all its features is pretty much as adorable as it gets. Like all his childhood dreams wrapped up in one big package. And knowing Wes? It probably is. From the little that I know, I'm betting Wes didn't end up being the spoiled kid so much as the punished kid.

And that? Is definitely not happening here. As much as I and Cordy can help it. I don't even have to give Cordy a look to know that that's true. He's our Wes and we're taking as good of care of him as we can. Spoiling him might also be on that list. "What, I don't get an artist's studio too? What about extra closets for all of Cordy's shoes?" I tease, running my fingers along Cordy's ribs. Hmm, wonder if she's ticklish. Bet she's cute when she giggles. Pretty sure Wes is too.

Looks like there's a firm consensus that I stay in bed with these two snugglers. I'm going to get my snuggles whether they like it or not. I smile and run my fingers through Wes hair, keeping him close to my chest. "How's that headache?" I ask, giving his temple another gentle nudge with my nose. He better not be hungry or hurting and keeping quiet about it. We'll have to start 'curing' him of that little problem quickly. Like I said, spoiling. Whether he's used to it or not. Cordy too. But not in the ways she'd suspect, or ask for. I know she's not as secure with herself as the image that she tries to project. Wes and I will figure out a way to catch her off guard. Yes, we will.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Glasses Curiouswatcher_pryce on September 29th, 2007 09:06 pm (UTC)
"Whatever you want," I murmur, eyes involuntarily drifting over to the closet space Cordelia does have. She had to give up some for Angel and I. Not that I have a whole lot here. Just what Angel and Cordy got out of my place before they picked me up at the hospital. And Angel doesn't have a whole lot either. Most of his clothes got burned in the-- In the explosion.

Just like everytime I think about that explosion there's a shudder running through me. I could've been dead. I should have been dead. Can still see that bomb, ticking away the seconds. Can still feel my flight response, knowing it was to late. Burning flesh, hair, heat, and the noise. God the noise. It's still ringing in my ears. Sometimes so loud I can barely hear anything else.

There's a small frown on my face as I scoot close to Angel, pulling Cordelia close to me. "It's fine," I reply automatically to Angel's question. It's not, but it's not as bad as it was yesterday. Right now though, I just want them close. We could've lost Cordelia as well, I think as I look at her. What would've happened to Angel then? Without us? It's not really something I want to think about. At all.

Instead I focus on the bodies of my lovers surrounding me. One warm one, one with borrowed heat. Heat Angel can borrow from either of us anytime he'd want. It makes me realize they're not dead, and neither am I. We're still here. Going strong. Getting stronger every day. We'll make it. The three of us. We have to. By now I'm not sure if I'll ever get over it if they'd leave me too. But doesn't everyone? In the end?
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on September 29th, 2007 09:07 pm (UTC)
Whatever he wants. Yeah. That's our Wes. Whatever Angel or I would want, he'd go out of his way to make sure we'd get it. Cause that's Wes. It's up to Angel and me to make sure that Wes gets what *he* wants. Okay, and now that I think about it? His own private library? Not such a good idea. Ooh! We'll put up row to row book cases in the living room. That way he can still do the book thing *and* we'll get to see him, and lure him away. Cause otherwise he'll totally be hauled up in the library al the-- Wait. What was that? Not the attempt to tickle - so not working with me, buster - but the...

"Extra closet space?" My eyes move to my closet and light up. "Oh! Can I have a walk in closet!" I all but squeal. Of course I don't do that, but I notice Wes' wince and the squinty eyes. "Sorry," I mutter absentmindedly. I so, so, *so* want a walk in closet. And then Angel and Wes can have their own closet. Share it, not like they have a lot. I should take them both shopping. Get rid of Wes wardrobe by accident and Angel loosing his the only good thing to come from this whole crap.

It's not the style, Angel has great taste. It's the color. Black, black and oh hey, more black. Heh. I should have Wes paint the walls of their closet bright pink or yellow. Just to totally counter the depressing clothes. And hey, I like yellow! Doubt I could get away with putting the color anywhere else then the closet.

Anyway, more snuggling. Which from the look on Wes face is needed muchly. How cute is Angel when he tries to do the mother-hen thing? Between the two of us we'll get rid of that 'fine' Wes is always blurting about. Cause he's not looking so fine right now. Like he's seen a ghost who's not Dennis. "Funny, you don't look that fine, despite the macho snuggling."
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on September 30th, 2007 04:45 pm (UTC)
Cordelia's right, he doesn't look fine. That shudder that went through him? Also not seeming very fine. I curl my arms a little tighter around him when I feel him scoot closer. What's this all about? He seemed okay a few moments ago, even getting a little excited about having a new place with us for a moment there. Now, now he looks like he had a brood to rival one of mine. Can't have that. Not exactly the thing for making him feel better from being so sick.

"Hmm, maybe we haven't given him enough snuggling, Cordy," I say very seriously, looking him over and giving Cordy a little wink. "It's too late to fix that. Looks like he needs kisses, stat," I tease, smile breaking out over my face at the end. It's my job to brood, not Wes'. I can do the whole cheering up thing once in awhile. Really.

I tilt his chin up gently, thumb brushing over the round curve of bone several times before lowering my mouth to his. Barely there kisses at first, and then a little more pressure. Not too much. Don't want to overwhelm, just distract. He gets several more kisses until I'm sure he's panting. My hand slides down his neck, feeling up his pulse as my fingers brush up and down that column of skin lightly. "How do you feel now?" I ask, looking at him fondly, enjoying each puff of breath and each thud of his heartbeat. If he needs to feel more loved, I'm pretty sure Cordy and I can handle that.

My other hand is still on Cordy and my fingers are brushing over her waist without thinking while I brush the hair back from Wes' forehead, doing what I can to get him comfortable again. He's my Wes. Our Wes. Whatever he needs. He's going to figure that out one day.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: brown sweater looking down smile S2/3watcher_pryce on September 30th, 2007 07:18 pm (UTC)
"I'm fine, it's just... Uh..." Whatever I was about to say trails off when I notice the look Angel's giving me. I barely hear the words. Just the look on his face, in his eyes is more then enough. As is the way Cordelia scoots closer with just about the cutest giggles I've ever heard. I didn't think she could giggle, but it's heartwarming to know she trusts us enough to let her guard down.

And then there's this smile on Angel's face. He doesn't smile nearly often enough. He really needs to do that more often. Cordy would probably say that I could to, but there really hasn't been a whole hell of a lot to smile about in a while. Until recently. Until we found each other. Until this. Oh god this, I could do *this* every day.

I find myself blinking up at Angel stupidly, feeling Cordelia's hand brush over my stomach and chest. That's all I feel, all I sense right now. Just them. Then there are soft lips on mine and even with my eyes closed I can tell they're Angel's. A small sigh gets out as I let my mouth go slack while I feel my body relax. There's still this lingering thought that this wouldn't have happened if I'd died in that explosion, but it's getting pressed to the back of my mind with each kiss.

"Uh?" I murmur intelligently when he finally pulls away and leaves me panting. I have no idea what the question was. Is. The way Cordelia' hands is moving over my body isn't helping at all. All I can do is look up at Angel dazed, blinking to try and get my focus back. Though, I have to wonder why I'd want that is this is the alternative.
Cordelia Chase: gigglingqueen_cordette on September 30th, 2007 07:19 pm (UTC)
"You think?" I say, playing right along with Angel. It's all kinds of funny. When two of us gang up on the other one - 'gang up' meant in a good way totally - then we all know our part. Doesn't matter who initiates it, we know how to react. But when it's one on one? Then it goes wrong. Okay, between me and Angel that is. Cause we both wanna be the boss no doubt. Wes on the other hand doesn't have that need. Funny thing though, that makes him have more power over us then he realizes.

More snuggling though, I can do. Totally. And hey, even willingly. Very willingly. It's Wes reaction to Angel's question that has a giggle slipping out of me before I can stop it. Would it been anyone else? I'd have covered it up, but I see Wes little smile and think that maybe letting my guard down a teeny bit around them is not so bad. Not if it makes them smile like that. Even Angel's smiling. Miracle of miracles.

"Hmmmm, kisses," I murmur, my hand sliding up and down Wes chest distracted. Get a little bit of Angel touching in as well while our vampire does his seducer of the night thing. And then there's kissing. Making my eyes go wide and my throat go dry. Once again making it clear that oh boy, that hot. Hot, hot, so damn hot. They're so damn hot together. Makes me want to sit back and watch them 'make love' as Wes would say. Me and Angel? We'd say 'fucking' Wes would say that's crass. One day we'll get him to say the F word as well, you just watch.

Wes is man of words, poetic overly much sometimes. But when Angel pulls back and leaves Wes panting and all that comes out is 'uh', I can't help but giggle again. "Damn," I mutter amused, looking at Angel with a twinkle in my eyes. "Whatever that was, I want one," I tease. "Later. Do it again and see if you can make him totally speechless." Now there's a trick I should remember. Shut Wes up? Kiss him.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on September 30th, 2007 08:33 pm (UTC)
"Again, hmm?" I look at Cordy, seeing some very interesting interest in her eyes. She is such a voyeur! More than me, even. I bet she wouldn't even mind watching Wes and I, and totally not be involved. Much. It's Cordy, I know she'd want to be involved, because she probably wouldn't like being left out after awhile, but I'm guessing she'd really, really enjoy the view. We'll have to try it some time. Though Wes would have to be in the dark about it. I don't think he's up for the exhibitionism yet. Even if it's just between the three of us. He's got this thing about us looking at him, I think. Not sure why though. He's gorgeous.

"I could probably manage to fit both of you in," I say giving her a seductive look. And smiling. That's about the time I can feel Wes starting to come back to reality and my lips swoop in again before he can protest too much. Such a sweet mouth, and damn am I going to have to be careful if I want to keep this in the comforting category and not turn it into something else.

Again, soft pressure, my tongue licking, teasing tasting along the line of his lips, slowly, patiently opening them. This should definitely get him speechless, I bet. My tongue slides against his, and I give Cordy's waist a squeeze, hand slipping down giving her ass a little squeeze too, letting all my other energy go towards her and not at Wes. He's still sick. I don't want him feeling like he needs to offer something he's not up for. I don't think Cordy's up for it either, but I'm guessing she'll understand my dilemma here. Kissing Wes is never something one should take lightly, I think, smiling against his mouth and continuing to kiss him to breathlessness.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes smile green shirt S1/2watcher_pryce on October 2nd, 2007 03:04 am (UTC)
I'm pretty sure that until recently I had mastered the English language. At the very least. I vaguely recall that I had a pretty damn good grip on several other languages as well, but at the moment all I seem to be capable of uttering are stupid sounds. Not even actual words, let alone have them make sense. Lets not even start about trying full sentences.

With dazed eyes I keep staring up at Angel, those same eyes dart from his to his lips and back again until I hear Cordelia's voice. It takes me a while but her word finally register. There's a small frown forming as I look at her. Just as the frown is about to turn into a scowl at her word - do it again, make him speechless indeed - Angel move in again.

And dear god, if I knew any words they're gone with *those* kisses. This time I can't stop myself from groaning out loud, eyes fluttering closed. One hand automatically comes up to lay on his back, fingers twitching back and forth in some rhythm that might resemble the kissing. My other hand finds Cordelia's body, slowly traveling up her leg uncontrolled. That's what my hands are. Uncontrolled.

The rest of me is being completely controlled by Angel's kisses and Cordelia's touches. And by the time Angel pulls back this time, I actually have to suck in a lung full of air as I let myself fall down on the pillows. My mouth opens and closes several times, but nothing, other then some whimpering noise, comes out.
Cordelia Chasequeen_cordette on October 2nd, 2007 03:05 am (UTC)
"Oh you could huh?" I tease, somewhat of a challenge in my tone of voice. Hey, he may be the champion and stuff, but I don't think he could satisfy us both. No need to do that. I mean, Angel and I will get what we'd want. What'll make us feel good. Cause we know how to *ask* for it. The problem is giving Wes what he'd want. And that means... Yeah, experimenting. And hey, can't say that's a really bad job.

It's not bad at all. Especially not if you get front row seats to the experimenting. Wes doesn't stand a chance. He barely has time to get his glare on, let alone do the full one before Angel swoops in again. "Jesus fuck," I murmur as I watch them kiss. Wes this time trying to kiss Angel back and doing some touching of his own. I can feel his hand tickling up and down my leg and I'm so damn tempted to just scoot closer and have him touch that part of my body that's getting very interested.

Stupid headache. Wes', not mine. I for once don't have a headache. So fow now I'm happily content to sit back and watch them make out. "I should film this and upload it on You Tube," I murmur, knowing Wes isn't hearing me and Angel has no idea what I'm talking about. Not that I would. Cause these are my boys and no one but me gets to see them like this. Just me. Mine. My boys.

"Yep, he's totally breathless and speechless," I grin, flexing the muscles of my ass when Angel's hand slides over it again. Hey, I got a fine ass, I train to get it that fine. It's asking to be touched, you know. Angel and Wes are the only ones who get to touch is whenever they want though.

"Okay, my turn." Moving up on my elbows, I lean over Wes, give him a wink as I curl my hand behind Angel's head and then pull our sir 'so not brooding at the moment' down for a kiss. I so can't kiss him breathless, but I can try for speechless! And hey, Wes has front row seats this time.
Keep Me: ang happy_keep_me on October 5th, 2007 01:55 am (UTC)
Oh, that was good. Very good. My ego cheers at the tiny whimper I get afterwards when Wes falls in a heap against the pillows. My eyes rove over him with a greedy look, wanting to insist on more kissing - lots more kissing - but knowing that headaches and tiredness do not make for endless bouts of snogging.

My fingers, though, get a nice reaction from Cordelia as well, and I give her another squeeze for being so accomodating. Plus, I can smell how much she enjoyed our little make-out session. I'm about to ask her if she wants to take Wes for a spin too, but she seems to already have her mind made up when I feel her fingers twine into my hair, and when I look at her she's right there, full lips, full breasts, full everything.

Our mouths meet, and there's no duel this time for dominance, I let her do as she pleases, knowing that I've got her right where I want her in the long run. She may be in charge of the kiss, but I know I can have her whimpering too if I do things right. My hands knead her waist and ass, sliding my tongue over hers and chasing it back into her mouth. She tastes so sweet.

When I have to let her go for air, I flop back against the pillows, pulling both her and Wes close. "Hmm, even when you two are sick, you're dangerous," I say with a lazy, blissful grin. Yeah, I could go for more, but then I can always go for more than just kissing. They need to rest and get better first though. Kissing works just as well.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Wes/Cordy kisswatcher_pryce on October 7th, 2007 06:51 pm (UTC)
By now I'm starting to wonder if I'm perhaps dreaming. This? This is too good to be true. This cannot be. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce would never be so lucky to find not one, but two two! people who'd be willing to kiss him like this. Who would be willing to share what they have with him. To even involve him in whatever this is. Love? Yes, that's exactly what this is. Love.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce doesn't get love, I'm sure it's some universal cosmic rule. And yet, here we are. With Angel kissing me as though there's no tomorrow and damn, I hope there is one. A tomorrow. One with more of this. Then there's Cordelia, who's content to sit back mostly and watch. If Angel weren't kissing my brain away I'd worry about that. I don't like being watched, especially not when it comes to this. Isn't that funny for a watcher?

By the time Angel pulls back this time I'm panting for air in earnest. My eyes are wide and dazed, looking from Angel to Cordelia with such love there's no way I'm able to hide it. They're doing this for me, I realize and that's quite a shock. Something that has me utterly speechless even more. For me. They're doing this for me.

Thankfully Cordelia swoops in for some of what Angel gave me. That's our Cordy. She'll take what she wants, as would Angel. They're so far ahead of me when it comes to that, it's embarrassing. At least I wont have to worry about guessing things wrong or right. I can sit back and enjoy the show.

Good bloody god, what a show it is. Most certainly has me squirming in a way I hadn't thought possible. The headache may have toned down some, but it's not gone completely. A fact I'm currently cursing. I'm not to busy cursing that I don't miss the look of disappointment on Cordelia's face when they pull back from that very erotic kiss. I'm about to ask her what's wrong when she swoops in and claims my lips for a kiss that resembles the one she gave Angel, allowing me to taste both of them. Cordelia and Angel.

By the time she pulls back I find myself speechless once more, fingers coming up to stupidly touch my mouth. Makes me wonder how Angel managed to still get a full sentence out. Oh. That's why she was disappointed. Well, she certainly made me speechless!
Cordelia Chase: Over her shoulderqueen_cordette on October 7th, 2007 06:53 pm (UTC)
Hmmm, kissing Angel. His mouth is cool and hard, where's Wes' mouth is warm and soft. Something I'd have teased him about some time back. Heck, I might still tease him about it being soft, though I'm thinking the word I'm looking for is 'gentle'. Though they're soft too, just asking to be teased. Right now though? I have a totally different goal.

Kissing Angel speechless! Which is all sorts of difficult when your own brain is totally starting to seep out through your ears. It takes some effort but I manage to hold onto my mind while kissing Angel. Parting my lips to let my tongue battle with this. A groan gets out and I'm not sure whose it is, and I so don't care. Hands keep roaming over bodies, only the temperature telling me who I'm touching.

Gotta keep connected to Wes, even when I'm kissing Angel. Even though Wes wouldn't mind if Angel and I were to get it on right here in front of him. Our little Watcher, I'm sure. Not that I blame him, cause damn, I wouldn't mind watching my boys do the same for some time.

When we finally pull back from our kissing, me panting and Angel so not, I can't help but feel disappointed when Angel is able to still talk. And think and be his general self. Which sometime is a bit of a jerk. Hello! Girl kissing you! He could at least pretend to be somewhat impressed and not with the smug! Hmpft!

Cause I don't show any of that on my face. I think. Instead I turn to look at Wes who's still with the speechless and swoop in to claim his mouth for a kiss. Same kiss Angel got, only this time I can taste both of them. Angel and Wes, all mixed together in a kiss. Hell offa kiss, that's for sure.

By the time I pull back, panting even more, so's Wes. Panting. And speechless, looking at me with wide eyes. And I'm probably totally imagining that little spark of understanding. Either way, this is better! At least I can still make an impression of one of my guys!

With a sigh I put my head on Wes chest, smiling when a hand comes up to automatically run fingers through my hair. I like that. When I didn't just do my hair that is. I can tell by the way those fingers move that it's Wes. Yeah and cause I can see Angel's hands, okay.

"I think I'm gonna do a little more dangerous napping," I mumble, still somewhat disappointed. "And Wes should do some dangerous napping to. We got our champion looking out for us when we nap, right?"
Keep Me: ang sad_keep_me on October 8th, 2007 03:12 am (UTC)
I'm not sure what just happened there, but there was no crowing about how good she did or even about how nice the kiss was, she simply moves onto Wes and I'm really not sure what to make of it. I guess she just really needed some Wes kissing. Which everyone should. Not that they should get it - heck, Cordy might be a little lucky that I don't go green with envy every time I see the two of them kiss - but the two of us certainly should.

Cordy also doesn't look at me after she kisses Wes, but they do seem to have a moment before she pillows her head back on Wes' chest. Huh. Maybe it's just my imagination, but it seems like I might have done something wrong..

"Course," I say quietly, rubbing my hand over Cordy's back, giving Wes' temple a kiss. "Always looking out for you two," I murmur. Okay, so maybe I was hoping there'd be a little more than napping happening, but if there's not, it's not like I have any room to ask them not to nap. They need to rest and recover, not satisfy my libido.

"I don't get another kiss before you do though?" I ask, watching Wesley's fingers brush through Cordy's hair. It's those little things like that that make me wonder if I'm going to get left in the dust some day. Those two have such a knowing rapport with each other. Like they communicate silently somehow. I try not to be jealous.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Glasses thoughtfullwatcher_pryce on October 8th, 2007 04:02 pm (UTC)
As I watch him through the slits of my eyes, I can tell by the look Angel's trying to hide there's a brood lurking around the corner. I don't even have to take a wild stab this time as to what that might be about. I turn my look toward Cordelia and realize that she's far to quiet. Getting dangerously close to sulk.

I swear, sometimes it's like being in a relation ship with two children. Who haven't learned how to communicate yet. I'm somewhat amused to realize that they only seem to have this problem when it comes to them. These two. Anyone else will know *exactly* what's wrong, even I, because they'll say so.

Talking from Cordelia to Angel and vice versa? There's so much getting lost in translation. What good fortune they've a translator in their midst then. Not a role I had anticipated I'd play. Then again, my problems lay completely elsewhere. I don't have their confidence, I don't have their guts, I don't have their courage.

And I'm not just talking about demons. I'm talking about life in general. Life in general has a habit of kicking me in the nuts, if you will. And I have yet to learn how to deflect that the way Angel and Cordelia seem to have.

Right now though, I need to deflect a brood and a sulk.

With a sigh I look up at Angel, a small amused twinkle in my eyes. "Are you going to pout if you don't?" I ask innocently. My free hand comes up to cup the back of his head before pulling it down and claiming his lips for a kiss. I'm sure he was asking Cordelia, but this is what he gets.

"We can't have that," I murmur. The hand combing through Cordelia's hair has found it's way to her chin, tilting it upward so I can move on from Angel to her, giving her the same kiss. When I pull back she's looking at me with blinking eyes.

"Now my kisses may not inspire 'speechless'," I murmur, "but there's not going to be any brooding," I say, looking pointedly at Angel, "or sulking," I add, looking pointedly at Cordelia.
Cordelia Chase: Angel Cordy tongue sticking outqueen_cordette on October 8th, 2007 04:05 pm (UTC)
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